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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Bill that Liam will come around. He is his son. Let her help him. Bill argues that Liam does not want him as his father anymore. Liam discusses it with Sally and says it is the only thing he can do. He must tell his wife that he kissed her. She says nothing good will come of that and she can keep the secret. It was made in a moment when they thought they might die and were comforting each other. He says it was more than a kiss and she says she knows. She remembers admitting that she loved him. She says Steffy hates her and if he tells her he might lose her. He says he is this guy that is always running around talking about values and principles so he has to adhere to them too and tell Steffy all of it. Wyatt tells Katie that he is going to do all he can to make amends between Liam and his dad. She wonders if anything would change if Bill found out about the two of them. Wyatt says his dad has more on his mind now than them and he is not going to tell him and chance him going berserk. She says maybe they need to end it or put it on hold for now. Bill needs him now with the company. He says that is important but so is she and he is not about to give up on that. Bill walks in just as they are about to kiss.

Steffy tells Bill that Liam’s relationship is important to him. Bill says it is to him too. He never meant to hurt him. Sally tells Coco that she and Liam kissed and now he is worried about it. They both thought it was the last moment of their lives and they were not thinking about right or wrong. This feeling just came over them. And she told him she loved him and that was real; she really feels that way. And now Liam wants to be honest with his wife. Liam goes home and tells Steffy they need to talk. He wants her to understand what happened at Spectra. Bill asks why Wyatt and Katie are in his office. He expects she is going to tell him how she feels about the whole matter. She says no, she is just worried about the whole situation as she saw Brooke. He says yes it is all about Liam and his obsession with the redheaded one. Steffy has been patient but if he is not careful he is going to lose her. Liam tells Steffy that she will never lose him; she has to believe that. He starts to repeat things. He had to stand up to his dad. He feels like he is nothing if he lives by his dad’s standards and not his own. The power went off at Spectra and they left but came back in and they thought there were going to die when the beams fell on them. Sally told him she loved him and kissed him. Steffy is stunned and pulls away. She wants to know what he did. Did he kiss her back or was it a goodbye kiss? She is sick to her stomach when she realizes they kissed again. He did not think of her, his wife, but of Sally. He said he made vows and he realized he screwed that up but he did not want to lie to her now and he is sorry. He loves her more than anything and he just needs her to understand and forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul saw Will at the bar again when Sonny called him. He let Paul know that he was ready to get out of the hospital. Paul walked out of the bar without Will seeing him. Rafe and Sami talked about getting Willís body exhumed. Steve and Tripp talked about his feelings for Claire. Kate wanted Theo to go to the warehouse and find out who was sabotaging DiMera. Kate wanted Theo to check on the lead before Chad confronted Andre about being the one who did it. Chad did end up confronting Andre about being the one behind the sabotage. Andre couldnít believe that he accused him. Andre denied being the one who did it. Sami and Rafe continued their discussion at the police station. Steve and Tripp talked about his growing feelings for Claire. Everyone was at the surprise birthday party for Lani. Theo let Claire know that he fixed her page to take away the followers and she was upset about it. Paul went to see Sonny at the hospital. Sonny wanted them to get married. Paul panicked while Sonny talked about how much he wanted to marry him. Rafe found out that Willís grave was empty.

