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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that this is over the top and ridiculous. Staging a sit-in is way too dangerous and she is not going to let him do it. He tells Steffy that she is his wife and he loves her and she is the only one for him, and he has nothing going on with Sally. He just wants to stop his dad from doing this. Steffy begs him not to go but he does. The explosion demolition man tells Bill all is set and they will get the word from him when all have left the building. He says finally is dream will come true and nothing will stop him. Sally, Grams, Darlita and Saul look over the ruble that is left when everything was moved out. Sally tells them that this could get dangerous so she will understand if they want to pull out. All agree that they won’t. They are in it for the long haul. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam is being reckless and she is worried. She is not worried about the two of them but he is too involved with Sally. Liam goes to Bill and says he is begging him to work with him and please do not destroy the Spectra building. Bill reminds Liam that he has been more than generous in helping Sally relocate. Liam says this is about family legacy and he knows Bill could understand this. Bill says Sally can design anywhere and if he wanted sentiment he would design greeting cards. Bill sweetens the pot and says they will get behind Sally 100% and Jarrett will give her glowing reviews but Skye is going up. Liam says okay but just know that he will be taking down Liam as well as he is going to join Spectra in a sit-in. Bill laughs in his face. He asks if he is going to tattoo a peace sign on his ass also. Liam says Sally does not have the means to fight back. Bill says he had nobody there to help him fight his battles or show him mercy. But that is what he is willing to do for Liam and he is not going to wait another year. Liam says that is not fair so today he will be in that building with that motley crew. Bill says the explosives are already in place and there is nothing they can do.

Grams states she loves this. It reminds her of the 60’s with peaceful protesters. The demolition team shows up but Sally says they are not leaving. They say again they are ready to blow and they cannot be here They repeat again they will not go. Justin tells Dollar Bill that he should be happier unless there is something he has not told him. Bill reveals the sit-in with his own son taking part. Steffy tells Wyatt that it is ridiculous that Liam is putting his body in harm’s way all for Sally. Liam shows up just when they think he is not going to show. He says the crew tried to stop him but he burst through. And he told his dad so he knows he will be here. Suddenly the power and lights go out to send Liam a message that Bill means business. Sally says there is no way his dad would do this now with Liam inside but all look concerned.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wondered why Victor didnít tell Maggie about her being in town. Adrienne tried to tell Lucas what happened with Bonnie, but he didnít want to listen to her. She threatened to sing if he didnít open the door. Sami broke into Rogerís house and she saw EJís initials on the wall. Victor explained to Maggie that he buried Deimos. He also mentioned that they had to deal with Sonny. Eve got tired of Victor dragging his feet and told Maggie that she was family. Adrienne had to keep trying to tell Lucas the truth. She finally told him that Bonnie was the one who broke up with him. Sami was scared until she saw John and Marlena showed up at the house. She told them about the initials on the wall. Marlena wondered if Sami thought that EJ was living in Memphis. Eve explained to Maggie when she married Deimos. She announced that she was moving in the mansion. Adrienne told Lucas what Bonnie did. Lucas had trouble believing the story. Adrienne told him that Bonnie was working with Anjelica. Paul talked to Justin about losing Sonny if Will did end up alive. Sami let John and Marlena know that she was going to keep checking the place in case Will and EJ were there.

