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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam remarks to Steffy that he was expecting Bill to crush him. Instead he opened up to him like he never had before. Eric is surprised to see Sheila working at Il Giardino. She asks how he is now that Quinn is back in his life and she hopes he can trust her. Quinn tells Mateo she wants him to stop the massage right now. She cannot believe he is doing this with her husband coming home at any time and could catch him. He says they are alone and she is an attractive woman and he thought it would be okay. She says it isn’t and she wants him to leave right now. Eric tells Sheila all is fine. His wife is not keeping secrets and he has forgiven her completely for anything in the past. He tries to get Sheila to stop, just have a normal conversation. He says his marriage is more solid than ever. Mateo apologizes and says he never should have done that. Quinn tells him she still wants him to go; he is fired. Liam realizes Steffy is still upset with his involvement with Sally all because he is trying to right Bill’s wrong. She reminds him he gave her the building and the architects to build it again so everything else is just too much. He is nothing like his dad and there is only one Liam Spencer and he is hers. They make love. She tells him that she barely recognized him when he was so angry at his dad but her love for him never changed. And she knows he still loves his father. He replies that marrying her was the most genius thing he ever did.

Sheila apologizes and says Eric is a kind and generous man but there has to be a limit. He trusts Quinn when she says things just happened. She is going to get it no matter what. It is only a matter of time before those things happen again. Quinn tells Mateo she can see that he is sorry but she still wants him to get his clothes and get out. He knows how much she loves her husband and Mateo seems like a really nice, smart man so she cannot believe he did this. He blurts out that it was not his fault. Well yes he did it, but it was not his idea. Someone paid him a lot of money, too good to pass up. Quinn is stunned and demands that he tell her who it is. Oh yeah Sheila Carter. Sheila continues, that Eric wants to believe Quinn is faithful. He gets up and says this is enough. He will not listen to anymore. Sheila says Quinn has a place over the mantel and in his heart but she is going to betray him again. Quinn digs more information out of Mateo; he even tells her that Sheila has a portrait of herself that she intends to put on the wall. She wants to be Eric’s wife again. Quinn states that will never happen. Before he leaves, Eric tells Sheila he hopes she does well here but he wishes she could be more compassionate toward his wife. She says she just wants him to know if his wife ever turns toward another man that she will be there for him. Quinn says so this is all a scam…..his job, the massages. Mateo says no, he cares about her and Mr. Forrester. She says she believes him. And if he wants to help both her and Eric then he can do something for her. Mateo texts Sheila and says job done. And more, much more than kissing. Sheila is ecstatic and mouths that gotcha Quinn. Same time Quinn is paying Mateo and saying gotcha Sheila.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve announced to everyone that Bonnie was pretending to be Adrienne. Bonnie told him about Anjelica’s plan to get him back. She denied having anything to do with hurting Adrienne. Adrienne called Lucas to tell him what happened to her. Lucas didn’t want to help her because she dumped him. Sonny was with Lucas so he wanted to take her phone and talk to her. Rolf told Sami and Hope that he heard Sami in the morgue. He said he heard what Sami said to Will. Sami wondered why she should believe him. He didn’t care if Sami believed him. Steve, Justin, Maggie, and Kayla continued to question Bonnie about what happened to Adrienne. Maggie wondered how she managed to get out of prison when she was sentenced for murder. Steve thought she put Adrienne in jail and she took her place.

