The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/30/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says they are all supposed to be one but clearly he is out of the loop so he’d like to know what is going on. Bill says nothing has changed; Skye will be built on the Spectra lot. Sally tells Grams that Liam is not her boy but he did stop by to give them some news – Bill is back at work and head of the helm. Grams says Bill is a snake and he will find a way to get that property back from them. She reminds Sally that she is crushed on Liam and yes he is married but just for how long. Sally says Liam is not a crush; he’s a good friend who has helped her through some tough times. Grams says they need him. Sally says she is not a friend of Steffy’s but she also it not a home wrecker. Grams tells her that she better be thinking about her own home and not worry about Steffy. Brooke tells Steffy that it has been difficult breaking up with Bill. Steffy says yes and now two men are in love with her and she needs to make a decision. Then she tells her that Bill and Liam have forgiven each other. Peace was the most important thing to him. Bill shakes Liam up when he says Sally does not own the property; Spencer Publications does and he did not sign off for it to be given to Sally. Liam does not understand as they just signed the document. Wyatt says they all win. Liam gets to keep some of the practices he instigated within the company and Bill gets to erect Skye. Bill says Sally did not earn that special lot so he is not turning it over to her. Liam rants that this is not fair. If someone had treated Bill that way he would see they were punished. He is not going to let this happen. Sally does deserve that space.

Bill says he does want the family to stick together when it comes to important decisions. Liam tells him that he is weird. He treats this skyscraper like she is his girlfriend. Bill explains this will give thousands a job; they will contribute to the growth of downtown Los Angeles. He tells Liam that he has to meet him in the middle and work with him. Liam says he can build his building elsewhere. Bill says the perfect spot is the Spectra spot downtown and years from now Liam will look at that building and be proud of it for him and his children. Bill says it is a done deal; the Spectra building is coming down. He and Wyatt agree on that. Liam argues with Wyatt who tries to make Liam understand that majority rules and they are in a business not a charity. Liam says no matter what they say he is not on board with this and he will not let them put Spectra to the wrecking ball. Brooke says peace between Bill and his sons, that is hard to imagine. She does understand how Liam likes to ride in and rescue the damsel in distress. Grams hangs a nice picture of Liam on their bulletin board – their savior. Sally says he indeed has done the unbelievable; Spectra is back. Wyatt tells Liam they are keeping some of his programs, that should be enough. Bill says he knows what is best for his family. Liam asks what about Sally. She does not want to relocate anywhere else. She wants to stay were Spectra has always been. Liam says Bill has treated her with disrespect. Bill says there is a limit to loyalty. He learned from Liam and now it is time for Liam to learn from him and be part of this family’s history. Skye is going up on the Spectra plot and he wants all of them to be smart and be part of it. Be a Spencer.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Brady and Victor that she was married to Deimos. She had a marriage certificate to prove she was his wife. A man dressed up as Elvis showed up at the cabin. Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul demanded to know who he was. He wanted them out of his house, but Sami refused to go. Elvis put a gun on them, but Paul took it from him. The gun was fake. Sami called the police on him. John asked him about Rolf. Elvis knew Rolf. Eve told Brady and Victor about when she married Deimos. Elvis said he hired Rolf to bring a man back from the dead. Claire and Trip had an awkward moment when she saw him naked. She asked him not to say anything to Theo about it. Kate asked Theo to find out if the company was being hacked. Theo wasnít sure if it was a hacker. Kate was afraid that someone she knew was after her.

