The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/31/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill chides Liam again that he will get Justin to explain all of this to him again. Wyatt tells him this does not have to be the end of Spectra. He reminds him Bill has offered to set her up in a new location but bottom line Skye will be erected on the present site. Liam says moving Sally from one location to another is not like picking up a suitcase and moving. Liam says there are so many options on the table but that building coming down is not one of them. Darlita and Saul all dressed for Halloween surprise Sally by bringing her a lovely gown and tiara. Steffy walks in and Sally says from one princess to another – Happy Halloween. They talk of renovating and Sally says it is going faster than they expected. Steffy says Liam seems to think she is worth it. She wonders how Sally stumbled upon the truth about Bill’s fire involvement. Sally says Liam is the most honest man she has ever met. And she now hears that Bill is back at Spencer. Steffy says she does not condone what Bill did but neither does she condone what Sally has done to get ahead ever since she came to town. Suddenly she spies Liam’s picture on the bulletin board and asks about it. Sally says her grams put it there out of respect for Liam who is helping them so excuse Sally for admiring Liam. Liam asks Bill if he actually meant any of that he said in their getting back together and now he is bucking Liam at every turn. Bill says he is not going to wait one minute longer on that skyscraper and that is non-negotiable. Liam says he understands as Bill always has Wyatt to be on his side. Justin walks in and says the demolition team is ready, it will happen today. Bill gives the word. Liam says okay so he has his team ready and he has not listened to anything Liam has said when he said Sally’s spirit is living in those walls and no other site will mean the same.

Liam reminds Bill that Sally was turning herself around and Bill actually stopped her by sabotaging her with the fire. Bill says if Sally is so good she can design anywhere. He has already compromised and now Liam will have to compromise as well. Steffy tells Sally that she does not even consider her in the same league but that doesn’t stop her from using Liam to get her back on her feet. Sally says she detects a little insecurity. Steffy says no, she knows she has a solid marriage but Sally benefits from Liam’s help but it better stop there. Liam comes up with a plan to give Sally one year to find a viable solution which will be a win/win for both sides. Bill comes up with his own plan and then turns to Wyatt and says he has heard both sides and it is his turn to decide who to support. After some thought Wyatt says he has to support his dad and give him back his company. Liam twists and turns and cannot believe this. Bill tells him he better go tell Sally and give her warning Spectra is coming down and there is nothing he can do about it now. Liam says he does not know how but he will stop him somehow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and Lani told Hope and Rafe that Ben escaped. Ben was dressed as a surgeon and walked in the morgue to see Rolf. Ben pulled out a needle and was prepared to use it. Rolf woke up suddenly. Rolf didnít know who Ben was until he told him. Ben wanted Rolf to bring back his other victims. Rolf and Ben got on the elevator with Kayla. Kayla didnít recognize then. Chad wanted to take Abby and Thomas away since Ben escaped. Rolf went to Serenaís gravesite and started digging. JJ told Lani and Hope that no one saw Ben. Rafe called Hope about a grave that was disturbed. Kayla talked to Steve about how strong her love was for him. She wanted to talk about how she blamed him for what happened with Joey. She told him that he was the love of her life. Hope and Rafe found Rolf at the gravesite. She wanted him to go to the station. Rolf activated a satellite to make Hope turn into Gina. Serena showed up at the DiMera mansion. Chad didnít believe Serena was really at the mansion. She told him that someone dug her up. She wanted to finish what they started when she was killed. He admitted that he deserved to be slapped. She blamed him for what happened to her. She warned him that he wouldnít be living a good life for long. JJ wanted to split up and look for Ben. Lani didnít like the idea. He promised to be careful. Paige ended up running into JJ. Rolf gave Gina a tiara. Rafe wanted to know what happened. Gina wanted to know who Rafe was. Gina told him that the wedding was off. Rafe tried to reach for her and she pulled her gun out. Rolf told Gina to shoot Rafe. Steve noticed something was off with Kayla when he tried to kiss her neck. She told him that her neck was stiff. He wanted to massage her when a cop showed up. The cop told Steve that his wife was strangled. Steve looked around the room and noticed that Kayla was gone.

