The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/15/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani reassured Abe that Valerie would save Theo just like she saved him. Jennifer went to the station to talk to Hope about Theo getting shot. Hope told Jennifer that JJ was the one who shot Theo. Abe believed that the perp JJ went after got away and he shot Theo. Lani told him what happened. Abe believed that the DiMeras were behind him getting shot. Kate called Theo to tell him not to go to the warehouse. Andre walked in on Kate so she lied about the call. He told her about her call. Jennifer didnít understand why Theo would have a scanner and be at the warehouse. Jennifer wanted to call JJ. JJ went back to the crime scene. Jennifer called Abby to tell her what happened. Claire was upset when she saw Theoís clothes in a bag. She almost fainted when Tripp caught her. He wanted to get a nurse to help her. Tripp took Theoís phone when it rang. He checked it out and left the room. Claire felt bad for leaving Theo. Abby told Chad that JJ shot Theo. Hope told Jennifer that the bullet in Theo was close to the heart. Jennifer hoped that JJ did everything by the book. Jennifer wanted to find JJ. Abe talked to Lani about warning Theo about the DiMeras. He was determined to go after Andre if he was the one responsible for Theo being at the warehouse. Chad and Abby told Kate and Andre that Theo was shot. Jennifer found JJ at the crime scene. He told her that he didnít know that he shot Theo. He explained what happened when he shot Theo. JJ thought that he deserved what punishment he gets. JJ asked Jennifer to go to the hospital to check on Theo. Andre was shocked to find out that Theo was shot. Abby told Kate and Andre that JJ shot him. Kate thought about her conversation with Theo. Andre asked why Theo was breaking into a building. Chad assumed that Andre was behind it. Abe felt like he just lost Lexie and now he could be losing his son. Lani wanted him to calm down. Abe was talking about JJ shooting his son when Jennifer showed up.

Jennifer tried to talk to Abe about Theo, but he was upset. Abe asked Lani to leave them alone. Jennifer wanted to know what she could do to help. There was nothing she could do to help. The nurse told Claire that she was dehydrated. She wanted to find out what was wrong. Andre denied sending Theo to the warehouse, but Chad didnít believe him. JJ thought about shooting Theo. Lani found JJ at the scene of the crime. JJ didnít understand how he didnít see her. Jennifer wanted Abe to see things from JJís side. Abe didnít want to see it from his side. Jennifer understood how hard it was for him because the families were close. Abe told her that he couldnít forgive or forget what JJ did. He told her that if Theo dies, the Carvers and Hortons were done. Chad and Andre argued over what happened to Theo. Chad threatened to get Andre. Hope found Claire in an exam room. Claire talked to Hope about what happened when she argued with Theo before he was shot. Hope asked Claire if she knew where Theo was going. Tripp thought about when he walked in on Kate and Theo talking. Tripp said he might have some information. JJ told Lani that he loved her, but she didnít want to hear it. Tripp told Hope that he found Theoís phone. They overheard Abe and Jennifer arguing in the hallway so Hope went out to them. Abe thought that Jennifer was there to absolve her son of guilt. Jennifer assured him that she was there for him and Theo. Abe didnít want anything from anyone from her family. Hope tried to stop them from arguing. Abby and Kate showed up. Abby took Jennifer with her. Kate said sorry to Abe, but he didnít want to hear it. He wanted to know if she or Andre had anything to do with Theo being at the warehouse. Hope told Abe that Tripp had Theoís phone so they could find out who he called. Andre assured Chad that he didnít have anything to do with what happened to Theo. Chad promised to get the person who wanted Theo at the warehouse. Kate was scared that someone would find out what she did. Kate found Claire and Tripp. She told him that she would need that phone. Abe prayed that Theo would live. Lani arrived back at the hospital and told him that JJ was sorry for what he did. JJ thought about what he did to Theo again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan goes to visit Amy and Chet as Lulu walks into the apartment. Lulu has brought lunch for her and Maxie. They discuss an article that Lulu wrote on school lunches when Maxie runs to the bathroom sick. She goes several times. Lulu thinks she is pregnant. Maxie doesn’t think that can be the case. While she would love more children she is not sure it is the right time. Lulu thinks she needs to take the test anyway. At GH, Nelle is interviewing for a daycare position with Laura. Laura thinks it is going well and Nelle goes to look in on the daycare for a minute. Laura is on the phone with HR when Lulu walks in and informs her that there is a lot about Nelle she doesn’t know. When Nelle comes back, Laura asks why she lied about being fired from Nina. Nelle doesn’t even answer and just walks away. While, she goes towards the elevator she overhears Amy and Nathan talking about Man Landers. She calls up a tabloid magazine wondering how much they pay for celebrity gossip. She wants to discuss Man Landers with them.

Nina meets with Cassandra at the Metro Court. She wants to discuss the fact she knows who Cassandra is. She plays it up that she isn’t angry about it though. Cassandra is so glad. Nina wants them to be friends and would love to have her for lunch one day next week. Cassandra would love that. Valentin is confronted by Alexis at his house, about how he knows Olivia Jerome. Valentin claims he has no idea who she is but Alexis knows better than to believe that. Valentin later goes to see Nora and tells her that Olivia needs to go back on the stand and admit that she is responsible for the crimes. Scott meets with Julian who is not doing well and he promises to get things fixed for him. Julian is reluctant. Scott meets with Alexis and Alexis promises that things are moving along much faster than he thinks.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary and Phyllis discuss Juliet's death and decide that they don't want to make the same mistakes that Juliet made so they don't end up alone at the end of their life. Hilary tells Phyllis that Devon was everything she wanted but her ambition ruined their relationship. Hiary advises Phyllis to reconcile with Billy and not let her happiness slip away. Lily is suprised that Victoria has become so cold and unfeeling since she became the Cheif Operating officer of Newman Enterprises. Lily signs her new contract with Newman Enterprises although it comes with a cut in pay she needs to take the job as the first step to her new life without Cane. Lily is also shocked that Victoria thinks that Abby knew that designdate was a front for a sex trafficing ring Scott feels claustraphobic in the storage unit because it triggers memories of when he was held hostage. Jack is wooried about Dina so he takes her to the hospital to have tests done because he and Ashley hope to prove that stabbing Nikki was an effedt of her reccent stroke. Hilary calls Mattie and tells her that she and Charlie need to be there for Cane since he is goiing through a lot since Jukiet;s death. Charlie and Mattie have lunch with Cane before he heads to the hospital to check on baby Sam. Phyllis asks Hiary to do a story on Abby's diappearance and make it clear that the Abbott family belives Abby knew nothing about the sex ring and she was another of Zack's victims.

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