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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells a stunned Steffy that he is so sorry…the circumstances were extreme and he and Sally thought they were going to die. But this has nothing to do with his feelings for Steffy and he is asking her to please forgive him. He never stopped loving her and he wants her to believe that. Wyatt tells Bill that he doesn’t want to be negative but he doesn’t see him and Liam singing Kumbaya. They have been at odds for months and only back together like one second. Bill says Liam should have just stayed focused on his marriage and not hook up with Sally. Coco listens as Sally explains how she came to own the Spectra building and then found out later Bill still owned it. She has never known a man like Liam. Bill tells Wyatt they did go from all out war to hugging right here in the office but Liam threw that all away because of Sally Spectra. Coco tells Sally that Liam is nothing like his father as he does care about people, animals, just about everything. She does not have to pretend with her; she sees Sally is in love with Liam. Liam says he only loves Steffy and he made a mistake. It was a life or death moment. She says that does not make it okay. He knows it is no excuse but it is what happened. He saw it as a way they could cope before they died. She cries that he could not even spare a thought for her in that moment. He keeps repeating that he loves only her and wants a future with only her. Wyatt tells Bill that he is expecting too much too soon with Liam. Nothing happened so do not keep going back there.

Sally tells Coco that Liam was so strong even under the fear of death, telling her things she wanted to hear and she found herself telling him that she loved him and kissed him. He kissed her back and they both forgot Steffy in that moment. She hopes he can get past that now. Coco says if that happens she probably will never see Liam again. Sally says she knows that is right although that kiss will never happen again. If she is the cause of his unhappiness now then she is willing to pay. Steffy starts in on Sally. Things have never been the same since Hope left for Paris, but at least she was decent. Sally is not so all of Steffy’s peacemaking has been for naught. He gave up the CEO of Spencer all for his caring more for Sally. He says it sounds like she is saying he had an affair and that is not what happened. She says maybe he should just go and be with her; they think alike and have the same causes. Steffy tells Liam that Sally is the one who needs his help. Steffy is not the underdog and she does not need his help and what he did disgusts her. That should have been her that he thought about. She starts to leave and he comes nearer and she says no. He says he can change if she will let him. She says she does not deserve this and until he puts his father, his brother and her first then he needs more time. He says he needs no more time. He wants to work through this. She says again that he disgusts her and walks out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to Susanís house to question her.  Paul told Sami that he knew that Willís coffin was empty.  She wanted to know what he meant.  Will didnít know who Sonny was when he hugged him.  JJ realized that he shot Theo.  He tried to revive Theo when Lani showed up. She was shocked to find out that JJ shot Theo. Lani yelled at JJ to call an ambulance. Lani put pressure on the wound. Susan wanted to know why Rafe was asking about Will Horton since he was dead. Rafe knew that Susan had information about Will. He refused to leave her place until he got the answers he wanted. Paul admitted to Sami that he saw Will. She wanted to know why he didnít say anything. Paul wanted to figure things out. Sami yelled at him for keeping quiet. She demanded that he tell her where she could find Will. He told her that Sonny was with him. Will told Sonny that he didnít know him. Sonny wanted to talk to him. Will told Sonny that he had too much to drink and wanted to get him a car. Sonny assured him that he wasnít drunk. Sonny proved that he could trigger Willís memory by kissing him. JJ explained what happened when he shot Theo. Lani wanted to know where the gun was. JJ found what he thought was a gun. JJ realized that it wasnít a gun. Theo wasnít armed. Susan demanded that Rafe show her his badge. She realized that Rafe was with Sami. Will threatened to hurt Sonny because he kissed him. Sami walked in the bar and saw Will. She hugged him.

