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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is in the Forrester guest house and re-thinking all Liam told her about THE kiss. Liam calls and begs her to please come home or at least call him back. He says he only loves her and she knows that. Bill is distracted while Wyatt goes on and on about the skyscraper. Coco tells Sally that if Liam already told Steffy then it does not matter what Sally says now. She already told Liam that she loved him so this might open the door for her. Sally fantasizes about her and Liam being married and her the happy little homemaker. But she tells Coco how can she be happy with Liam going through such a difficult time. Liam remembers the last words that Steffy told him – that he disgusts her. Bill calls Steffy but she is in no mood to talk and says just ask Liam. He tells Wyatt that she and Liam got into a fight. He does not know where she is but he has to find her. Wyatt goes to check up on Liam and asks where Steffy is. Liam has no clue. Wyatt wants to know what happened; perhaps it had something to do with him spending all that time with Sally Spectra. That was not good thinking. Bill knocks on the door and announces to Steffy that he saw her car and he is not leaving until she opens the door. Coco encourages Sally to call Liam but Sally does not want to add to his stress. Behind her back, Coco calls Liam and then shoves the phone into Sally’s hands. She utters she just wanted to check on him and in return he says he told Steffy but he does not want to get into it right now.

Wyatt berates him for even taking the call; not a good sign. Liam says he knows. He cannot lose Steffy. He was so blinded by this thing called justice. He knew Steffy was not right about that. Helping Sally was good but in this case too much and he did not see it coming. He screwed this up and he cannot believe this happened. Wyatt assures him that Steffy loves him and she will think this over and come back. Bill tells Steffy that she was there for him and now it is time for him to return the favor. She finally lets him in. He says their friendship is mutual and he knows Liam did something wrong. He is there for her to talk it over with him. He knows about Liam’s obsession with Sally…..did they……when he hears all the details he says his son is stupid. He should have been treating Steffy like a Queen. She deserves so much better than this. He sits beside her and she clings to him while he cradles her head on his shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami tried to explain to Will that heís not EJ. Will told Sami that he had no memory of what happened before he was shot. Abe wanted to know what to Theo. Hope wanted to get statements from Lani and JJ. Lani wanted to wait around the hospital. Sami showed Will a picture of himself with her and Lucas. Will became overwhelmed and ran out of the bar. Sonny ran after him. Rafe and Sami confronted Susan about what she said to Will. Claire and Tripp arrived at the hospital. She demanded to know what happened. Lani told her that JJ shot Theo accidentally. Susan told Sami and Rafe that she believed that she could get her revenge on her by making Will think that he was her son.

Sami reminded Susan that Will and EJ look nothing alike. Sami was ready to attack Susan. Rafe had to stop her. John and Marlena talked about Will being alive. She was thrilled that Will was going home. Sonny tried to convince Will who he really was. Kayla warned Abe that Theo would need surgery. She needed his permission to perform the surgery. Hope took JJ to the station. JJ told Hope what happened to Theo. Sonny wanted to take Will back to Salem. JJ continued to explain to Hope what happened when he went to the warehouse. Abe and Lani went to Theoís room. Lani assured Theo that he would be okay. Abe pleaded with Theo to come back to him. He didnít want to lose him the way he lost Lexie. JJ wanted to be at the hospital with Lani, but Hope wouldnít let him go. Claire wanted to see Theo. Kayla assured her that he would be okay. Abe wanted to go to the chapel. Claire apologized to Theo about what happened. Sami told Susan that EJ would never be her son. Hope wanted JJ to turn in badge a gun. Valerie told Abe to remember that Theo was young. Lani reminded Abe that Valerie was the best surgeon. Abe hope so for JJís sake. Will wanted Sonny to get out. Susan told Sami that she should be glad Will was dead. She thought Will hated Sami. She reminded her about what she did when she passed Will off as Austinís son and how she had twins with two different fathers. Sami punched Susan in the face.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly discusses with Diane getting Jason six’s life back so he can be the true Jason on paper. Diane explains that in order for that to happen, he will need to actually tell her he wants that. Carly thinks she can make it happen. She goes to visit Jason six in his hotel room. She hugs him. She is still sorry about what she did accidentally giving another man his life. Jason six thinks that is fine. He isn’t angry. Carly needs him to fight for his life because it is his. Monica shows up and she talks with him as if she knows it is him. She wants to be fair to both him and Jason though. She wants to be able to have a relationship with both of them. Jason six seems to understand that. Carly goes to see Sam and informs her that she needs to admit to herself that her husband is not Jason. She thinks she knows deep down it isn’t the truth but doesn’t want to admit it. Carly feels that. Carly feels that Jason is what her heart and soul want and it is the best thing for her.

Alexis meets with Diane. She needs her help finding out more information on Liv Jerome and Nora. Diane knows right away she is doing this for Julian. Diane thinks she is wasting her time. She does find out that Charlotte’s custody hearing was the same day that Liv was taken to the mental home. Diane feels it is a coincidence though. Alexis doesn’t agree and goes to investigate further. Jason wants to talk with Diane after he is done with a meeting. Diane explains that she is not representing him anymore as she doesn’t think he is Jason Morgan. Jason tells her to go to tell. Jason six walks in and she tells him that his assets are frozen right now. He can do whatever he wants with them including give them to Sam if he wants. Jason six agrees to move forward. Valentin and Nina argue about Cassandra but Valentin eventually admits that he is working under cover to stop her from bringing any more drugs to the town. Nina understands and wants to help. Valentin tells her not to but later at work, Nina calls Cassandra for lunch. At GH, Anna becomes aware that Andre has left town and might be involved in the Jason incident. She tells Jordan that Andre was working on a way to transport memories to people. It might explain how Andre was involved with the two Jason’s.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Lauren was miffed when she saw Michael comforting Sharon, who was rattled over Scott's disappearance. Lauren and Michael debated over whether Sharon was at fault for Scott going missing. Michael assured Lauren that Scott would be okay. Nick visited Nikki and lamented that he wasn't at the party to protect her from Dina. Paul asked Sharon to stop incessantly calling him about Scott. Lauren and Sharon argued about Sharon's relationship with Scott. Nick broke up the argument. Sharon confided to Nick that she had deep feelings for Scott. Nick vowed not to let his split with Victor affect his bond with the rest of the Newmans. Nick and Sharon promised to always be there for each other. A police officer returned Dina to Jack and Ashley. Dina asked her children to help her flee the country, but they reluctantly turned her over to the police. Dina was arrested, but released on bail. Jack, Ashley and Michael took Dina to the hospital for a physical, hoping to prove that her actions were caused by complications from the stroke. They ran into Nikki, and Dina and Nikki argued. Dina openly admitted to stabbing Nikki and showed no remorse.

Victor sent his security to search for Abby. Victoria thought Abby might have willingly run off with Zack. Victor told Victoria that Zack was a murderer. Nikki was adamant that Victor should tell Ashley that Abby had been kidnapped. Victoria disagreed with Nikki, but Victor eventually called Ashley. Jack and Ashley clashed with Victoria because she thought there was a chance that Abby was knowingly involved in running a sex ring. Nikki cautioned Victoria not to let Newman steal her soul. Jack and Victor argued about their past battles, but Nikki put a stop to it. Jack and Victor decided to jointly offer a ten million dollar reward for Abby's safe return. Michael asked Dina where she'd been before the police officer found her. He was confused when she said she'd been at Roadside.

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