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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In his office Liam seems concerned. He asks Alison if they have hired new cleaning crew; she says no. Then he is distracted when Steffy walks in. She tells him again that he has to meet Bill half way but do away with the blackmail. He tells her to quit siding with Bill like he is the victum. She says she is not; she is only trying to get the family back together. He tells her that he has to be ready as Bill already torched Spectra so no telling what he would do to him. Justin shows up at Bill’s to show him what he was doing while Bill was snoozing. Supposingly it is a tape of the confession by Bill so this is a start of his comeback to life. The computer wiz comes in and says it is done. He has deleted all on the harddrive so he is all set unless Liam had backup copies somewhere else. Bill thanks him and says he was worth every penny he paid him. Steffy tells Liam that all of this will go away if he just has a normal conversation. Bill and Justin walk in. Liam smells something. Justin says he was listening to what Liam said about loyalty and his only loyalty is to Dollar Bill Spencer. Liam tells Bill he should not be here and he can call the police if he doesn’t. Bill smiles and says go ahead. Liam is bumfuzzled. Bill explains to him that there are nerds out there nerdier than him when it comes to computers and Liam no longer has the taped confession he thought he had. Surely he knew as long as Bill was alive he would find that tape somehow. With Liam crushed and dismayed Bill snaps the tape in half and destroys it, even asking if he had any backup tapes……no, he didn’t think so. So go ahead and call the police and let them chew his ass out for calling them in for nothing. Alison calls Wyatt and tells him that his dad is at Spencer and says he is now CEO again. Maybe he should come over.

Bill tells Liam that he has apologized over and over but Liam backed him into a corner and that was a mistake. There is only one thing when your last name is Spencer and that is loyalty. He is still his father and make no mistake about that, but perhaps Liam is too power hungry to care. Katie suggests that Wyatt needs to go over to Spencer. He says he will when the dust settles or they get rid of the bodies. Bill says there is no evidence that he set the fire but if Liam thinks his word is that good then go for it. Steffy jumps in and rails at Bill that he started this, but she tells Liam that his father wants him to have Spencer Publications some day. This company belongs to both of them so start acting that way and learn to get along. Bill says there are a lot of things he would have done differently. Liam does not know how he made him feel especially when he lost Brooke. Spencer’s eliminate their enemies so what will Liam do now, kill him? Liam looks shocked. Bill walks to him but with fists tightened and Liam is standing there waiting for his punishment. Instead Bill has tears in his eyes when he says he loves Liam and wants him as his son so he will apologize if Liam will. He gives Liam a big old bear hug. Liam tells him he loves him too.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne tried to call Justin, but he wouldnít answer the phone. He helped Maggie with her bags. Bonnie saw Justinís phone and answered it. She talked to Adrienne. Sami went to see Eric so they could celebrate their birthday. They talked about Rolf being behind what happened to Will. Adrienne told Bonnie that she knew what she did to her. Andre told Kate that he got in touch with Rolf. He let her know that Rolf was in Salem. He planned on asking Rolf what happened with Will. Kate told him it was a terrible idea. Sami brought up Nicole to Eric. Eric told her that Nicole dumped him. Brady talked to Nicole about how his heart broke because of Kristen, Theresa, and her. Nicole wanted to go their separate ways. Brady wanted her to suffer. Nicole stopped Brady and promised him that she and Eric would leave Salem for good. Adrienne demanded that Bonnie put Justin on the phone. Bonnie hung up on her. Justin wanted to know who was on the phone so she lied about the call. Justin didnít understand why she would marry Victor. Sami was upset that Nicole would break Eric and Bradyís heart. Eric didnít want to hear her badmouth Nicole. He was confused by what happened. Brady didnít want to hurt Nicole, but he had to do it. Brady warned her that he would tell the police if she went with Eric. She said Deimos tried to take Holly. Brady offered her the chance to have her freedom and her daughter. Kate wanted Andre to let the police get the truth from Rolf. Sami had to leave, but she promised Eric she would behave.

Bonnie and Victor got ready to get married. Andre went to see Hope. Nicole ran into Sami. Sami ripped into her about what she did to Eric. Nicole let her know that she didnít know what she was talking about. Bonnie didnít want the guy that Victor knew marry them. She thought the guy was a fake justice of the peace. She got Sheila to marry them. Nicole told Sami that she did what she did for her daughter. Sami walked away from her. Eric looked at Nicoleís pictures and thought about when she broke up with him. Sami went back to the DiMera mansion and ran into Kate. They talked about Will and Lucas. Sami wasnít sure that Andre would find Rolf. Kate told her that Andre found him. Hope thought it was a good idea to let her talk to Rolf. Andre gave Hope an envelop to use when she talked to Rolf. Brady walked in and saw that Bonnie and Victor were about to get married. Victor wanted him to be a witness. Maggie showed up and interrupted the wedding. Hope went to see Rolf at the hotel. Nicole prepared to leave Salem, but vowed to be back.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan goes to the hospital to talk with Amy about Man landers. He confronts her about how she needs to retire the character. He needs to make sure that Maxie doesn’t get angry with him because she already is. Amy is reluctant at first but she decides that she will go through with ending Man landers. At Sam and Jason’s house, Maxie shows up she has a dress for Sam to wear to her press release. Maxie needs her to tell Nina that she needs to give her, her job back. Sam doesn’t have that kind of power. Sam tells Maxie she needs to embrace Man Landers and Maxie realizes that is exactly what she needs to do. Sam looks at her leather jacket and thinks about the changes in her life. Griffin shows up at Ava’s house and explains he is no longer a priest. They end up having sex but he leaves afterwards. Ava smiles from the experience.