Will was upset that Sami hugged him. He wanted her and Sonny to leave him alone. Sami was surprised that Will didnít recognize her. Will was very angry at her for saying that she knew him. Sami explained when she first met him. Will thought that Sami and Sonny were crazy. Sami thought they could work things out later. She told Will that she was his mother and that Sonny was his husband. Susan warned Rafe not to get involved with Sami. Susan told Rafe that Sami was the reason why her son is dead. She got upset and told him to leave. The paramedics arrived to take Theo to the hospital. Lani wanted to go with them to the hospital. Kayla found out that Theo was the one shot. Lani called Abe and told him that Theo was shot. Rafe met Paul at the hospital. Paul told him that Sami went to see Will. Rafe was surprised that Will was alive. Rafe wanted to be there for Sami so he left to find the bar. Sami wanted Will to try to remember her. Will called out to mom, but Susan was the one he was talking about. Susan arrived at the bar. Will told her that Sami and Sonny knew him. Susan told Will that they were lying. Susan let him know that Sami was the one she told him about. He was shocked and called her a cheating, lying wh*re. JJ explained to Lani that he thought Theo was a perp and that he was armed. Sami demanded to know what Susan did to him. Susan told Will not to believe Sami and Sonny. Will wanted him to stay away from his mother. Sami was determined to get Will back. Will yelled at Sami to stay away from his mother. Abe and Valerie arrived at the hospital. Abe wanted to know who shot Theo. JJ admitted that he shot Theo. Will wanted to call the police when Rafe showed up. Sami filled him in on what happened. Will told them that his name isnít Will. He said his name was EJ.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis goes to Llanview where she meets Olivia’s lawyer, Nora Buchanan. Nora is on the phone with her husband Bo when Alexis walks in. Alexis introduces herself and explains she needs to get in touch with Olivia to convince her to testify that Julian was being threatened by her. Nora will not do that because she would be considered sane if she did that. Alexis wants to know who is paying for Nora’s services. Nora thinks that it is time she leaves. Alexis leaves angry but still plans to get in touch with Olivia. Nelle finds Michael at The Floating Rib. They end up talking and Nelle lies and says that Maxie got her fired. Michael is sorry and suggests she try being nice to Maxie to get her cheque cut. At GH, Nathan and Amy attempt speaking with Chet. Chet recognizes Nathan as Man Landers. He still doesn’t want help though. Amy is taking Chet home tomorrow with her. He doesn’t have a choice or she will place him in the psyche ward. Lulu goes to visit Maxie at Crimson and says she wants a career change. Later, Nathan shows up and tells Maxie about how he is so worried someone might find out about Man Landers not being him. Nelle overhears the whole thing.

Jordan reveals to Jason and Jason six that they share the same DNA as twins. Jason thinks that it means that Jason six must be Drew. He insists that it has to be him and couldn’t possibly be that he is Drew himself. Carly wants to know if they can check fingerprints. Jordan admits that Helena hacked the PCPD and deleted all files on Jason. Carly points out he was arrested a lot back in the day far before 2012. Jordan will look into it. At Elizabeth’s house, Franco plans a romantic evening when Scott shows up demanding he tell the Jason’s they are twins and who is who. Franco has absolutely no desire to do so though. Jordan then shows up along with both Jason’s and Sam. They demand to know all that Franco knows and all he tells them is that Andre is the one who supplied the death certificate. Jordan will attempt to find him. Jason and Jason six later agree that Franco is still lying about something. Carly and Sonny at the Floating Rib, think that the man they have known as Jason the past few years is Drew but refuses to accept it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Everyone is in shock that Dina stabbed Nikki and she has gone missing while Jack and Ashley worry about Dina everyone wonders why she stabbed Nikki. Crystal persudes Tessa and Sharon to hide her because she worries that Zack might kill her now that she has told the truth about him being the leader of the sex ring. Scott takes off following Zack and Abby because he is worried that Zack may do her harm in order to ecape the police. Zack takes abby to a remote location outside the city where he has a storage unit where he explains that prostitution is legal in other countries and all he was doing was providing a service. Zack tells Abby that the girls were treated well and nobody was forced to stay against their will but Abby doesn't buy his story and tells him she never wants to see him again. Scott arrives and tries to persude Zack to let Abby go and when Abby tells Zack she doesn't want to go on the run with him he leaves Scott and Abby inside the storaage unit and makes his getaway.

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