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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tries out his chair and it feels like the perfect fit although Liam says he always felt like he was on a mechanical bull. Bill hands him and Wyatt papers and says they will all be working together and running the company. Liam says he never thought he would see this day. When he leaves Wyatt apologizes for saying anything earlier when he felt he was being left out with Liam running the company. Bill says it is forgotten and he will be leaning more and more on Wyatt and not to worry about Liam, he has plans for him. Steffy discusses the situation with Ridge. She says Liam is stubborn like his father but he gives too much. Ridge will not believe what he has given Sally Spectra. He is a good guy, perhaps too good but she is not worried about him and Sally personally. He is not the unfaithful type. Sally and Grams have a little talk and Grams cannot convince her that Liam is perfect for her and it matters not that he is married. With two completely different people that only means temporary until a divorce. Sally says she does not need a sugar daddy. She will be just fine.

Liam visits Sally and tells her there will be three of them running the company but her deal is still solid so she will have no problem with Bill. This place is going to be big; he has that feeling. Bill continues to talk to Wyatt and says Liam goes too far and needs checks and balances. Wyatt will be the check and Bill will be the balance as long as he can count on Wyatt. Justin brings the prototype of Skye back in where she belongs. Wyatt says he knows this is his bone of contention. Bill says do not call her a bone; she is Skye. Then he wants Justin to look into the papers as he did not sign any papers so the Spectra building is technically still theirs. Wyatt says Bill suckered Liam and used him to do it. Bill says he is hurt and he is not going to throw all of this down the drain. Working together, thinking together will keep them all together if Wyatt will keep him to a joint majority of two when it comes to voting. You might say the sky is the limit. Together they can save Liam’s inheritance with this everlasting legacy. Bill says when it comes to Skye he does not trust Liam but he will just have to accept this. Liam rushes back in and says he recognizes Skye....and that look on Wyatt’s face; so what the hell is going on here.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Eric fought over Nicole. They tore up the mansion until Victor broke it up. Sonny went to see Adrienne at Statesville. They talked about Bonnie taking over her life. They also talked about the possibility of Will being alive. Sami talked to Marlena about looking for Will. Hope walked in while Sami was talking to Marlena. Sami let her know that she was going to find out the truth. Brady told Victor that he sent Nicole away. He told Victor that he would go to the police and let them know that she killed Deimos. Brady admitted that Nicole cheated on him with Eric. Brady didnít feel like he did enough to make her pay. Justin went to Lucas and tried to tell him that Adrienne was alive, but he didnít want to hear it. Adrienne understood what Sonny was going through with Paul and Will. Sami and Hope started to argue about what happened to Rolf when Hope was about to leave. Sami asked her if she found out who paid Rolf to keep Will away. Hope told her that they had a solid lead.

Eric talked to Jennifer about the fight with Brady. Victor told Brady to turn amulet in to the police and tell what Nicole did to Deimos. Sami threw Zack in Hopeís face. Sami let her know that she wasnít going to stop looking. She asked Hope to help her. Adrienne told Sonny that she kissed Justin when he arrived at the prison. Justin showed up and told Adrienne that she was free. She was relieved by the news. Adrienne wanted to make Lucas understand what happened. Justin prepared her for what condition Lucas was in since she was gone. Hope finally gave Sami the address of the place where Rolf was getting money. Brady couldnít take Nicole away from Holly so he didnít want to turn her in to Hope. Victor wanted to have a proper burial for Deimos. Sami and Marlena prepared to check out the lead Hope gave her. Adrienne went to Lucasí hotel room, but he was gone. Lucas went to the police station to find out any leads on Will. Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul arrived in Memphis. Brady and Victor were at the cemetery for Deimosí burial when Eve showed up. Someone showed up at the house in Memphis. Everyone was surprised to see the person.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava and Griffin warn Dante that two of the men that working might be connected to Jason and were after him in Russia. Dante goes to warn Jason and tells him they need to quickly get them out of here. They go to do so but the two men start shooting and take everyone hostage. Dante attempts to stop them but they force him to drop his gun. While this is happening, Elizabeth is bleeding out from getting shot. Nina holds on to her and helps her out. The goons make Sam take everyone’s phone as Ava is calling 911. At Sonny’s safe house, he and Jason six get a text from Carly and they go to deal with the situation. Sam manages to stop one of the goons and Jason chokes him. Sonny meanwhile, walks in and threatens the two men, one of which has Carly. Jason six is watching from a skylight. The third man walks in and tries to hold Sam hostage. Jason has taken Elizabeth to the hospital at this point. Jason six breaks the skylight and jumps in. Monica and Carly both demand that Sonny explain what is going on. Sonny wants to focus on finding Sam though.

Andrť shows Franco proof that Andrťw died when he was three from heart failure. Franco is just shocked that it had been true. Franco sees Elizabeth as she is being wheeled to the OR. He thinks that Jason is somehow involved. Monica asks if Jason is alright. Meanwhile, Valentin was being blackmailed by Cassandra to come work for her again. She has pictures of a new friend who happens to be Claudette who has information on Valentin. Anna and Finn go on their date with Mac and Felicia. Mac tells Finn he better treat Anna right. Finn has to go to the hospital to look after Elizabeth. Mac thought that Finn was a good guy. Jason six finds Sam with Klein and the man who took her. She is passed out. He shoots the one man and Klein pushes Sam over so he can get away.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley and Jack were reunited with Dina and Graham. To their shock, Dina was at ease with Graham and hostile toward Jack. Jack vowed to stay in Florida until he figured out what was going on. The public found out about Brash and Sassy's toxic mask, and Billy tried to minimize the fallout. Billy asked Lauren about Phyllis. Lauren told him that he'd have to work hard to win Phyllis back. Lauren suggested that a competitor tampered with the Sassy mask formula. Gloria slapped Billy after he accused her and Jack of sabotaging Sassy Mask. Gloria called Jack, and he denied tampering with the mask. Gloria denied it as well. Victor and Billy were convinced Jack was to blame for Victoria's illness, and they decided to get revenge on Jack and Jabot. Sharon worried because she'd seen Scott at the police station covered in blood. Mariah thought Scott had been in a fight. When Sharon disagreed, Mariah suggested that Sharon didn't know Scott as well as she thought she did. Michael met with Scott in jail, as his lawyer. Michael unsuccessfully attempted to get Paul to release Scott. Paul revealed that Natalia had roofies in her system, but no drugs were found in Scott's system. Victor met with Scott, who was angry that Victor turned him in. Victor thought Scott was innocent, and he was sure Paul would see that too. Victor told to be careful, because the people who framed him wouldn't give up. Scott was determined to finish the expose, even if he had to do it from prison. Scott was charged with solicitation.

Lauren was outraged when she learned that Scott met Natalia because of Sharon. Sharon and Lauren almost came to blows after Lauren blamed Sharon for Scott getting framed and insulted her skills as a mother. Scott was arraigned and let out on bail. Lauren was dismayed when Scott left with Sharon. Scott and Sharon discovered that Natalia was associated with DesignDate, Zack and Abby's app. Abby was furious when Zack showed up at her house after breaking up with her over voicemail. Zack convinced Abby that he wanted to be with her and that he pulled away because he didn't want her to know who he really was. Zack and Abby shared a deep kiss and seemed to be on the way to more.

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