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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam thinks about the Sally kiss in the rubble. She is thinking about it too. Coco makes her some lunch for the most important person in her life. Bill asks Wyatt if he has talked to his brother this morning. Wyatt says he was in the shower so he missed the call. Surely Bill knows it was not Liam’s and Sally’s fault but neither was it Bill's as he thought they had left the building. Bill says Sally is more pathetic than she was before she lost the building. And Liam is right there in his feeling beholden to her. Sally tells Coco that she was really afraid she was not going to make it out of that hole alive and never see Coco again. But Liam is her guardian angel and she had to tell him how she felt. Liam talks about Bill’s obsession and Steffy reminds him that he has one too over Sally. She almost lost him because of it. He says he wishes things could be better with his dad over this but he does not see it. She tells him just to go back to his trust and understanding the way he was a few days ago. He rants that Bill has to win at all costs especially over his own sniveling son. He has to compromise all his own feelings. Steffy says he does not trust his dad and she does not trust Sally but she is glad she is okay. Listen to her – she thinks he needs to cut all ties to Sally Spectra. Suddenly he says he needs to go. Wyatt tells Bill whatever he needs he will do. He is proud to be Bill Spencer’s son. Bill says he has been more than loyal and certainly more than his other son. No good will come from that.

Liam shows up at Sally’s and Coco makes herself scarce. Sally says when they are young they do not think of danger. She has never had anyone do what he did before in trying to save her. He tells her the building may be gone but the talent is still there. She says maybe but she doubts it will be here in L.A. She says she told him she loved him and said too much and she will keep her mouth shut. Steffy shows up at Bill’s and said Liam ran out on her so she thought she would check up on him. He gives his account of Brooke being there and what he said made no difference. This time they are finally over. He takes off his wedding ring and throws it on the table. Steffy says she is sorry. He wishes Brooke could be as understanding as Steffy. He says he will always love her but she could not give him her love and support when he needed it like Steffy does. She does not jump to conclusions like others do. She tells him he is a leader and a renegade but Liam is sensitive and that’s why she loves him. Bill wonders how she can be so wise. Liam tells Sally that she will make it absolutely clear to Steffy that none of this was Sally’s fault but he can’t not tell her. He has broken his loyalty vow and he cannot break this one too. She wonders why he would take that chance. She can take this to her grave. She does not expect anything from him. He is a wonderful man and she wants to do what he wants. But she does not have a good feeling about this – do not tell Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Abby asked Theo if he was working on a secret project at DiMera. Brady was drinking when Victor walked in on him. Brady let him know that he took care of Eve. He told him that he set her up for Deimosí murder. Brady wondered if he would get his job back. Victor told him that he wouldnít get it back. Eve wasnít cooperative with Rafe and Eli. She told them that Brady would be the one in Statesville. Lucas was at the club when Chloe stopped him from drinking. He didnít understand why she stopped him from having his drink. Sami told Roman and Marlena that she didnít believe that Susan was telling the truth about Will. Chad continued to ask Theo if he was working on something. Theo thought about his conversation with Kate. Theo thought that Chad and Abby were calling him a liar. They denied that they were accusing him of doing anything wrong. Theo denied doing anything wrong. Chad asked him if Andre wanted him to do something. Theo let him know that Andre didnít ask him to do anything. Theo wanted them to leave. Andre wanted to help Kate get over what happened with Will, but she didnít want him to touch her. She thought about Andre possibly stabbing her in the back. Andre didnít understand why she changed around him. Victor wanted to know how much thought he put into his plan to set up Eve. Brady explained how she had a motive. Victor reminded him that he wiped off Nicoleís fingerprints so he couldnít use it against her. Brady didnít think Nicole would come back. Victor also told him that he could only punish one of them. Brady wasnít worried about it. Victor told him that Eve might have had an alibi for the night Deimos was murdered. Chloe tried to make Lucas feel better about what happened to Will. Lucas told him that he was drinking because of Will and Adrienne dumping him. Marlena didnít want Sami to obsess over what happened in Memphis. Sami felt that Susan was lying about Will being dead. Marlena thought that Sami should be thinking about the three kids that she left with Austin and Carrie. Sami was determined to find answers about Will. Victor told Brady that he might be the one who was implicated if Eve had an alibi. Eve called Chloe to the station and she told the police that Chloe was her alibi. Sami realized what she had to do to find out the truth about Will.