Steve went to the morgue and saw Kayla on the table. Ben was in the room and admitted that he killed her by mistake. JJ didnít believe that he was talking to Paige. Paige told him that she was really there. Lani showed up and saw JJ with Paige. Lani told Paige that she was his girlfriend. Paige was upset that JJ cheated again. Paige took a rake and stabbed Lani. Gina didnít want to shoot Rafe because it would be too messy. Rolf gave Gina a poisonous lipstick so she could kiss Rafe. Rafe didnít think she would do it because she loved him. Gina ended up kissing him. JJ asked Paige how she could have killed Lani. Paige told him he had to be faithful to her if they were going to be together. Paige grabbed his gun and shot him. Gina felt the love Hope had for Rafe. She snapped out of the trance and wanted to know what Rolf did to Rafe. Ben told Steve that he killed Kayla by mistake. He didnít want her to recognize him so he killed her. Steve was upset with Ben and killed him. Abby walked in on Serena and Chad. Serena planned on killing Chad. Serena kicked Chad and hit him in the head. Serena planned on killing Abby too. She blamed Abby cheating on Ben for why she was killed. Abby woke up from her nightmare. She dreamed that Paige and Serena were alive and killed people. Chad told her that she was dreaming about the book she was reading. Everyone else ended up being alive and well too.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Lulu show up somewhere for a Hollywood glamour costume party. Kevin then shows up and Laura realizes what this is. Lulu says goodbye because it is an engagement party for two. Kevin and Laura discuss the dynamics of why marriage would work for them. Kevin then gets down on one knee and proposes. They end up kissing and then Kevin asks her to dance. Anna is on her way upstairs when someone knocks on her door. She thinks it is a little late but grabs her candy bowl. It’s Finn. He explains to her that Robin, Patrick, and Emma have all reached out to him asking what his intentions are with her. Anna is sorry about that. Robin is just worried about her ever since her diagnosis. Finn tells her that nothing is wrong with Cassandra and he cannot lie to her. Anna understands and they will also break up. Finn thanks her.

Nina and Valentin wait for their boat when a man speaking French shows up. It is the man who kidnapped Sam. He tells Valentin about Klein. Dante shows up with an ambulance not far behind. Dante knows this is the man who kidnapped Sam but he is not speaking. Nina later confronts him. Valentin says he didn’t do anything. He gets a text from Klein but Valentin ignores it. Andre tells Klein that he is not going to continue to be involved with this under these circumstances. Jason six tells Carly and Sonny that Sam was pushed into the water. Jason keeps demanding that Jason six put his wife down. He eventually does and Jason won’t let anyone near Sam as Carly calls an ambulance. Jordan shows up and takes Jason six in for questioning. At the hospital, Jason tells Sonny he is the only Jason. Sonny tells Dante that the man who crashed into the skylight was the real Jason. At the police station Carly runs in and tells Jordan that he will not speak with anyone until Diane is there. Jordan is going to fingerprint him then. Carly explains that he is Jason Morgan.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victor and Victoria had a heart to heart. He convinced her to take the night off and spend Halloween with her kids. Victor offered to buy Brash and Sassy and let Victoria run it, but she politely declined. Sharon told Tessa about Zack's connection to the sex ring. Tessa revealed that revealed that Zack used to own an intimate massage parlor. She'd briefly worked there and quit when he tried to force her to have sex with the clients. Zack tried to convince Scott that he wasn't involved in the sex ring. Abby taunted Scott and spent time with Zack. Abby told Dina how much she liked Zack. Dina insulted Ashley for no reason, and Jack and Ashley decided to take her to the doctor. Billy confronted Jack about the toxic face mask, and the argued about the past. Jack continued to deny involvement, but Billy didn't believe him. Ashley accused Gloria of poisoning the face mask. Gloria admitted that Jack asked her to get a sample of the mask, but he'd left town before she could deliver it. Ashley took the mask to run tests on it.

Victor revealed that he knew Zack had been spending the night with Abby, and he threatened to make Zack pay if he hurt her. Zack noticed that Sharon and Tessa were uneasy around him. He confronted Scott and warned him to stop spreading rumors. Dina insisted on going home to the Club and Graham. Jack told her that Graham wasn't in Genoa City and that he didn't want to see her anymore. To Neil's dismay, Devon turned down Victoria's request for a second loan. Devon revealed that if Victoria defaulted on her first loan, he'd sell his stake in Brash and Sassy to the highest bidder. Billy offered to buy into Brash and Sassy so that this didn't happen. Victoria was devastated when Brash and Sassy's distributors and suppliers pulled out of their agreements. She felt that her company was finished.

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