The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/19/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Bill just let her talk once more to Liam. They have to keep trying. Bill gives her a big hug. He says she has to do it quickly as time is running out. He doesn’t know what he would do without her. She wonders what he will do if she cannot change Liam’s mind. Liam tells Justin that his dad was just in here the other day telling him that he had revenge plans for him. And he knows Justin is Bill’s only link to the office now and he needs to know he can trust him 100% or otherwise he has to go. If he even gets a hint that he is still working for his father then he will be out of this company pronto. Justin says Liam is getting more and more like his dad every day. Liam calls in head of security and says he does not want his father to be let in, so go do his job. Katie and Wyatt discuss his mother but he says it is also Bill he is worried about finding out about the two of them. He will probably go right out of his head. He has plenty of time on his hands now. Katie says she thinks he is worried mostly about Brooke now so won’t be worried about them. Bill tells Steffy that Liam has to meet him half way; it can’t all be on Bill. He assures her he will be back in control of his company. Justin strolls in. He has just overheard what Bill and Steffy were talking about……about needing Liam to delete that confession of his.

Steffy goes to Liam’s office and says she will not let this go on any longer. If he doesn’t do something she will. Justin calls in a computer hacker geek but he does not find any incriminating file that will keep them out of prison. He will have to check for a lot more passwords. Bill tells Justin that he will have Spencer Publications back but in meantime he has lost that and his wife and he will have Brooke back too eventually, Liam be damned. Steffy tells Liam that this has gone on long enough so they need to end it. She knows Bill was out of control but he loves Liam and wants to end this. She says she is sorry but watching him and his father go at it is pure torture so please do this for her. He reminds her that he gave his dad an option otherwise he would be in prison. She asks him for the confession. Liam says he cannot do that. That is his only bargaining power. He can feel his dad doing something as they speak. It is his only recourse to keep his dad in line. She begs again for him to end this feud. Bill tells Justin he doesn’t care what it takes but he has to find that file with his confession no matter if it is in an e-mail, on his phone, on a cloud, even up his………just find that recording and do it now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to Statesville to see Hattie. Justin confronted Bonnie about marrying Victor. She said that she wanted to marry him. Bonnie and Justin saw Maggie kissing Victor. Bonnie demanded to know what happened. Abby walked in on Sami kissing Chad. Abby thought it was payback for the affair she had with EJ. They went back and forth until Chad stopped them. Sami had too much to worry about so she let it go. Steve asked Hattie what she did to his sister. She acted as if she didnít know what he was talking about. Victor stopped Maggie from kissing him and gave her divorce papers. Hattie didnít see anything wrong with ďAdrienneĒ marrying Victor. Steve thought Hattie drugged or hypnotized her. Hattie denied doing anything. Steve demanded to know what she did to Adrienne. Maggie refused to sign the divorce papers. Maggie said he would get the divorce over her dead body. Sami, Chad, and Abby talked about Rolf being involved with Will being alive. Sami wanted to be informed about the investigation. Andre walked in and asked her why would he help her with anything.

Andre and Sami argued over the fact that she stole the DiMera fortune. He refused to help her find out anything about Rolf. Victor got mad and told Maggie to sign the divorce papers. He said he was generous to her. She asked Justin what he thought. Justin thought they should get the divorce over with. Steve warned Hattie that he would make her pay for not helping him. He left the room when Adrienne walked in it. She called out to him, but he didnít hear her. Chad tried to talk Andre into helping find Rolf. Sami was going to find Rolf on her own. Abby stopped Andre from leaving. The guard stopped Adrienne from going after Steve. Adrienne demanded to know what Steve told Hattie. Hattie told her that Bonnie planned on marry Victor. She also told her what happened with Sonny and Paul. Adrienne wanted her to help her get out of Statesville. Abby asked Andre to look for Rolf for her. Andre changed his mind and agreed to help. Sami thanked Chad and Abby for their help and left. Chad noticed something was wrong with Abby. Adrienne demanded that Hattie help her get out of Statesville. Hattie turned her down. Adrienne warned her that Steve had ways to make her pay for what she did. Hattie finally agreed to help Adrienne get out of Statesville. Hattie gave Adrienne her card so she could call Justin. Bonnie wanted to get married now. Victor threatened to have Bonnie killed. Bonnie was almost fooled by Victorís threat and left the room. Justin asked Bonnie about what she was doing when his phone rang. Adrienne was trying to call Justin, but he didnít answer the phone. Sami went to visit Willís grave. She said she was determined to find Will if heís alive.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Dante sit at the Metro court having a nice dinner when Laura shows up. She explains that Kevin proposed to her but she didn’t accept yet. Lulu and Dante both think that she needs to just say yes so she can be happy already. Laura guesses that makes sense. At the hospital, Kevin overhears Griffin say he is no longer a priest. He finds that interesting and tells him that if he ever needs to talk he is here for him. Kevin shows up at the Metro Court, and has his dinner with Laura. Laura gets annoyed when she realizes that Kevin doesn’t plan to pop the question there. Kevin thinks that if Laura wants a romantic proposal he can think of a much better place than the Metro Court to do so. Laura guesses that makes sense. Griffin shows up at Ava’s house where he informs her that he is no longer a priest. He doesn’t know what that means for them though because he is unsure what he wants to do next. Ava is not looking for a commitment but if he wants to kiss her then she is not going to say no.

