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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All Liam and Sally are left with is a lot of coughing. In the hospital the doctor says all good news so just take it easy. Bill hears the wrath of Grams, Saul and Darlita. He tries to explain he was told all had left the building and he will do all he can to get Sally back on her feet. Grams tells him do not think for a minute that they want his help now for his shriveled little conscious. Katie tells Brooke how she heard about the explosion while in Wyatt’s office. Brooke does not understand why Bill is so impatient and wants everything right now. Bill goes into Sally’s room where Liam is. Bill knows he would not win a popularity contest right now but swears that he thought everyone was out of the building before he pushed the button. Liam says he thought just the fact that they were still there that day might make him think twice and not blow the building. Now he almost killed them so just go home. Bill tells him they will talk again when he has cooled off. Liam says he is as cool as he ever will be. Saul tells Sally that he should have been there but he is glad somebody could be even if it was not him. Grams tells Sally that Bill paid the bill so she will be taking her home when the doctor says so.

Steffy takes Liam home. He confides in her that he is Sally’s problem as he told her the property was hers so he feels he owes her something besides telling her to get out. Steffy says she hopes he never has to see the pain and fear in Bill’s eyes that she just saw before they found Liam. Brooke finds Bill drinking and he thanks her for coming. Things are not good. He explains to her also that he thought the building was vacant before it imploded. He tells her that he and Liam have a clean slate so he does not know why they cannot have one. She says he needs to work on how he treats other people. He fires back that she should hear how Liam talks and treats him. He should be by his side learning the business instead of running around after Sally and taking care of her problems. He tells her that this has been a day from hell and she has no idea how he feels thinking he might be responsible for his own son’s death. She walks out and he is stunned. Liam says he does not understand why Steffy is mad at him. She says she is not but he scared her to death. Sally has been nothing but bad news for her family from the beginning and Liam is still trying to help that criminal. She does put her arms around him and says she is glad he is alive and well. All he thinks about is the kiss Sally gave him in the rubble.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Abby ran into Gabi at the pub. It was an awkward situation for all three of them. Gabi let them know that Kate wanted her to work at DiMera Enterprises. Kate grilled Kayla about where the money came from for the hospital. Kayla admitted that Tripp was the one who donated the money. Tripp talked to Steve about Claire helping him. Claire was excited that she was trending online. Theo believed in her. He told her that he was the reason why she was trending. He admitted that he was the one who bought her followers. She was furious with him for doing that. Brady told Rafe and Eli that Eve was the one who killed Deimos. Needless to say, Eve denied the accusation. Brady told them that he had proof. He told them about the amulet that was missing. Kate wasnít happy that Tripp was the donator. Kayla couldnít believe that she felt that way. Kayla defended Tripp to Kate. Kate was surprised that Tripp was willing to donate to a place where his mother was killed by Joey. Kate thought about Tripp walking in on her and Theo talking. She remembered Theo saying that Tripp wasnít in a position to judge. Theo didnít understand why Claire was upset. Claire was mad that Theo bought her followers. She felt like he didnít know her. He wanted to talk about it, but she had to leave. Gabi wasnít sure if she wanted to take the job. She wanted to know what Abby thought about her working at DiMera. Brady thought that Eve had the amulet. Eve denied having it. Brady explained to Rafe and Eli how Eve ended up staying there. Brady called Henderson in the room and asked him to tell the police what he found. Henderson told them how he found the amulet in the bag. She looked through the bag and ended up touching the amulet.