Eve told Brady and Victor that she had lost everything and was missing Paige when she was in Salem. She admitted that she took advantage of what Deimos went through. Sami asked Elvis if he hired Rolf to bring Will back. Elvis said he hired Rolf to bring himself back. Sonny was upset that he was joking about his husband and the man he loved. Sonny tried to fight him, but Elvis pushed him into a table. Kate didnít want Theo to say anything to anyone about what they were doing, but he couldnít do it. Tripp made a comment about Theoís autism and Claire defended him. She said he was honest and thatís why he thought he should move out. Victor continued to have trouble believing that Eve was able to convince him to do it. A cop showed up so Sami wanted him to arrest Elvis. Elvis told the cop to arrest them. Elvis showed the cop his identification so the cop couldnít arrest him. He asked Sami what happened to her son. Eve told Victor that she and Deimos eloped in New York. She admitted it didnít last long because he went to find Nicole. Brady noticed that Eve wasnít upset about Deimosí death. She noticed that he wasnít upset either. Kate told Theo that DiMera Enterprises would go belly up if he didnít help. Theo didnít want to keep secrets because of what happened the last time he helped, but finally agreed to help her. Sami yelled at the cop because Elvis knew about Will. The cop reached for her, but she scratched him. He wanted to arrest her. Marlena defended Sami, but it didnít matter. The cop took Sami to the station. Marlena went with her. Someone was watching them leave. Victor wanted to know what Eve wanted now, but she wanted to wait to reveal it. Elvis told the person watching Sami that they could come out.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny go back into their living room where the discuss who the man that jumped from the skylight was. Sonny explains that it was Jason. Carly doesn’t believe him because Jason went to the hospital with Elizabeth. Sonny says that wasn’t Jason. He doesn’t know what that has been but it isn’t Jason. Carly is in constant denial that this could be Jason because they have had Jason back for two years. Sonny knows that it was their Jason though. Meanwhile, Jason six jumps into the water to save Sam. She is stuck to a rope and he manages to break her free. He gets her to the surface and manages to wake her up. She sees that he came to save her but she passes out before they can really talk. At the hospital, Monica tells Jason that Sam is not ok. Franco and Andre both listen in. Jason goes to the Metro Court and finds Dante where he discovers that Sonny came in with the guy who jumped out from the skylight. Franco then listens in on Monica telling Elizabeth that Sam has been kidnapped but that it is like Jason went after him and there are two Jason’s. Jason shows up at Sonny’s house demanding to know where Sam is. Sonny doesn’t know but he has someone after them. Jason wants to speak with them. Sonny cannot do that right now. Jason six then bursts through the back door holding Sam in his arms. They all look at one another.

Ava and Griffin go to The Floating Rib after sitting in the hospital. Ava guesses that Griffin got what he wanted and now Patient six is the polices problem. She doesn’t think the guy is dangerous though. She does wonder who he is. The two hit it off on their date and Ava hopes that all eyes are not on them. Griffin doesn’t care. He only cares about spending time with Ava. The two play darts and Ava thinks she was hustled. Griffin offers to drive her home. Ava is going to get a car though. She wants him to take her home but she knows if he does then they will end up sleeping together. Griffin says he will be ok with this so long as they have a second date. Ava agrees. Joss shows up to Oscar’s apartment to take him to a Halloween party. They are both dressed as Game of Thrones characters. Oscar has a dragon for her costume. Joss wants his mom to take a picture of them together. Oscar would rather his mom not get involved in their life. Joss thinks it will happen eventually because Carly is really trying to make it happen. Oscar understands but his mom is not even home right now. Joss thinks that is great they can stay here for a while then. Oscar gets confused when he thinks she is alluding to having sex when she really means looking for stuff that could lead to finding out who his father is. They search the house and then give up. Joss then notices a Man Landers book and tries to read some to Oscar. She then stumbles upon a page with a letter addressed to his mother from San Diego from 2003. It isn’t signed but it is obviously from his father. They just need to find the gift referred to in the letter and they will find out who his father is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mattie and Charlie find out that Juliet is living with Cane at the Chancellor mansion and Mattie uses the information to manipulate Cane into allowing her to have a Halloween party at the house. Jack and Ashley persuade Graham to leave Dina alone by telling him that he could be prosecuted for elder abuse in Florida and Jack warns Graham that if he comes near Dina again they will have him arrested. Jack and Ashley persuade Dina to return with them to Genoa City. Scott confronts Zack and tells him that he will prove that he is the head of the sex ring and that he set him up for Natalia's murder. Scott worries that he made a mistake and that Zack will put Abby in danger. Victoria leaves the hospital against medical advice and heads into the office. Billy tells Victoria that he suspects that Jack used Gloria to poison the face cream since she has done that in the past. Victoria declares war on Jack and she wants to spread rumors about Jabot. Victoria fears that she will lose the company when the FDA informs her that want her to take all Brash and Sassy products off the shelves until they are tested to make sure they are safe.

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