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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric goes back to Il Giardino against his best judgment. He tells Sheila he will not listen to her anymore if she is going to disparage his wife. She says he will listen this time. She has been in touch with Mateo, his Mr. Fix-It, and he is seeing a woman. Eric is glad. Then she says no, that woman is Quinn. They are having an affair. Eric is livid that they would do that under his own nose on the table he bought them. He cannot believe this and wants to hear no more. First she betrays him with his son and now Mateo in his own home. She says he deserved the entire truth. He says she is the one person in his life that he can trust to tell him the truth. She says she takes no pleasure in being right. But his eyes are open now and that is what is important. He says he sees that damnable portrait over the mantle and it does not deserve to be there where Stephanie had been. It will come down today. He thinks it is better to be alone than be betrayed like this. She says she knows it is strange but she has her own portrait, something she always wanted, and she would love for it to hang there. Eric goes for it and says Quinn’s portrait will come down tonight and hers will go up. Wyatt lights into Quinn for coming into Katie’s and catching them and she is not to do that again. She says maybe she went a little over the top but now she has more important things on her mind with Sheila always into her affairs. She fills him in on Mateo working with Sheila. And how Sheila wants to be Eric’s wife again. She says something is in the works and Sheila will never suspect it. He wonders if he should be worried what she is hatching up.

Eric invites Mrs. Forrester in when Sheila arrives with her portrait. She does not mind. He cannot wait to see this. He thanks her for being so supportive of him. He really appreciate her. He cannot wait to see her portrait and wants her to help him. Charlie asks Pam what can he do about Sheila Carter. It is obvious that the woman is everywhere; you cannot help but run into her. She is all sweetness and light but she will stop at nothing. Pam says she will be cautious. She just wishes this era of Sheila Carter manipulation would come to an end. Eric admires the portrait and Sheila is blown away to be back in this house with Eric. He wants to celebrate and breaks out the champagne. She deserves everything she is getting. Alone she takes a selfie in front of the portrait and says welcome home! Quinn comes in and asks why Sheila is here and she wants her to leave. Sheila says it is Quinn that is leaving. This is her last day here. Her estate manager certainly managed her. Sheila states that she is taking Eric now and will give him the respect that Quinn didn’t. She will be the new Mrs. Eric Forrester and Quinn will be erased like she never happened. Quinn sees the portrait. Quinn says this is her house and she is not going to leave, not ever. She tells Sheila there is the door so use it. Eric walks in and Sheila tries to get him to say something, tell Quinn the truth. She begs Eric over and over to say something to Quinn. He is silent.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope, Lani, and JJ investigated Rolf’s room. They were searching his room for information about Will. Eli explained to Gabi how he met Sheila. Sheila stopped Bonnie from leaving Salem. Sheila reminded Bonnie that she wanted her money. Justin saved Adrienne from the guard. Steve and Kayla tried to convince the warden that Adrienne was the wrong person in prison. The warden didn’t believe them. Steve told him that Hattie could prove it. When Hattie told the warden what happened, he didn’t believe it. Kayla had an idea to prove that they were telling the truth. Bonnie told Sheila to get away while she still could. Sheila said she didn’t have any money to get away. Sheila regretted not listening to Adrienne. Eli told Gabi how Sheila was set up because of him. Kayla told the warden that she could do a DNA test on Steve and Adrienne. The warden allowed it to happen. He said Adrienne wasn’t leaving the prison until Bonnie was there. Justin told Adrienne that she couldn’t leave until Steve and Kayla proved that Bonnie was missing.

JJ couldn’t get into the tablet. Gabi tried to make Eli feel better about what happened with Sheila. He told her that Sheila and her brother were involved with drugs. He got promoted and arrested them. Steve and Kayla found Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne wanted to know what happened to Joey. They told her that he was in prison. Adrienne was upset that she wasn’t there for him. JJ lifted Rolf’s print and was able to use it to get into the tablet. JJ, Hope, and Lani saw what was on Rolf’s tablet. Eli told Gabi that Sheila’s brother died in prison. He blamed himself for turning Sheila and Russell in to the police. Sheila wanted the broach Adrienne was wearing, but she didn’t want to do it. Sheila wanted it anyway. Steve and Kayla told Adrienne and Justin that Bonnie got away. Kayla explained that they had to get her DNA to prove that she wasn’t Bonnie. Adrienne wanted to talk to Justin about the kiss. Justin realized that it was just an emotional moment. He knew she would be back with Lucas. Adrienne was worried about Lucas. Eli told Gabi that he didn’t help Sheila when he had the chance. Gabi thought Eli would get another chance to make things right with Sheila. Sheila changed her mind and let Bonnie keep her broach. Sheila thought about her brother and told her they were even. Eli ran into Sheila and wanted to help her after all. She agreed to let him help her. Steve and Kayla told Adrienne that the results would be ready within 12 to 24 hours. Steve got Hattie to protect Adrienne. Hope, JJ, and Lani found out that Rolf was getting money in a foreign bank account every month. Hope thought they could find out what happened to Will that way.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael goes to confront Nelle about her being in a mental institution. Nelle defends herself claiming that she had gone through a lot and didn’t need him knowing. They haven’t shared everything with one another. Michael is sorry. Nina runs into Michael a little later and discovers that Nina didn’t buy the tickets for “Dear Evan Hanson.” Danny asks Jason and Sam about their new business and Jason explains that it is for the family. He wants Danny to be involved. Danny wants to create a series about a dog. Jason is glad he is already coming up with ideas. At the hospital, Monica runs into Nathan and thinks that his advice column is doing great for people. She is sad that he is going to end it. He runs into Amy as well who understands why he wants Man Landers to retire. Monica shows up at Jason and Sam’s house to babysit Danny and Scout. She gives him Alan’s cufflinks. Jason is honored to have them.

Maxie shows up in Nina’s steam room to beg for her job back. She wants to do a story on the real life of Man Landers. Nina likes it. She was already going to give her, her job back though. Maxie tells Nathan about this but he wants to retire. She says he cannot do that. Sonny demands to know who Patient six is because he looks like Jason. Patient six claims that he is Jason. Patient six goes on to tell Sonny all the reasons as to why he is obviously Jason. Sonny explains in the end that he knows that Patient six is obviously Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Ashley comfort each other and regret that they didn't spend more time with their mother and they are worried that they may never see Dina again. Phyllis is still angry with Billy because he used her computer to access Jabot files. Phyllis is also upset that Billy always puts Victoria and Brash and Sassy ahead of their relationship but Billy tells Phyllis he will never give up on their relationship because he loves her and she loves him although she is upset with him right now. Billy gets to Victoria in time to tell her about Jack setting them up and she tells him that she took out short term loans with stiff penalties and she is really afraid she will lose the company. The Hilary hour interview is going well with Lily picking up the slack for Victoria who freezes on camera during the second interview segment. Everyone watching in studio and on television is shocked when Victoria faints on live television. Zack gets nervous when he has a talk with Scott and fears he is getting to close to the truth about the sex ring so he slips a pill in his beer and later when Scott gets dizzy he takes him out of Crimson Lights. Scott wakes up some time later in bed with Natalia's dead body laying next to him.

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