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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shirley tells Darlita and Saul that Bill Spencer will not kill them with his own son here. Liam looks worried but says no he doesn’t think Bill will do anything now. Steffy tells Wyatt that she does not have a good feeling about this. Bill grouses to Justin that he offered all kinds of help for Sally at his own expense but they all said no. He doesn’t mind Liam being the good Boy Scout when it doesn’t interfere with his plans but this is enough. He has lost his patience. Steffy calls Liam and tells him that he has to get out of there. Liam says he is fighting for a cause. He wishes Steffy would give him a little more support. He thinks he will be just fine though. He is inside and Bill just turned the power off so now they wait. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam is losing his father and maybe even his own life all for Sally. Wyatt is stunned that Liam is so stubborn that both he and Bill are both trying to bluff each other. One of them will pay eventually. But he knows them both and thinks they will find a way to work this out. The crew tells Bill that all the explosives are in place yet there are people inside. Bill says it is still a go. They are not waiting another day. Bill calls Liam and asks if they can work this out. Liam says no. He is showing respect to the legacy and so should Bill. If Bill continues then he is going to do it with Liam inside. Liam tells Sally that he is going to stay. He believes in this; greed and power have their limits. This is her place and he will be damned if he sees it turn into a graveyard by one man. She and Liam both say any of them can leave if they want but she and Liam are going to stay until the end. Wyatt tells Steffy that he wishes he could tell her not to worry but he knows she will anyway. She says she knows Liam is going to see this through to the bitter end. She cannot stand around and wait for that. She has to go.

The explosive foreman says they are ready but they could always just start with the back building that is not really part of the main building. Bill says do it. It will send a warning but not hurt anybody. When the small explosion goes off Liam says that is just his father trying to scare them. Sally tells Liam it is not worth it. She leaves with the rest of them, leaving only Liam. Then at the last possible second she stops. Liam tells her she should go but she hangs with him. Bill tells the foreman that it won’t be long now. He thinks that jolt will send them running for their lives. Justin looks through his binoculars and calls Bill that they are all leaving, even Liam. Liam decides to go back in and Sally says she is not going to let him to do this alone. Justin looks again and this time cannot find Liam. The foreman tells Bill that they are about to make some noise. Justin tries to call Bill but no answer as he has his headphones on and the foreman hands him the equipment to pull the switch just as Steffy walks in and sees the building crumble. Bill has a happy face on; Justin does not. Bill says just like that; Skye is born. Then he checks his phone where Justin tells him do not do this; Liam and Sally are still in the building.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan put her gun on John, Marlena, and Sami. They asked her if she knew anything about Will being alive. Sami was sure that she knew about Will. Lucas saw Will working at the bar. Justin wanted to know if Adrienne left Lucas because of her. She explained how she felt when she kissed Justin. She realized that her feelings for him changed. Lucas was about to approach Will when Paul showed up. Susan wanted to shoot Sami. Sami was sure that she knew something. Susan reminded Sami that her boyfriend had a restraining order against them. John and Marlena wanted to know if she broke up with Edmund. Susan was ready to shoot them and thought that no one would do anything about it. Justin was relieved that Adrienne wanted to be with him. He assured her that he wasnít intimate with Bonnie. He knew that something was off with Bonnie. She let him know that she chose him. They kissed each other. Paul wanted to know how Lucas saw Will. Lucas explained how he has been talking to Will. Paul wanted to take him back to the hotel. Lucas was concerned about losing Adrienne. He started to drink again. Lucas felt like everyone was trying to get his hopes up again. Susan felt like Sami was pushing her about EJ and Will. She was ready to shoot her, but John and Marlena stopped her. Sami said that they were family. Sami told her that Rolf killed himself. Susan felt bad about what happened to Rolf. Susan told them that Rolf was smitten with her. Marlena was surprised that Rolf was into her. Susan said Rolf would do anything for her. Sami wanted to know what she meant by that. Susan let her know that it was figure of speech. Sami wanted to know more about Will and EJ. Justin and Adrienne were determined to make their relationship work this time around. Paul thought that Lucas was in Memphis because he thought that Will was alive. Sami told Susan that she was following clues about EJ. Marlena told Susan that she was following the clues for a year. John asked Susan to tell them what they want to know. Susan said she missed EJ and that was why she had the shrine to him. Susan blamed Sami for EJís death. She hated Sami for what happened to her boy. She wanted to get revenge on Sami. She wanted to take her son from her.

