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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill hugs Liam and says he is a father and he is supposed to lead by example. But Liam was wrong too in blackmailing him and yet he wants to use this as an opportunity. His stubbornness has made him wealthy but he has lost his family, his company and his wife and he wants them all back. Liam states he wants that too. Bill says he knows they are both strong willed and they will be butting heads but he thinks they can work through that. Liam is surprised now that Bill is back in charge he could have bulldozed himself in here and thrown Liam to the curb. Instead Bill is now standing there and says they owe it all to Steffy and he even wants to name Liam as his right hand man. Bill realizes now he was acting just like his own father did whenever Bill did just about anything. Maybe Liam's sense of right and wrong will rub off on him now with him being at his side. Liam says again this was the last thing he expected when Bill walked in. But he can see these are not words; that he really means them and he forgives him….and he is sorry too. They hug. Strange alarms start going off at the Forrester’s and Quinn begs Mateo to please find out what is wrong and shut it off. He manages to shut it down. He asks if there is anymore he can do. She says no; she was just going to take a nap. He suggests a massage first. She declines and he says he is always at her service; she just needs to say the word. Sheila thinks back to what she said to Mateo that he would be paid off handsomely. He calls Sheila and she chides him for not doing more. If Quinn is in her bedroom, then go join her. Do it now.

Katie tells Wyatt that she made a pact with herself a long time ago that she will not live with resentment. She could not forgive her sister for a long time but she has now. He should do the same with his father and brother. On some pretence, Mateo knocks on Quinn’s door and she tells him she cannot get comfortable. He says she won’t until she rids herself of that tension. They end up agreeing to her having another massage. He will go get the table to do it right there in her bedroom. Soon she tells him that he is touching her inappropriately. He asks if she wants him to stop. As Wyatt walks in, Bill tells Steffy that she made the difference. Liam says they both forgave each other so all is okay now. Wyatt is surprised there was no bloodshed. Bill says it was that simple, they both forgave each other. Now the only other thing that matters is that Brooke forgives him. Wyatt says now with all this good will he wonders how this will affect a lot of the changes Liam made. Liam says they did so much good and he would hate to see that go. Bill says he will take each and every one into consideration. Bill tells Liam that Steffy is the one who brought them back from the brink and he wants Liam to treat her like the treasure that she is or he is coming after him. He joins his two sons besides him and says they are going to burn the place down now…..well poor choice of words but they are going to be a force to reckon with.

 Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve let Kayla know that he intended to stop “Adrienne” from marrying Victor. Maggie stopped Victor and Bonnie from getting married. Bonnie slipped and said she wasn’t stopping another one of her weddings. Maggie wanted to know what she meant. Bonnie managed to cover her tracks. Justin walked in the room. He didn’t understand what was going on either. Hope talked to Rolf about Will. Rolf acted like he didn’t know what she meant. André told Kate and Sami that he found Rolf. He wanted to talk to Rolf, but he was advised to let the police handle it. Sami thought it was dumb advice because Rolf wouldn’t talk to the police. Maggie and Justin continued to tell Bonnie that she wasn’t getting married. Bonnie told them that Victor wanted to marry her. Victor said he didn’t want to marry her. Eric talked to Jennifer about what happened with Nicole. He realized that Brady had something to do with it. Victor told Bonnie that he didn’t love her and wouldn’t marry her. He wanted Sheila to take Bonnie’s things out of his room. Bonnie announced that Victor put a hit out on Deimos. Sami showed up in the hotel while Hope was talking to Rolf. Sami snatched Hope’s gun and pointed it at him.

Kayla told Steve that Bonnie might be after Maggie for why she wanted to marry Victor. Maggie, Justin, and Brady told Bonnie that they knew that Victor put a hit out on Deimos. Maggie told her that everything that was going on was an act. Hope tried to stop Sami from using her gun, but she refused to do it. Sami shot at Rolf to get him to talk. Rolf asked Hope if she was going to let Sami get away with shooting at him. Hope got on the phone and called for back up. Sami demanded that Rolf tell her about Will. Rolf told her that she should realize that everything wasn’t what they seem. Eric told Jennifer what Brady did when he made him fire Nicole. Jennifer tried to convince Eric to come home. Maggie told Bonnie that the divorce papers were fake. Bonnie said she wasn’t keeping quiet about what Victor did. Victor didn’t care because no one would believe her. Bonnie said that Xander was her proof. Victor let her know that Xander was neutralized. Xander was free and disappeared. Jennifer continued to convince Eric to go back hone. Rolf didn’t come out and say that Will was alive, but he implied that he could be. Sami asked him if he was working for Stefano. Bonnie was upset that her plan didn’t work. Justin thought she wasn’t herself because of the cancer, Steve and Kayla showed up and said Bonnie wasn’t herself for a reason. Rolf said that Stefano wasn’t behind Will being alive. Hope and Sami wanted to know who Rolf was working for. Steve told everyone that Bonnie wasn’t Adrienne. She’s really Bonnie Lockhart.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kiki goes to see Ava and is worried after hearing from Scott that she is buying hookers for herself. Ava promises that is just something she told Scott to get him off her back. She did have a man over. Kiki finds patient six’s note and assumes that she slept with him. Ava says that isn’t the man. Kiki deduces that it was Griffin. Ava explains that he is no longer a priest. Anna goes to speak with Griffin and asks if he is going to be with Ava now. Griffin wonders if she is with Finn. They agree to go their separate ways on this. They wish each other to be careful. Neither seems happy about this. Ava spots him at the hospital and they decide to go on a dinner date later tonight.

Franco is sketching a picture of Jason but with his old face. Elizabeth comes in and hopes that he is fine. He doesn't want to show her the picture he is sketching. Elizabeth is going to go with Jake to pick out a costume. Franco goes to see André and admits he doesn't know if he should tell Elizabeth that Drew could be alive. André says he shouldn’t and after Franco leaves André is talking to the people after patient six. He is working with them. Sam and Jason go to Sonny and Carly’s house where they tell Sonny and Carly they want them to go the event. This is after finding out that Jason is being wire tapped by the feds. They still want them to be involved in their lives. At the Metro Court, Olivia is training the two goons after Patient six to work the party that night.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane agrees to stay with the kids while Lily goes on a business trip and Lily is hurt to find out Juliet is living with Cane although it is just for the sake of the baby. Lily asks Cane to sign the divorce papers so that they can move on with their lives. Jack asks Paul to help find Dina and he says he will do everything he can to help find Dina. Zack sees Natalia with a date at the club and makes it clear to Leon that Natalia can't work in Genoa City because people are investigating the sex ring. Paul tells Scott and Sharon that camera's caught Alice leaving the hospital and taking a cab but they have no idea where she went from there. Abby gets in an argument with Zack because he left her while she was talking to him to go take a business call. Victoria gets in a fender bender and Chelsea is there to help and Victoria asks Chelsea not to tell anyone about the minor accident. Victoria asks Billy to help her get ready for a last minute interview with Hilary and he agrees to help although he thinks that she should reschedule the interview. Billy sees a message on Phyllis's phone that angers him because Jabot is planning to roll out a men's line and he is upset Phyllis didn't tell him about it. Phyllis tells him that she knows he has been using her computer to get Jabot information and they begin a heated argument about the situation.

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