Chad was convinced that Andre was behind what was going on with DiMera Enterprises. Abby didnít believe that Andre did it. She didnít think he would want to destroy the company that he wanted to run. Kate thought about her conversation with Theo and was convinced that someone local was sabotaging them. Kate found out that someone outbid the company and that they would lose millions. Chloe and Eve remembered that they were in New York City the night that Deimos died. Chloe had the picture of them together backstage. Brady was sure that Eve didnít have an alibi. Rafe was okay with Eve not being guilty. Rafe knew that Eve was innocent because she wouldnít have opened her purse if she knew the amulet was in it. Rafe told Eli that it was a setup. Sami showed up at the station because she needed his help. Brady didnít think that Eve could pin the crime on him. Victor warned him that Eve wasnít stupid. Eve told Eli that Victor or Brady set her up for Deimosí murder. Marlena didnít like how Sami had her hopes up about Will being alive. Sami told Rafe that Will was alive. She decided to have Willís body exhumed after all. Chad was still convinced that Andre made side deals behind their backs. Abby didnít want to talk about it anymore. Andre told them that someone bought the property they wanted. Kate told Theo that she changed her mind about what they were doing. Eve went back to the Kiriakis mansion. She told Brady that she and Chloe went to the opera on the night that Deimos was murdered. Rafe reminded her that she wanted John and Paul arrested for exhuming Willís body. She told him that she had more proof now than they had before. She didnít want to go through what she went through looking for EJ. He asked her what Lucas thought. She didnít think she needed his permission to exhume his body. Sami reminded him how they felt when they lost Grace and when they found Sydney. He was convinced to finally help her. Chad wanted to find out who was behind whatís going on at DiMera. Chad wanted him to admit to what he was doing. Kate wanted Theo to break into the office to find out what was going on. Eve wanted to know how Brady got his hands on the amulet. She was convinced that him or Victor murdered Deimos. Rafe let Sami know that Willís body could be exhumed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle threatens to ruin Valentin’s marriage if he doesn’t help get her a raise or better yet just give her the money. Nelle shows him the photo of Cassandra kissing him. Valentin is not going to give in though. He has no desire to be blackmailed. At Crimson, Cassandra goes to see Nina. She claims she had no idea she was the editor until she was reading through an issue of Crimson. She wants to go to lunch but Nina has to work she would love to another time. Later, Nelle shows up and is crying. She explains she didn’t want to do this but shows Nina the picture of Valentin with Cassandra. Nina is shocked at first until she realizes the photo was taken over a month ago. Nina thinks Nelle is an opportunist and fires her. Nelle slams the door as she leaves. Valentin shows up and assumes Nelle showed her. He promises he is not cheating but he cannot say that he is not involved with her. Joss and Oscar go to Perks where Oscar shows Joss a CD from 2003. He thinks his dad must have made it for his mom. Joss knows where they can get a CD player from. She goes to see Sonny at his restaurant. He has one and lends it to them. They go back to Perks and they listen. It is all very sad music.

Klein’s burner phone starts reading and Sonny suggests he answer it and put it on speaker. Klein does so and the voice has been altered. Klein tries to set up a face to face meeting but the person hangs up. Sonny takes the phone to Brick. Jason six demands that Klein finish Ava’s face. Klein can only do that in Russia. Jason six wants the information so a doctor can do it here. Klein ends up agreeing and gives it him. Sonny walks back in and informs them both that the person is in PC right now. He lets Klein go because he is of no use to him. Kiki goes to visit Ava and says she is sorry she has been so busy. The two discuss Griffin and how Ava still wants her face back. When Kiki is about to go she finds a letter outside from Jason six. It has the details to fix Ava’s face. Sam and Jason discuss Jason six and Danny. Sam suggests he go on a ride so he can get his head straightened out. Jason does so. Jason six ends up showing up at her door.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Cane and Lily waited at the hospital for information about Juliet and the baby's condition. Lily decided to put the divorce case on hold until they got some good news. Neil went to the hospital to support Lily, but he was quickly called away for work. Cane admitted he used to wish the baby didn't exist, but now he wanted him to be okay. Cane called Juliet's father, but he wanted noting to do with her or the baby. Cane was shocked because Juliet always spoke highly of her dad. Victor dismissed Nikki's fears that Victoria wouldn't be able to save her company. Victor praised Abby for DesignDate's latest figures. He decided to throw a party to celebrate Abby's success. Victoria talked Jack into letting Brash and Sassy out of their lease. Jack assumed she lost her business, but Victoria said she hadn't. Scott asked Victoria to verify rumors that Newman was bailing Brash and Sassy out of bankruptcy. Victoria was alarmed and asked Scott not to repeat that to anyone else. Victoria told Victor about the rumor. Victor fired his entire PR department, because he believed one of them was the source of the leak. Victoria signed paperwork to become the COO of Brash and Sassy. Victoria and Victor hired Neil's new PR firm to cover all of Newman's public relations. They asked him to reveal the Newman Brash and Sassy merger. Neil decided they should make the announcement at the party. Victoria thought Abby would be okay with sharing the spotlight. Neil wasn't sure about keeping Abby out of the loop. Victor didn't feel good about it, but he thought that Abby might jeopardize the announcement if she found out the point of the party had shifted.

Abby spent time with Dina, but she was troubled when she saw Dina stealing sugar packets from Crimson Lights. Abby and Scott had words and she accused him of endangering the people around him with his work. bragged about the party. Hilary was unapologetic when Jordan confronted her about wrecking his reputation. Hilary hadn't found copies of her nude photos, and she thought Jordan was bluffing about having them. Jordan admitted she might be right. He threatened to press charges for the burglary, and Hilary warned him that she'd reveal the other secrets she discovered. Hilary found photos of Nikki and Jack at the cabin in Jordan's things. She gave them to Nikki and told her who took the photos. Nikki took the information to Victoria. Victoria fired Jordan for taking the job to spy on Nikki. Hilary went to the hospital to check on Juliet, and Lily said she wasn't welcome there. Cane defended Lily after Hilary blamed her for Juliet's health crisis. Hilary decide to wait for news elsewhere. Juliet's surgery didn't go well, and the doctors rushed to do an emergency C-Section. The doctor delivered bad news to Cane and Lily. Dina made snide comments to Jack and Nikki after catching them in a close moment. Nikki and Dina exchanged insults. Jack told Dina to go home. Jack mused that John got off easy after Dina abandoned him. Dina stole silverware from the Club.

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