Sheila wanted Eli’s help to stay out of prison. She blamed him for why she was in jail. Sonny tried to talk to Adrienne when the guard stopped her. Sami demanded the truth from Rolf or she would shoot him. Hope stopped Sami from shooting him. Rolf slipped something in his mouth while they were arguing. Hope went to check on him and realized that he killed himself. Sami wanted to search his room, but Hope stopped her. Hope placed Sami under arrest. Justin warned Bonnie that she should cooperate if she wanted any help from him. She thought that she would get off by telling where Adrienne was. Bonnie admitted that Adrienne was in Statesville. She realized that she was still going back to Statesville so she threw her bouquet at Brady and pushed Maggie out of her way. She ran out of the mansion. Sheila saw Eli with Gabi and asked for help. Eli couldn’t get involved with her. Sheila reminded him that he was why she was in jail. He apologized because he couldn’t help her. She warned him that he’d be sorry. Sheila warned Gabi to be careful with him. Hope took Sami to the station. Sami wanted her help. Hope thought that Sami would screw up the investigation. Sami called Lucas, but Sonny answered the phone. She asked him to go to the police station. The guard wanted to know how Adrienne got a phone card and wanted to take her to solitary. She begged him not to take her away. He was about to grab her when Justin showed up. She was excited to see him. Sheila ran into Bonnie while she was in the park. Sheila told her that she wasn’t going anywhere. Hope wanted to find out who Rolf worked for. Sami told Sonny that Will’s really alive. Justin warned the guard not to take Adrienne. Justin wanted to take Adrienne home. She kissed and hugged Justin.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle goes to Michael’s office in order to give him his watch. He thanks her. He wonders if she is going to go to Jason’s event with her. Nelle explains that they have tickets to go see “Dear Evan Hanson” that night. Nina got them for her very last minute. Nelle tells him they can go to the event but Michael decides they can go to the show instead and see Jason later. Jordan and Curtis have breakfast together and then decide too go to Fiji on vacation. Jordan goes to the hospital after Stella texts her. Stella needs up with a patient that is being deported. Stella claims that she is working under cover and ends up talking to the agents supervisor. Jordan gets the girl off. Curtis finds Michael and explains to him that Nelle was in a mental home for almost a year. Nelle runs into Carly and explains to her that she and Michael are going to the the theater instead of going to Michael’s event.

Sonny shows Carly the letter from patient six and wonders along with Sonny if it should matter or not. Carly thinks it is strange that it was sent all of a sudden though and that they didn’t go after Sonny. André has a session with Jake and Elizabeth after Jake claims he saw a man who looked like Jason before his surgery. He then meets with the guy who is after patient six. Ava discovers one of the sketches of Jason that Franco drew and learns that the man she knows as patient six looks identical to the man she met in Russia. Griffin and her discuss this before their dinner date. Sonny shows up at his safe house after someone has broken in only for Patient six to walk downstairs.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis confronts Billy about using her computer to gain excess files from Jabot so that Brash and Sassy could have a heads up about things at Jabot. Phyllis slaps Billy's face and tells him not to ever lie to her again. Maddie and Reed sit on the sofa, watching a movie, when Charlie walks in and sees them kissing. Charlie confronts them about kissing. There is a knock on the door and it is Cane, who is more than a little surprised to see Maddie with Reed. Cane reminds her that she was not to see Reed but Maddie lets him know that Lily had given him permission. Lily visits Victoria in her office and finds out from Victoria that she wants her to join her on the Hilary Hour to promote their new line of cosmetics. Lily gets a text from Cane concerning Maddie and Reed. Chelsea and Nick have drinks at the Underground. Cane apologizes to Lily for the outburst. Lily tells Cane that she had given Maddie and Reed permission to see each other. Charlie and Maddie leave the room. Cane accuses Lily of still being angry at him over Juliet moving in with him and that she is trying to undermine his relationship with his children. lily cannot believe that Cane would accuse her of this. Sharon plays solitaire on the counter at Crimson Lights while Scott awaits information on a lead that he is working on. Scott gets the email that he is looking for and he and Sharon both look at the facts that had been uncovered about the sex trafficking ring. Victoria gets a visit from Reed, who lets her know what had gone on at Lily's. Victoria tells Reed that if anything else happens, she will handle Cane. Lily asks Cane as to how he can accuse her of undermining his relationship with his children. Nikki tries to comfort Jack over Dina being gone and him not knowing where she had been taken. Jack blames himself for Dina being in this predicament. Nikki tells Jack to stop trying to find Dina.

Nick and Cheslea are kissing in a booth when Lily walks in. Nick asks if she would like a drink and he offers to get her one. Scott and Sharon continue to read the details of the investigation into the sex trafficking ring. . Nikki tells Jack that Dina must have forgiven Graham if she could leave with him without a thought of her children and how it would affect them. Phyllis and Billy continue to argue over how he had used her to gain information on Jabot. phyllis gets an email about a shipment of Jabot cosmetics going to Fenmore's and Phyllis tells them to go ahead with the shipment. Lily tells Nick and Chelsea what had gone on between her and Cane which concerned Maddie and Reed. Chelsea leaves to make a phone call when Lily starts to "come on" to Nick. Nick asks her if she is meaning him but about this time, Chelsea rejoins them. Cane tries to make amends with Charlie and Maddie by areeing to have a dinner with Reed.

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