In the park, patient six hides behind a brick wall as Elizabeth and Jake show up. Jason then shows up and they discuss Jake’s day picking apples and how he won the pumpkin carving contest. Jake goes to get hot chocolate and he passes Patient Six without seeing him. Elizabeth asks when he was going to tell them about him buying the company. Jason says he just did so and wanted to tell them today. Jake shows back up and says a guy was looking at him but made him feel safe. Jason gets a call from Sonny, he had gotten the letter that patient six had Ava deliver. It had Jason’s writing. Sonny needs him to get there now. Franco shows up after Jason leaves. He tells Elizabeth that Andrew was not Jason’s twin. Sonny asks Jason why he sent this note. Jason didn’t. They go to the footbridge and Patient six hides behind a bush.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital Jack, Ashley and Traci look frantically for Dina but then finds out from her doctor that she had been checked out and had left. Jack, Ashley and Traci hurry to Dina' hotel room to see if she had left any trace of where she had gone. At Brash and Sassy, Phyllis tries to get inside Billy's head to get him to confess to her as to what he had done. Billy doesn't take her bait .Victoria and Nick meet at Newman Towers and they discuss how he had given away his millions and doesn't seem to regret it. Neil and Hlary meet at the Athletic Club bar and she asks him for his help in getting back on the right side of VIctoria but Neil refuses to help her. Victoria lets Nick know that she is glad that he and Victor had formed a truce. Billy and Phyllis discuss Jack and his sisters. Billy receives a call from VIctoria about a crisis at the warehouse and he tells her that he will handle it. He makes a quck call and then turns his attention back to Phyllis. Billy reveals to Phyllis as to what had happened at the celebration honoring Ashley.

Victor and Neil meet at the Athletic Club bar and Neil joins VIctor for a talk. Hilary runs into Nick and tells him how his interview had gained applause. Hilary thanks him for the interview. Hilary then asks Victoria for an interview but she refuses stating that she doesn't trust her. Hilary asks for a word alone with Victoria. Once at Dina's hotel room, Jack finds a shining object on the floor while Ashley and Traci search for any clue as to where Graham had taken Dina. Not finding anything in Dina's room they decide to search Graham's room but Ashley gets sidetracked by receiving a phone call from Victor, who congratulates her on her award and wants to see her but Ashley declines the invitation. Phyllis and Billy discuss Victoria and how she treats Billy.Phyllis tells Billy as to how much that she loves him as they hug. Hilary tries to make amends with Victoria but Victoria doesn't believe Hilary. Nick is busy punching the bag in the gym when Phyllis comes in and joins him. They discuss Sharon and how she had reacted when she found out that he had given away all his millions. Phyllis lets Nick know that things are intense between her and Billy. Nick tells her that Billy is not good enough for her. Bily is on the phone when Victor joins him and asks him for his help in getting his daughter back. Neil calls someone for lunch. Phyllis and Nick discuss Victoria and Brash and Sassy.Victor tells Billy to stay out of Ashley's and Traci's business. Hilary tells Victoria that she wants her trust back but Victoria refuses.

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