Jason and Sonny are at the footbridge and try to find out who told them to meet there. Patient gets cornered by Troy and patient six tries to shoot at him. He lets him go instead. Ned shows up at ELQ to discuss new business with Michael. Michael really doesn’t want to end any of his personal projects at the moment. Ned tells him they are not succeeding. Michael has to get to a board meeting at GH. Olivia runs into Monica at GH and Monica wants to know why she decorated the house for Halloween. Olivia thought it be great for Leo and the grandchildren. Monica reminds her she is a guest in her house. Olivia thinks she only has the house because Alan left it to her. She storms off. Michael shows up and Monica gets a call that the board meeting has been canceled. Her phone has been getting static lately. Michael takes it to his IT department. Olivia meets up with Ned and tells him that he can still run ELQ but let Michael have the name and office. Ned thinks that is a good idea. Michael shows up at Sonny’s and tells him that his and Monica’s phones are being tapped. Sonny says that he knows about it. Jason explains that it is not because of Sonny but because of him. The goons after Patient Six decide to kidnap Sam in order to lure him in.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

An elated Tessa gave Noah a big hug and kiss when she heard her music playing on the gym's radio. Noah invited Devon and Mariah to dinner at his place to celebrate her life coming together. Devon noticed that Mariah didn't seem very excited about the dinner. Mariah looked uncomfortable when she saw Noah and Tessa kiss. Devon and Noah talked about their relationships. Devon didn't think he and Mariah would be ready to live together any time soon. Mariah wondered if Tessa was happy about living with Noah. Tessa said she was. Mariah was confused about what was going on between her and Tessa. Tessa felt bad about sending Mariah mixed signals. In a round about way, Tessa admitted she had feelings for Mariah, but the timing was off. Tessa and Mariah didn't want to hurt Noah. Tessa told Mariah to focus on Devon. Mariah and Devon left for their trip to Chicago. Phyllis and Hilary talked about Victoria's upcoming interview on the show. Hilary thought it was smart to smooth things over with Victoria. Phyllis surmised that Hilary was using Victoria to boost her ratings. Victoria let Billy know she'd be appearing on The Hilary Hour to promote their upcoming products. Lily warned Victoria not to let her guard down around Hilary. Victoria was confident that she could control the interview. She mentioned that she was using Hilary. Lily raised some concerns about how much it would cost to quickly produce Brash and Sassy's new product line. Billy had second thoughts and wondered if they should roll the product out more slowly. Victoria wanted to best Jabot, so she refused to play it safe. Cane reassured Juliet, because she was feeling uncomfortable with how emotional her pregnancy hormones made her. Juliet was happy to hear Cane was running Chancellor. Jack was prepared to take matters into his own hands if Michael couldn't find a legal way to separate Graham from Dina. Michael assured Jack that he'd get it sorted out and remove Graham as power of attorney. Phyllis told Jack about Victoria's interview about her new line. Jack was too preoccupied by his family's woes to think about business. Jack asked Phyllis to come up with a way to combat Brash and Sassy. He thought she'd enjoy it since Billy betrayed her. Phyllis and Billy had a good time on their date. Billy said he didn't want to lose what he and Phyllis had. Hilary and Lily traded insults. Lily hoped Hilary would conduct Victoria's interview in a professional manner. She warned Hilary that Victoria was not someone to cross. Hilary announced that she was seeing Jordan again. Hilary thought Lily had her eye on Jordan. Hilary was deflated when Lily revealed that she'd told Jordan she wasn't interested. Lily called Hilary a rebound. Victoria overheard Cane talking to Benjamin Hochman. She said she hoped Cane wasn't planning to go after Brash and Sassy. Cane insulted Victoria, and she threw a drink in his face. They argued, and Juliet defended Cane. Victoria told Juliet off and left. Juliet briefly had stomach cramps. Concerned, Cane insisted that she move in with him. Michael made up an excuse to go check on Jack. Jack's private investigator wasn't able to get a hold of the flight plan – they had no idea where Dina was. Victoria, who seemed frazzled from her argument, was in a car accident.

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