Susan said that she snapped after EJ died. Marlena asked her why she went to Memphis. Susan explained that she wanted to get over what happened to EJ. Susan wanted to get revenge on Sami. Susan admitted to Sami, John, and Marlena that she was there the night Will died. Marlena wanted to know why she wanted Rolf to bring Will back. Paul admitted that he was afraid of what would happen to Sonny if he were let down about Will. Justin and Adrienne felt bad for Paul because he was there for Sonny. Justin admitted that he was able to relate to Paul because of how he felt when she was with Lucas. Lucas knew that Paul was scared for Will to be alive. He was able to relate because of Justin and Adrienne. Lucas advised Paul to stop being such a nice guy when it concerned Sonny and Will. Susan reminded John that he killed people and that Sami was a bad person too. Susan told them that she was the one who wanted to kill Will, but Ben beat him to it. She wanted Will resurrected so she could kill him herself. Adrienne enjoyed holding Justinís hand again. She felt bad that Lucas had to get hurt even though they were together. Paul thought Lucas should be nice to himself. He told Lucas that Will wouldnít want to see him like that. Lucas was tired of hearing Paul talk to him. He told Paul to find Sonny and be happy. He walked out of the bar. Susan repeated that she wanted Will alive so she could kill him herself. Marlena wanted to tell the police. Susan didnít care about it. Sami wanted to know what happened. Susan told Sami what happened with Rolf. Susan told Sami that Rolf didnít bring Will back to life. She said that Will was dead. Paul saw Will at the bar.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Diane and Sonny discuss Jason six at the Metro Court. Diane isn’t sure she believes this man is really Jason. She hasn’t even seen him yet. Sonny thinks she will know right away when they see him. Diane explains that Carly told her that Jason six didn’t want to be released yet. Sonny doesn’t care he needs to be. Diane goes to see him. Ava and Griffin walk in. Sonny confronts Ava. He needs to know what she knows about this man. Ava says she helped him escape from Klein in Russia. That is all she knows. Sonny thinks she might be lying but Griffin tells Sonny that she is not. At the station, Jason six tries to confront Klein but he doesn’t give him any valuable information. Diane shows up and Klein goes to his hearing. Diane knows right away that this is the real Jason. She never believed the other man was Jason. There were to many plot holes. Jason six doesn’t want to be released yet. He needs to figure things out with Klein. Diane tells Sonny this information. Sonny still doesn’t agree with her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth realizes that the twin Andrew must still be alive. It is the only thing that makes sense. Franco claims that Andrew is dead and they cannot tell anyone about him. Elizabeth doesn’t think it is their secret to keep. Franco begs her not to go and do anything. Scott shows up and drags Franco off to his office. He saw the man who looked like Jason. He demands to know what is going on. Franco explains that one is Andrew but they both think they both have Jason’s memories. Scott will tell the real one the truth. Franco doesn’t want him finding out. If he does then he will go after him and Elizabeth will think he has always been a monster. Alexis goes to see Sam in the hospital, Jason tells her about the other man and how it is not him. Alexis later asks Sam what she thinks and Sam doesn’t know. When they go home they discuss it further but Jason only cares about Sam being safe. At the station, Elizabeth goes to see Jason six.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Reed blamed himself because Billy was trapped inside the Underground, and Charlie, Mattie and Cane reassured him. Victoria had every face mask destroyed. Nick, Phyllis and Lily arrived at the Underground. The firefighters informed everyone that the odds were against Billy. Billy was alive, but trapped under debris from the explosion. Reed apologized to Nick for breaking in. Nick wasn't happy with Reed, but he felt that the ordeal he'd been through was punishment enough. Victoria considered letting Victor buy her company out. Victor wanted her to see the bailout as a good thing. He thought they were stronger together. Nick and Phyllis let Victoria and Jack know about Billy. Tom, a firefighter made contact with Billy, but was unable to reach him due to the cave in. Phyllis passed a message to Billy via Tom. Billy asked about his chances, and Tom admitted that a rescue was unlikely. The twins apologized to their parents and admitted Reed got the key to the club. Cane and Lily angrily told Victoria what Reed did. Victor was offended when Nick implied that Victor was behind the fire. Jack and Victor both offered their resources to help with Billy's rescue. Jack talked the fire chief into letting him risk his own life to go into the building. In his own way, Victor encouraged Jack to stay safe.

Cane and Lily decided to leave. The twins insisted on hugging Reed goodbye. Victor comforted Victoria, who was upset over Billy. Victor offered to pay off Victoria's loans and buy her company with no strings attached. Jack made it to Billy and held his hand. Billy urged Jack to leave before the building collapsed. Billy asked Jack to take care of Johnny and Katie. Jack agreed to placate Billy, but he was adamant that Billy would survive. Billy admitted he cut corners and that he was the reason the face masks were toxic. Billy apologized to Jack for everything, including sleeping with Phyllis while she was married to Jack. Jack admitted he'd been wrong to disown Billy. They reconciled. Jack helped Billy walk out of the building. Victoria looked hurt when Billy's first move was to hug Phyllis. Billy thought Phyllis was ready to make up, but she was still angry with him. Victoria decided to accept Victor's offer and return to Newman. Victoria thanked Billy for saving Reed's life, then she slapped him and fired him for causing the face mask fiasco. Lily admitted Cane was right – Reed was a bad influence. Cane admitted that he'd gained a different perspective tonight. Lily thought that their ability to put the bitterness aside and come together as a family would make the divorce proceedings easier. Cane looked disappointed.

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