Kate showed up at the DiMera mansion and she helped Chad accuse Andre of sabotaging the company. He denied doing anything, but he did want to talk about something. Sami knew that Susan was lying to everyone about Will being alive. Sonny continued to tell Paul that he loved him and wanted to get married, but he couldnít take it anymore. Paul admitted that Will was still alive. He told him that he saw Will. Andre told Kate, Chad, and Abby that he didnít sabotage the company. He wanted to know if Chad and Kate believed that he was working for DiMera. He wanted to know who was targeting the company too. Theo and Claire left the party and she wanted to talk at home. Theo let her know that he had to do something first. She was upset and they went in opposite directions. Andre was determined to prove that he had nothing to do with sabotaging the company. Chad and Kate finally believed him. Andre wanted to work together to find the person sabotaging the company. Theo went to the warehouse to break in it. JJ got a call about a break in by the docks. Sonny wanted to know why Paul didnít say anything sooner. He was afraid he would lose him. Paul told him about the bar that he saw Will working in. Paul wanted to take Sonny to the bar, but he didnít want his help. He wanted to find it by himself. Sami was in Memphis and asked Paul if he saw Sonny. Sonny showed up at the bar and saw Will. JJ and Lani went to the warehouse and saw Theo. Theo ran away from them. JJ and Lani split up. Kate called Theo and told him not to go through with the mission. JJ caught up to Theo and told him to drop the gun. Theo turned around and JJ shot him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny toast to Nelle being out of Michael’s life. Sonny feels bad toasting to that because Michael is hurt. Carly isn’t toasting to him being hurt but not having Nelle in their lives. Jordan walks in and wants to discuss why Sonny paid to have Klein released from jail. Sonny said he had questions the PCPD were not going to answer. He tells Jordan about the burner phone and says if he does find it he will give it to her. Carly informs Jordan he is under no obligation to give it to him though. Jason six walks into Sam’s house and they talk. Sam seems to talk to him as if she knows he is Jason. Sam shows him Scout and Jason six has a bonding moment with her for a moment. He is glad that Sam had a girl and hopes Sam tells her about her big sister Lila one day. Jason walks in and demands he get out. Carly and Sonny show up as well. Sam tells them all they are going to work this out once and for all. Jordan shows up. She informs them the DNA tests say that both Jason’s are indeed Jason.

Alexis shows up at Ava’s house and Kiki grabs the flash drive with the info that Ava wants on it. Alexis tells Ava that Julian has been beaten badly in prison. Ava doesn’t care anymore. She has tried to help Julian and see him but he doesn’t want to be seen. Ava thinks she still is in love with Julian. Alexis leaves. At the hospital, Kiki finds out from Griffin and David that the flash drive might work but it also might not. Ava later shows up looking for the flash drive and Griffin tells her that it is way to experimental for anyone to do on her. Alexis tries to contact Olivia Jerome but is told she needs to speak with her lawyer. Alexis didn’t realize she had a lawyer and finds out it is Nora Buchanan.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Juliet died in childbirth, and the baby was fighting for his life. Cane reassured Lily, who felt guilty for wishing Juliet would be out of their lives. At Mattie's request, Lily un-grounded Mattie for one night so she could go to an event. According to Cane, Juliet's father didn't care that she was dead and that her son was in critical condition. Lily suggested naming the baby Sam, after Cane's late sister, and Cane agreed. Before leaving, Lily told Cane that Sam was lucky to have him for a father. Abby thought Victor was going to promote her. Ashley was happy for her. Ashley confided that Jack fired Dina because she wasn't up for the job. Abby revealed that she saw Dina stealing sugar packets. Dina reacted with suspicion to Ashley's innocent comments. Neil told Victor and Victoria his plans to announce Victoria's return to Newman Enterprises. Neil and Victor asked Nikki to pretend she'd reconciled with Victor for the duration of the party. Nikki agreed, but she bristled when directed to hold Victor's hand during the family photo. Reed took Mattie to the party. Noah told Victor that Nick pulled out of their partnership. Noah turned down Victor's offer to manage The Top of the Tower. Victoria convinced Noah to change his mind. him.

Tessa promised a skeptical Crystal that Zack would pay and that she'd be able to go back to her life. Sharon and Scott convinced Crystal to expose Zack at the Newman party. Abby was crushed when Victor used the party to announce Victoria's promotion. Zack convinced Abby to stay at the event. Abby tried to be gracious toward Victoria, but she lashed out when Victoria pointed out that she would be Abby's superior. Victor made a failed attempt to mollify Abby. Crystal told all the guests at the party that Zack forced her into prostitution and that DesignDate was a front, funded by Newman Enterprises. Zack denied it and Abby believed him. Dina thought this scandal was typical Newman sleaze. Nikki took offense and they argued, culminating with Dina stabbing Nikki in the arm. Zack took advantage of the distraction and asked Abby to leave with him. Scott ran up just in time to see Abby and Zack getting into the elevator.

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