Tripp talked to Steve about how he missed the idea of working at the hospital. Steve would be proud of him if he wanted to be a doctor. Claire showed up and Tripp wanted to talk to her. She was upset at Theo and ignored his call. Eve was convinced that Henderson framed her. Henderson denied touching the amulet because it was cursed. Brady told Rafe and Eli to check it for fingerprints. Eve told them that Brady wanted to get her out of Basic Black by setting her up for Deimosí murder. Brady said he wasnít trying to frame Eve. Brady explained that he wanted Henderson to throw her out and thatís why he sent him to her room. Eve told the police that Brady was lying. Brady told them that he wanted justice. Eve wanted to get a warrant. Rafe didnít want to get a warrant and wanted to take advantage of the lead they had. Brady was able to goat Eve and get her to admit that she wanted to kill him. Chad wanted to check on Theo to see what was going on with him. Theo tried to call Claire again. He promised that he would make it right with him. Claire told Tripp that Theo bought her followers. Tripp tried to see it from Theoís point of view, but she was still upset with him. Kayla told Steve that she told Kate that Tripp was the donor. Steve didnít think that was a good idea. She told him that she didnít tell him anything incriminating. They didnít know that Kate was eavesdropping on them. Rafe wanted to take Eve down to the police station. Kayla thought if Kate found out that Tripp was the reason she almost lost her license, the board would be upset. Steve reminded her that she could lose her license. Kate continued to listen to them. Chad and Abby went to see Theo. Chad asked Theo if anyone asked him to do anything behind their backs. Eve told Rafe that she was innocent. Brady was surprised at how easy it was to frame Eve.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn is there when Chet wakes up. He is glad he is alive. Chet is annoyed at this thought. He tells Finn that he doesn’t want to see anyone. Including Amy. In the hallway, Nathan shows up and Amy begs him not to arrest Chet. Nathan is not there to do so. He asks if Chet is the one who had the OD. Amy confirms it. Finn walks out and says Chet is doing better. Amy goes in and Chet tells her to leave. Amy tells him that she is not going anywhere. She loves him so much. Chet really doesn’t want to talk. Amy says she will be back. She cries into Nathan’s arms. Valentin tells Anna that he wants in on her sting operation against Cassandra. Anna is reluctant but eventually agrees saying he better not do anything stupid. Finn shows up afterwards and tells Anna he wants back into the spy game to take Cassandra down. Anna reluctantly agrees to this as well.

Nelle meets Maxie and Maxie is rude to her so Nelle goes and asks for a raise due to her financial troubles. Nina cannot give her one right away but thinks she more than deserves it. Nelle goes to get coffee and Maxie demands one as well. Nathan shows up to talk with Maxie and is sad he couldn’t help a friend out because he himself is not Man landers. Maxie helps him feel better. Nelle runs into Michael and tells him she is sorry for all that is going on right now. Michael doesn’t want to be involved with her though. Carly sees this and is glad Michael is no longer with her. She thinks he needs to go and see Jason six. Nelle blackmails Valentin because she needs money. Klein is given bail and then is kidnapped by Sonny’s people. Sonny tells him he posted bail. He demands to know who made him hold Jason hostage. Klein doesn’t know. Jason six shows up. He told Klein he had friends. He wants to know who did this as well. They will all wait until the phone rings so they can get a voice. The phone eventually does ring.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah is hurt that Nick doesn't want to ebuild the Underground or move ahead with the club expansion but Nick tells Noah that he can do the club expansion asnd rebuilding on his own since he has his own money, Noah thinks Nick is pushing him away just like he did with the rest of the Newman family. Hilary does a live episode of the Hilary hour to espose two of Jordan's identities from hiis con man days and ask her audience to help her find out about Jordan's past. Paul finds out Crystal ran away from the safe house but is unaware that Sharon has agred to hide her since Crystal is afraid that the sex ring leader will find her and kill her. Sharon shows Crystal a picture of Zack whom she identifies as the leader of the sex ring. Lily al,most postpones the divorce hearing when Charlie shows up to ask her to give Cane another chance. but changes her mind when Juliet shows up top apologize for all the pain she has caused and ask her to give Cane another chance. Juliet starts to cramp and bleed and Charlie rushes into the courtroom to ask for help before the judge can finalize Cane and Lily's divorce.

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