Victor told Eve that she wasnít moving in the mansion. She told him that she was staying there. Maggie let Eve know that a lot was going on with Sonny. Maggie told her that Ben crashed the wedding to tell Sonny that Will was still alive. Sami checked the clothes and realized that they werenít EJís clothes. She was upset because she was losing Will and EJ all over again. Marlena tried to make her feel better. John walked in and told them that he found a clue. Eve thought Paige might be alive if Will wasnít dead. She rushed out of the mansion to find out what happened. Justin thought that he should have fought harder for Adrienne. Adrienne wasnít sure how she felt about Justin. She told him how Justin rescued her. She admitted that she loved Justin. She wanted to be by his side, but he didnít want her by his side. He said they were done. Eve went to the station to find out if Paige was alive. JJ told her that Paige was dead. She was upset so JJ hugged her. Justin advised Paul to go to the hotel and get rest. Paul preferred to get some air. Adrienne was surprised Lucas didnít want her by his side. Lucas wasnít the same person and that he wanted to move on with his life. Lucas knew he was fighting a losing battle. Adrienne wanted to help him, but he refused her help. She left the hotel room. John found a womanís clothes in the closet. John, Sami, and Marlena realized that Roger had something to hide. Adrienne told Justin that she talked to Lucas. Justin thought they were back together, but she said she wasnít with him. She said she wasnít with Lucas because of him. John, Marlena, and Sami realized that there was a woman obsessed with Elvis. They suggested Susan was there. Susan showed up and had a shotgun on them. Lucas was in a bar and saw Will working there.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth finds Franco in Andre’s office and wonders what he is doing. Franco says that he was looking at the painting. Elizabeth wanted to make an appointment with Andre before she was released for Jake. Franco tells her that Andre has left. Elizabeth is shocked. Jason six shows up t Sam’s room and she realizes it is the real Jason. They talk for a few minutes before Danny walks in with a card for Sam. He wonders who Jason six is. Jason six says he is a friend of his moms from before he was born. Jason walks in and demands he get out of the room. Carly runs over. She takes Danny to the play room. Epiphany walks in and is shocked to see Jason six. She tells both Jason’s they need to leave. Jason six has one question before he leaves. He needs to know who Danny’s father is. Sam says it is Jason. In the hallway, Jason six realizes he shouldn’t have gone and spoke to Sam. Carly feels he should have and she is the one who told him to do it. Jason six sees Franco in the hallway, ignoring Elizabeth. He demands to know why he is alive and starts punching him in the face. He then starts pushing him against a wall and finally punching him so hard he falls to the floor. He then kicks him in the face that he rolls over. Carly begs for Jason to stop. The guards take Jason six off him and plan to arrest him. Carly begs them to stop. Jason six punches Franco again. They take Jason six into an elevator. Elizabeth wants to know how it was possible Jason with his old face was here. She realizes that Andrew is alive and that Franco lied to her.

Klein finds Valentin by the docks and begs for help. He needs him to get him a new passport and identity. Valentin doesn’t want to do this but he reluctantly calls someone. Klein thanks him. The police show up. Valentin called them. He doesn’t forgive Klein for having shooters around his wife. Klein tries to make a run for it but cannot and they arrest him. At the police station, Carly admits that they thought Franco was his brother for the longest time but it turns out he was not related to him at all. She also admits Diane was able to argue a tumor for all the horrible things he did. She then admits she was engaged to him. Jason six wants to know how she could do that. Carly explains that he was her last connection to Jason. She is so sorry she did this. Klein then walks in and is booked. Jason six doesn’t want Diane to get him off just yet. He needs to get answers. Andre shows up at Anna’s house and says he is leaving. Anna doesn’t want him to leave and offers to make him tea to talk things out. When she returns he is gone. She then runs into Finn at the hospital, Finn says he had a meeting with Cassandra earlier and didn’t want her knowing they broke up so it wouldn’t affect anything. Anna says that he can tell her and it still won’t. Cassandra meets Valentin at the bar and Valentin finds out Finn is supposedly dating Anna.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary bristled when Jordan reminded her that they had a date. She felt that she deserved better than to be his second choice. Jordan reminded Hilary that he didn't mind that she had lingering feelings for Devon. Jordan accused Hilary of being a control freak and fake. He tried to leave, but she ordered him not to walk away from her. Jordan said that Devon got Hilary a show so he wouldn't have to deal with her all day. He called her a joke. She threw a drink in his face. The Underground was on fire, and Charlie, Mattie and Reed were trapped inside Nick's office. Mattie called 911, but the call was cut off. Reed called Billy. Charlie called Cane. Cane raced to the scene and tried to go inside, but a firefighter physically restrained him. Back in the building, the boys argued over what to do. Mattie took charge and made sure everyone had wet cloths to breathe through.

Cane called Mattie and assured her that help was on the way. The signal dropped and Cane made another unsuccessful attempt to evade the firefighters and rescue the teens. Inside, the smoke thickened, and Charlie, Mattie and Reed curled up on the floor and held hands as they began to lose hope. Billy burst into the office and instructed them to go outside, promising that he was right behind them. Mattie and Charlie reunited with Cane and told him that Billy rescued him. Reed noticed that Billy hadn't followed them outside. Back inside, Billy was overcome by smoke. There was an explosion. A distraught Mariah confessed to Sharon that she'd been living a lie; she had romantic feelings for a woman. Sharon was supportive. Mariah admitted that it was Tessa. Mariah didn't want to hurt Noah, so she was resigned to continuing to hide her feelings. Sharon encouraged her to tell Tessa the truth. Tessa looked at pictures and lingered on a photo of Mariah. Mariah poured her heart out to Tessa. Tessa admitted that the kiss meant something to her, but she said they couldn't be more than friends. Tessa admitted she was hiding something about herself. Tessa said she cared about Mariah too much to share the secret with her. Tessa wanted to remain friends, but Mariah wasn't able to accept Tessa's terms.

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