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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy drops in on Bill. He tells her that he is going ahead with his plan to erect Skye and on the Spectra lot. Seems even though Liam was CEO he did not have the authority to give it to Sally. Spectra Fashion is finally coming down. She sees that means they are fighting again. And the worst part even though Bill confessed there is no recording left of that so Liam cannot prove it. Liam has to be the bearer of bad tidings and tells Sally that his dad is taking the Spectra site back. It’s not about the money but the land and his dad won’t change his mind this time. He still wants to figure something out but he cannot override or outvote his father. Sally says this is her Aunt Sally’s legacy and he said he would help. She can’t keep fighting and losing in the end. Bill said he would help her move. She says she is not leaving. She tells the others that she does not own this building; Bill Spencer still does. Bill tells Steffy that he has offered to move Sally, even give her money and relocate in a new better building but she won’t budge so he can be fair and decent and maybe even be Mayor Dollar Bill Spencer. But Liam is too involved and is seeing things through ginger colored glasses. He says he is not making this up. Liam is too involved with Sally. Just give him one reasonable explanation; he has done way too much for her. It is time to stamp out Spectra Fashions and for her husband to let go too.

Shirley tells Liam that she even put his picture on their wall. Liam says he is sorry but this is his dad’s doing. Shirley says this belongs to her sister Sally and this is not going to go. She does not care what Bill says no one is tearing this building down or they will have to go through her. Liam gets an idea. When people believe in something they have a non-violent protest and the wrecking ball can’t do its thing. Sally says she can do it but she cannot answer for everyone else. The others say they are in. Liam says he is in too, he will stand up to the bully even if it is his father. This is the right thing to do. Shirley says he sure is earning his place on their wall. Sally says she is fighting for Spectra because this is her home but Liam has nothing to gain from this. He can lose his father and his place at Spencer Publications. He’s doing this because he is a really great guy. Steffy and Liam discuss it and Steffy says the building is old so maybe relocating is not a bad thing. Liam says he will not let his dad do that and he thinks he has come up with a way – a nice little protest and he is going to help them. He stood up to his father once before and he tricked him and he will not do that again. Steffy argues and why is he so attached to Sally and this project. A sit-in; she will not let him do that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was determined to get out of the hospital to find out what was going on with Will. Paul didnít want him to leave the hospital yet. He promised to take care of him and he wanted to do it. Paul told him that he would help John find out anything about Will and would let him know about it. Lucas made it to Memphis and found out about Sami being arrested. Sami told him what they found out about Will. She saw the cop who arrested her and wanted to talk to Roger because he knew about Will. The cop told him that he left the station. Roger told someone who was off screen about being at the station. Justin and Adrienne arrived in Memphis and went to see Sonny. Adrienne wanted to make up for the time she lost with Sonny. Sonny was glad that she was back. Justin thought that Paul did an amazing job. John talked to Paul about what was going on with Sonny. Paul admitted that Sonny thought he was Will for a few minutes. Paul wanted Will to be alive, but he was troubled by Sonny getting his hopes up about Will being alive. Paul believed that Sonny would leave him if Will turned out to be alive. Sami believed that Roger knew something because he put a restraining order out against everyone who broke in his house. She wanted Lucas to break her out of jail. He thought she was crazy. She wanted his help because they are Willís parents. Sami wanted Lucas to pretend to be drunk to make a scene so she could leave the station.

Justin wanted to help with the investigation, but Adrienne didnít want to leave Sonnyís side. Marlena wanted to find a good lawyer for Sami when Justin showed up. Lucas reminded Sami about how many times she was arrested. Sami thought he was being dramatic. They started to argue over her trying to escape. Sami told Lucas that Will could be out there and needed them to help him. Roger assured the mystery person that if Sami and company showed up there again they would go to jail. Sonny didnít think the others were as concerned about finding Will as he was because he felt guilty. Adrienne tried to make him feel better about what happened with Will. Adrienne assured him that feelings were justified. Sonny wanted to know if Adrienne ever found Lucas. She told him that she couldnít find him. Lucas told Sami that he was upfront about his drinking unlike her. She reminded him that Adrienne was still alive unlike EJ. Sami wanted him to get help. They started arguing again because she threw his problems in his face. He told her to get out of jail on her own. Sami apologized to the police officer that she scratched. She told him what she was going through over the past year. She wanted him to take the handcuffs off, but he wouldnít do it. She started to yell at him when Justin showed up. He told her that he was handling her case and that she was free to go. He reminded her that she had to stay away from Roger or she would go back to jail. The cop warned Sami not to violate the restraining order. Roger told the person that Sami was the worst of the bunch. Paul told Sonny that he had to stay at the hospital for another day. He told Sonny about the restraining order against them. Sonny wanted to apologize for thinking he was Will. Adrienne and Lucas ran into each other at the hotel. Justin told John and Marlena about the restraining order Roger had on them. Marlena told him that Sami wasnít there. Marlena had a feeling where Sami went. Sami broke into Rogerís house.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan shows up at his apartment to be greeted by Maxie with food and coffee. He is tired and doesn’t even realize it is morning. He is ready for bed when Amy shows up. Maxie needs the two of them to be Man Landers again. She needs them to get her job back. They don’t want to do this at first but Maxie convinces them that she has had to suffer as well. Amy then gets a text that Chet is not going to be coming home soon. His plans have been delayed. She is sad but she will be ok. At the police station, Dante is dealing with the Metro Court hostage. Michael shows up and wants to see the man who is supposedly Jason. Michael cannot let him do that because he already has left. He is running a DNA test. Michael admits that the Jason they have known really never felt like Jason to him.

Franco demands to know if Andrew is alive. Andre explains that when he worked for the WSB, he was doing a project that would have allowed a person to gain all the memories of another person. They cut the funding but a private investor came around to give him money. He took it and didn’t ask questions. He didn’t know that it was Jason at the time. It turned out they were twins but the one escaped before he could do anything. Franco needs to know who is the real Jason. It could turn out the man who hates him more than anything is out there still. Andre has left a paper for him that will explain things. Franco is shocked by the results. Jason six shows up at Carly’s house and Carly runs into his arms and cries. She is so sorry she made the mistake of saying the other man was Jason. Jason six promises her that it is ok. He isn’t mad. Carly insists that he go to see Sam. At the hospital, Sam wakes up and Jason is there. He tells her that the man who rescued her looked like him but he is obviously the real Jason. He leaves and will be back later. Carly and Jason six show up. Jason six goes into her hospital room. Sam sees him and guesses it was real. Jason six says that he is Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mattie and Charlie think their Halloween party is boring because their dad keeps checking in on them every few minutes to see if they are having fun Scott meets Faith and she likes him and is impressed by him, Nick's jealousy of Scott grows and he also feels like Victor is going to try to take the Underground from him to teach him a lesson. Nick tells Chelsea that he would rather burn down the Underground before letting his father take it from him. Mariah's feelings for Tessa continue to intensify and she grows more jealous when she sees Tessa with Noah. Ashley tells Billy that the tests she ran on the face cream reveal that the chemicals were extremely toxic and Victoria is very lucky that she wasn't hurt any worse. Ashley tells Billy she thinks this was caused because they used foreign companies that cut corners to rush their products to market. Charlie, Mattie and Reed sneak out of Lily's house and take the party to a closed Underground which Reed opens with his key. Nick is also there because he needs to be alone to think and he lights candles and a Jack O'Lantern for light since he doesn't want people to think the club is open for businesses . Nick goes to his office to think while the youth are wondering if anyone is in there since they hear noises. The Jack O'Lantern tips over and a fire starts at the Underground and everyone inside is unaware of the fire.

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