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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn taunts Sheila how she thinks she is moving in here but Quinn is not going anyplace. She will be here forever. Sheila begs Eric to say something….tell Quinn that he knows about the affair with Mateo. Then Mateo walks in and Sheila asks him to tell them what he did. He says yes he told the truth. He was wrong to accept Sheila’s offer and he is sorry. He told Quinn and Eric the truth. Quinn smirks at Sheila and says this time she is the one who was played. Sheila turns on Eric that he came up with this plan when she thought they were planning a future together. Eric says it is true that Sheila has never changed. He wants her out of his life and out of his house. As he puts his arms about Quinn, he says this is Mrs. Forrester. Wyatt explains to Katie that Sheila did not leave town and is after Eric for her husband. Katie kids that she needs to get her one of those masseurs. Then she comes out of the room dressed in just sexy bra and panties. Wyatt says his dad can wait for him to come back to the office. Eric berates Sheila for coming up with this plan and then even dragging Mateo into it. Mateo apologizes and says he does not want to lose his job. Eric tells Mateo to come back later as he wants him to take Sheila’s portrait down and put Quinn’s back up. Eric tells Sheila that he has given her chance after chance but she has not changed at all. She is still the devious person she was years ago. Quinn says she knows she has been trying to get her from the day she came to town. Eric says again she is the same person and he wants her out of his life immediately. Quinn chimes in and says yes it is time for Sheila to leave. She is sick and demented. Sheila has the nerve to ask Eric if she can have one last moment alone with him. He finally agrees.

Sheila says she put Quinn to the test and she passed. She is a better woman than she is and now she wishes them all the best of happiness. She is ashamed of herself; she knows she screwed up. Their relationship meant a lot to her. He is an incredible man. His family, the Forrester family, she was just hoping she could be part of that. She came to L.A. to tell him that she loved him and she was hoping he could forgive her for her past. She never would have been caught up in trying to shoot at his wife and yet Eric stood by her and she appreciates him. And now spending this time with him she is honored. He deserves the best. She realizes she probably will never be part of his family again but that is what she is hoping for. He says she needs to let go of that dream as it is not going to happen. She says she commissioned that portrait but she realizes now the circumstances were all wrong. It meant nothing to him but for her it meant something. She is not ready to let him out of her heart and she knows somewhere he still finds her fascinating. So for now that will have to be enough. She is going to miss him….her ex-husband. She leaves and outside takes one more look back at the door. When she turns around there is Quinn face to face. She tells Sheila she never wants to see her face again. Get off her property. This is goodbye. When Quinn goes inside, Sheila lets out that gutty guttural laugh. All she needs is a jack-o-lantern in hand.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer tried to get info from Kate about DiMera Enterprises. Her questions led to them arguing. Chloe went to see Brady and they ended up talking about Nicole leaving. Eric talked to Roman about Nicole leaving him. Eric believed Brady had something to do with it. Rafe approached Hope about arresting Sami. He didn’t think that she should have arrested Sami. Kate explained to Chad that Jennifer was grilling her about the company. Roman found out that Sami was arrested for taking a gun. Eric let Roman know that he was staying in Salem. Eric had to take care of something. Chloe told Brady that he would feel better about Nicole. Brady confided in Chloe that he wanted to remain in charge of Titan. She took his mind off of his problem by inviting him and Tate to go to the pumpkin patch. Rafe reminded Hope about what Sami was going through. Hope told him that Rolf killed himself. She blamed Sami for how Rolf was able to kill himself. Rafe tried to defend Sami so Hope called him a hypocrite.

Hope reminded Rafe about how he reacted when she suspended JJ. He believed that Sami had a right to do what she did. Hope asked him if he was defending her because he was married to Sami. Eric showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. Rafe denied Hope’s accusations. He asked her how she would feel if Zack were alive. Hope didn’t like his remark. Hope basically told him that the decision was hers. Chad thought that Andre could be the one sabotaging the company. Kate wanted to believe that Andre was innocent. Eric confronted Brady about what happened with Nicole. Brady wanted to know when Eric slept with Nicole. Eric demanded to know what Brady said to Nicole to make her leave. Rafe realized that Hope was in charge and wanted to keep quiet. Hope didn’t want that. She also didn’t want to argue anymore. Hope told Rafe that Rolf didn’t tell where to find Will. She told him that they had his tablet. Kate wanted Chad to get Abby to get the truth out of Andre. Chad didn’t want to lie to Abby. Brady wanted to know how Eric could sleep with his brother’s woman. Eric realized that Brady was why she left. He said he should be glad that she’s gone. Roman went to Kate and told her that Sami was in jail and Rolf killed himself. Hope found out where Rolf got the money. Brady badmouthed Nicole so Eric punched him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael informs Nelle that he knows all about how she bought the tickets so they didn’t have to go to Jason and Sam’s event. Nelle lies at first but then comes clean. Michael then confronts her about Carly knowing they were planning on moving in. Nelle continues to lie. Michael cannot do it anymore and breaks up with her. Sonny and Jason six discuss all the things that have happened since Jason six went messing. He explains that Jake is alive and that Helena had been keeping him. Sonny then mentions that Robin is alive. Sonny feels they have to tell Carly and Sam.

André and the man after Jason discuss why they cannot just go after Jason six. André is concerned that Franco might be figuring things out. The man gives André something to give to Franco. Franco shows up and André shows him the paper to convince him Andréw is dead. At the party Jason and Sam announce the new business is named Aurora after a town they had visited a year back. They feel that it was perfect. Ava and Griffin show up and try to get people to listen to them. Griffin sees the two goons and recognizes them. He informs Dante who tells Jason. Dante wants to get the men out. The two goons take everyone hostage and Dante tells them he is the police.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Scott wakes up in a hotel room with a dead woman all covered with blood. Scott immediately calls Victor for help. Billy is right behind the ambulance drivers, who have brought Victoria into the hospital, unconscious. Victor and Nikki appear and Victor wants to know what Billy had done to Victoria. Ashley paces the floor, waiting for Jack to get ready to go in search of Dina and Graham .Sharon calls Scott but with no luck. A doctor won't reveal any information about Victoria concerning her health. Victor wants info but the doctor won't really divulge any information to him either. Abby stops by the Coffeehouse to get coffee and doughnuts for all the Newman's, who have gathered at the hospital. Abby tells Sharon as to what had happened to Victoria. Abby also tells Sharon to get in touch with Scott and tell him to handle some meetings at Newman for her and Victor today. Scott calls Victor for help but Victor wants to know why he is calling him. Victor tells him to stay put where he is. Scott has gotten dressed when there is a knock on the door and it is the cops and Paul. Paul pulls the sheet back to reveal the woman, who had been murdered. Paul and the cops take Scott in for questioning. Abby questions Victor about Victoria's condition. Abby takes the blame for Victoria being unconscious. Reed rushes into the hospital to check on his Mom. They fill him in on her condition. Abby and Nick catch up on things and on Dina leaving town with Graham.

Victor comforts Reed over his Mom. Abby asks Nick about the truce between him and Victor. Zack loads his things to leave town when he is stopped by Paul, who asks him about his whereabouts of the previous evening and about Scott. Zack tells Paul about the woman which Scott was looking for and that when she had walked in, She immediately left and Scott went after her. Paul shows Zack a picture of the woman and Zack confirms that that was the woman that Scott had gone after. Victoria regains consciousness and the whole Newman family gather around her. Victoria finds out that some of her cosmetics line is toxic.

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