The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/6/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As the Spectra building explodes, Bill shouts no and blames Justin for not alerting him earlier that Liam and Sally were still inside. Steffy panics. Bill runs toward the building saying his son is in there and Steffy follows. Saul says he cannot just stand here; he feels like he needs to go in. Justin blames himself although he saw them leave and did not see Liam return. Both Sally and Liam are knocked out and buried under a lot of ruble with Liam coming to first. Both Bill and Steffy call out their names trying to locate Liam and Sally. The crew come in and say that if Bill is going to be stupid enough to come in at least he needs a hardhat and flashlights. Liam tries to get up but can’t. He and Sally are lying side by side and neither can budge. Wyatt and Katie discuss Liam and his hero complex. Wyatt is a little concerned what Bill will think when he finds out about the two of them. Katie thinks Bill is a little too occupied with Skye right now to worry about them.

Justin calls and Wyatt relays it to Katie that the building came down all right but Liam was still inside. The rescue team shows up and they all start looking after telling Bill and Steffy they must leave. Bill says he will only after he finds his son. Liam tells Sally that she must muster all her strength and believe they will be saved. He will see to it that she is okay. Darlita tells Saul that Sally will come out of this alive and Spectra will be fine. He says there is no more Spectra without Sally. Grams also cries that Sally will be okay. She is a Spectra and Spectra’s never give up. Liam tells Sally that no matter if they are rescued his father is not going to come out of this a hero. Sally tells him that Liam was willing to die for her and what he has shown her she wishes she could tell him how much she appreciates him and how she feels about him. She will never love anyone else like him ever again. She can barely lean over but she kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate talked to Theo about who was trying to sabotage DiMera Enterprises. When Theo said he would go to the warehouse, Tripp overheard them. Susan told Sami, John, and Marlena that Rolf wasnít able to revive Will. They were upset, but left the house. Chad talked to Abby about Andre using Theo to take over the company. She didnít think Andre would do that. Kate tried to talk to Lucas about Will, but he was too drunk to talk to her. Paul saw Will at the bar. Sami went to talk to Lucas about Will. She told him that Will was dead. They comforted each other. She wanted him to get sober. He said he would do it for her. John and Marlena told Paul what Susan told them about Will. Paul didnít tell them that he saw Will. He suggested they go back home. Paul thought about seeing Will and how he was given advice not to be a nice guy.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco attempts to get a hold of Elizabeth at GH. He goes to his art therapy room where he finds the door is open. He didn’t leave it open though. Diane shows up. She wants Franco to drop his charges against Jason. Franco has no desire. Diane thinks he is hiding something. Franco denies this though. In the hallway, Scott explains to Alexis that Julian has been beat up again in jail and needs her to talk him down from getting in more fights. Diane finds them and tells Alexis that she shouldn’t get involved. She will end up spending her whole life trying to save Julian and for no reason. Alexis claims she will not go to see Julian. Alexis ends up going to see Julian at the prison. Anna is visited by Valentin who breaks into her house. She threatens to shoot but he is aware she is involved with Cassandra in some way. Anna admits that she is involved in drug trafficking. Valentin doesn’t want that in the town anymore than Anna does. Anna wants him to act as her spy.

Cassandra gets her test results back and discovers she is not sick. She does plan to stay in PC though. She asks if Finn wants to get drinks sometime. Finn will call her after her final results come back. Finn finds Deanna at the nurses station and she looks sad. She explains she just saw a really bad OD. It is the third one this week alone. Elizabeth goes to see Jason six in jail. She explains to him that Jason had a twin named Andrew but he is dead. Jason six doesn’t have any desire to say sorry to Franco or trust him just because of a tumor. Elizabeth believes he has changed. Jason six doesn’t care. Elizabeth will try to speak with him. Jason needs Sam to tell him that he is convinced he is the real Jason. He gets a call before she can say so though. Jason shows Sam pictures of a sketch Franco drew of him and his old face. As well as a picture of the fake death certificate. They go to see Franco and he admits that Jason had a twin that died.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria makes it clear to her father that she wants a merger between Newman Enterprises and Brash and Sassy, not a buy out. She also wants to name the Chief Operating Officer and let everyone know that she will be the one to take over the company when he is ready to retire. Abby knows that Victoria and Victor are up to something and she is determined to find out what they are hiding from her. When Abby asks Zack to move in with her, he thinks it is too quick at first but in the end Abby persuades him to move in with her. Nick considers not rebuilding the Underground but Phyllis tells him not to quit and he agrees to give it some thought. Phyllis tells Nick that her relationship with Billy has ended. Jack tells Billy he can move back into the Abbott house and Billy accepts but he makes it clear that he will not be there long because he will not give up on Phyllis because she is the only person who understands him. Victoria tells Billy she doesn't trust him anymore and the only thing they share is their children.

Scott and Sharon try to persuade Paul that Zack is the person behind the sex ring but he says he needs more proof, so Paul decides to see if Crystal will indentify Zack as the ringleader. Chelsea tells Jordan that Hilary wants to expose his past. Since he can't risk that, he tells Jordan to do anything he has to do to stop Hilary from finding out about his past. Jordan tells Hilary that if she exposes his past, he will make sure everyone sees the nude photos that he took of her, because he lied when he told her that he destroyed all copies of the pictures.

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