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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

They all stand around and Grams tells Justin that if her granddaughter does not come out of there in one piece, so help him. What kind of man is Dollar Bill? As Steffy and Bill make their way around the remains of the building that is left standing it starts shaking. They keep looking and soon Steffy spots what she thinks is a body….it turns out to be a mannequin. Sally and Liam are still pinned under the rubble and he cautions her not to move lest they bring down more on top of them. Surely his father knows they are in the building now and will send rescuers. She says okay but she wants him to know she meant everything she said – she loves him. Katie brings Wyatt the latest on the internet about the building and Wyatt instructs more on the phone to give him any information they can. At least the rescuers are there and that is a start. Justin calls him and says now Bill and Steffy are also in the building. Wyatt says he has to come down there. Justin says no, that won’t do any good. He is more effective being where he is as the media will be calling and he can handle it there. Grams tells Saul and Darlita that Sally is going to come out. She will not listen to Saul’s talk that they will pay for this mistake with their lives. Finally Liam and Sally hear Bill and Steffy calling them and direct him in their direction. Bill finds them and tells Liam to be calm; they will get them out. More beams start falling.

Bill calls back to the main crew and says he found them. The man is there to tell the group even though family they must move out of the way. He hears the call from Bill and Grams says just get them out alive. Katie tells Wyatt they are not going to think like that; they will all get out alive. Justin calls and gives Wyatt the good news. They are still trying to get them all out but they are trapped for now. Liam tells Bill to get Sally first. Bill and Steffy take a long plank to make leverage so a beam will move and allow her out. Then it’s Liam’s turn but his is a little more tricky without risking more falling on him. Wyatt tells Katie the rest may have to get out. The rubble will only hold up for so long. The crew tells Grams that too. It’s only a matter of time before it all comes down with the weight. Bill tries again and makes a little headway pulling Liam free just in time for another beam to come crashing down. With a lot of fuss being made Liam looks toward Sally and locks eyes with hers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer overheard Kateís conversation with Theo about Andre sabotaging her. Jennifer told her that she was sorry about Will. Jennifer wanted to get a story about whatís going on at DiMera. Kate told her to talk to Abby since sheís the new PR at DiMera. Victor wanted Eve to move out of the mansion. Brady ran into Eric at the park. Eve dropped the bomb that sheís the new CEO at the company. Brady apologized for the search on Will being a bust. Brady ended up badmouthing Nicole to Eric. Eric didnít want to argue with Brady. Brady was about to fight Eric when Jennifer showed up and broke it up. Victor didnít believe that Eve was the CEO of his company. She told him that sheís the CEO of Basic Black. Eve explained how she got the position. Brady showed up to tell Victor what happened and saw Eve with him. Brady wanted to fight her position, but Eve told him that he couldnít do anything about it. Eve expected Titan to pay for the expenses for Basic Black. Victor wanted Brady to take care of Eve.

Kate met with Gabi and wanted to offer her a position with the company. Eric and Jennifer talked about what happened with Brady. He believed that Brady was why Nicole left. Eric wanted to move on with his life. Victor stripped Brady of his duties at Titan. Brady tried to defend his actions, but Victor didnít want to hear it. Victor warned Brady to take care of Eve or else. Gabi wasnít sure if she wanted DiMera to buy her business. Kate continued to talk her into working with the company. Gabi didnít want to work with Chad. Jennifer reminded Eric that he had family and friends who are there for him. Eric was grateful that Jennifer was there for him. Victor wanted Brady to get help. Brady tried to convince Victor that he could handle the drinking. Victor wanted him to get rid of Eve if he wanted his job back. Brady had to find a way to get rid of Eve. He suddenly had a plan to get Eve out of the company. Eve came back and wanted to start over with Brady. Rafe and Eli showed up and Brady told him that Eve was Deimosí killer.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie and Nathan pose for pictures as Amy who is annoyed writes the Man Landers article. When they finally are done taking pictures, Amy is angry that she had to be here for that when she had nothing to do with it. She has to be at the hospital in an hour. She doesn’t know where her brother is because she couldn’t contact anyone while here. Nathan is sorry. Maxie is still angry. When Amy leaves Maxie changes half the article not happy with what Amy wrote. Monica needs Finn to stay later because of a patient who may be worse off than an OD. Finn is able to stabilize him. Finn wants to stick around to make sure the patient is ok. When Amy shows up for work she walks into the patients room only to find out that it is Chet, her brother. Monica tells Finn how she wants these drugs off the street now. Finn agrees.

Anna tries to get Valentin to work under cover for him. Valentin has no desire to work with her though. He doesn’t want Cassandra selling drugs but he doesn’t want to do anything with Anna. Anna thinks that he is being reckless not helping. Valentin is not going to do it though. Anna later promises the WSB that she will get to the bottom of Cassandra. At the Metro Court, Cassandra pretends to run into Charlotte and Nina as they have ice cream after Disney on ice. They all end up hitting it off and Cassandra exchanges numbers with Nina. Cassandra later meets up with Valentin and shows him that she met the two of them. Valentin decides to work with Cassandra. Alexis goes to see Julian and tells him that she just wanted to make sure he was ok. Julian says he is fine. Alexis tells him about Jason and how he might not actually be Jason. As she is leaving, she notices that another inmate has pushed Julian against a wall. The inmate then gives Alexis a dirty look.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jordan threatened to release Hilary's nude photos if she kept investigating his past. Hilary convinced Phyllis to distract Jordan while she searched for the copies of the compromising pictures. Neil admitted he was bored at work. Devon suggested that Neil become CEO of the new PR firm that Hamilton-Winters just acquired. Chelsea offered to update Neil's wardrobe so that he wouldn't look out of place at the more youthful company. Mattie was in a bad mood because Cane and Lily's divorce would be finalized tomorrow, but she refused to discuss her feelings with Lily. Lily told Charlie that she still loved Cane. Charlie didn't understand why Lily would divorce someone she loved. Lily told Devon and Neil that she wasn't sure a divorce would make her happy. Billy moved into the Chancellor mansion. Juliet was concerned that Billy and Cane under the same roof would cause too much stress for her and the baby, but they assured her that they'd be civil. Cane and Billy got drunk and bonded over their failed relationships, then they decided to go fix things. Phyllis took Jordan to her place and flirted with him while Hilary broke into his suite. Billy showed up at Phyllis's and caused a scene. Jordan left. Billy told Phyllis that he loved her. A neighbor called the police and Billy got arrested. Hilary found what she was looking for, and she discovered that Jordan had several fake IDs.

A tipsy Cane went to Lily's and begged for forgiveness, but she wouldn't open the door. The police arrived and took Cane away. Lily looked at her wedding photo. Jordan stared at a photo of himself with Lily. Dina took it upon herself to raise Jabot's wholesale prices, which caused trouble with the distributors. When Jack confronted her, she said cruel things to him. Gloria came to Jack's defense and Dina and Gloria argued. Jack was conflicted because he realized he had to fire Dina for her own good, but he was worried about what it would do to her state of mind.

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