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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At work Katie agonizes over what she just went through with Quinn. Brooke is concerned and asks if she can help….or at least talk about it. Katie says she is fine and doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks if Brooke has made a decision about Bill yet. Brooke says yes; she ended her marriage. She had to. She had no other choice. Katie says she is sorry but she always thought that she and Ridge would get back together. Now maybe they will. Brooke confides that would be so easy to go back to Ridge but she needs time to process all of this. She still loves Bill but he crossed the line and this was not the first incident. She admits she always knew that Bill was a controversial figure, he pushes the boundaries but she always thought she was the woman who could understand and stand by him. But she can’t; that is not who she is. She wonders if Bill will ever meet his match. Ridge drops in at Spencer’s and tells Liam that Bill is a lot of things but not a quitter so tell him the real story. Liam says sorry he will have to get that from Bill himself. But he does appreciate Ridge stopping by as he could use all the support he can get. Ridge says he will do fine; he has always wanted him to do well……his favorite son-in-law Liam points out the only son-in-law. He also tells Ridge that he heard that Brooke ended it with Bill so can they congratulate Ridge instead. Ridge says he wishes he were so lucky. He’s just giving her space right now. He doesn’t want to pressure her into anything. She’s been through a lot and she has to heal now and he doesn’t want to talk about it. And besides Liam would probably be pulling for his dad, not Ridge. Then he mentions Bill punched him. He’d like to know more about that. Liam declines but says all he can say is that Bill brought it on himself. Ridge says he would like to know why as he lost his temper, his company and now his wife.

Bill and Steffy talk but they never get beyond the same old, same old. Steffy wants to get him and Liam back together the way they used to be. Bill reminds her that he is willing to meet Liam half way and all he needs to do is call off the blackmail and give him his company back but Liam will not hear of that. He continues to squeeze him and that is not how a family behaves. He is cozying himself up to all his employees and enjoying himself in his daddyís chair. Steffy says he probably would do the same thing. Bill says no, not with his boys. He has tried to build them both up from the day they came to town and has given them everything to build them up but Liam just wants to tear him down and make him suffer so now they will see just who suffers. Steffy says she is not going to let that happen; him taking revenge on his own son. She will do everything in her power to see that the Spencerís do not destroy each other. Bill tells her that the first time he laid eyes on her he knew she was something special. A lot of water has crossed under that bridge and he has always been a champion for her and Liamís relationship. Liam should be so lucky to have her and treat her with more respect. Instead what does he do; he goes running off with Sally Spectra meanwhile degrading his own family. Steffy tells him to stop. She admits running off with Sally did not help. He says he is hurt now with Brooke even though he has tried to take responsibility but Liam has to accept responsibility too. He wants his son back but heís not sure they can get there. It may be too far apart and too far gone. She puts her hand on his knee and says no it is not. Sheís not going to let him give up. He says again that he wants Liam as a son again but he does not know how to make that happen but she is right he will have to try. She says she meant it when she said she would help. She is there for the family but she is also there for Bill. He says good but the time is ticking. He is going to get his company back one way or the other. He will not live with blackmail the rest of his life. Katie tells Brooke that she will always be there for her. Happiness can find her even if it takes her a week or even a year, but she will be happy again and it might be with Ridge. Liam tells Ridge that he really likes this job and he is trying in his own little way to steer the company into a more responsible, compassionate direction. And as long as he has Steffy by his side, that is all that matters. Bill can vow all the revenge he wants but he has the upper hand now and Bill knows that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve got a call from Jo telling him that the woman walking around town wasnít Adrienne. Bonnie went to visit Mickey at the cemetery. She was determined to get revenge on Maggie for stealing Mickey from her. Sonny overheard Justin on the phone talking about Adrienne. Justin lied to Sonny about his conversation. Justin changed the subject to talk about Clyde. Sonny let him know about Rolf. Steve and Kayla noticed how weird Adrienne was acting. Kayla wanted to talk to Justin to find out if he noticed anything. Justin talked to Sonny about Rolf. Chad told Andre that the board of directors wanted him out of the company because of what he did to Hattie. Adrienne wanted Hattie to make a phone call for her. Hattie told her that Bonnie was her friend and she didnít want to sell her out. Adrienne reminded her that Hope was her friend so she should help her. Sami and Marlena talked about Will and then talked about Lucasí drinking. Sami blamed his drinking on the fact that Adrienne broke up with him. Sami wanted to find her and kill her.

Steve and Kayla went to see Justin about Adrienne. Justin told them that Adrienne announced that she and Victor were getting married. Marlena stopped Sami from calling Adrienne. Marlena tried to excuse Adrienneís behavior to Sami. Sami didnít want to let Adrienne off the hook. Marlena wanted her to focus on helping Lucas and not on Adrienne. Steve and Kayla were shocked by the news. They wanted to know why Adrienne changed her mind about Victor. Justin thought Hattie had something to do with Adrienneís behavior. He remembered that she went to see Hattie. Chad didnít want to help Andre with his plan to make up with the board. Andre wanted to help someone in need. Sonny showed up and suggested that Andre help him. Sami talked to Marlena about traveling around the world to find EJ, but got disappointed. Marlena advised her not to get her hopes up about Will being alive. Sami didnít want to lose Will a second time. Justin believed that Hattie had something to do with Adrienneís change. Justin wanted Steve to help. Chad thought it would be good for Andre to help Sonny. Sonny asked him to help him find Rolf. Andre said he would do his best to help out. Hattie wanted back up if she was going to help Adrienne. Adrienne begged Hattie for her help, but she refused to do it. Marlena suggested that Sami focus on her children and Lucas. Sami didnít want to sit and do nothing. She wanted to track down Rolf. Steve wanted to go to Statesville to talk to Hattie. Justin wanted an explanation from ďAdrienneĒ about what was going on with her. Sami went to the DiMera mansion and saw Chad. She pulled him into a kiss.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Oscar and Joss take it upon themselves to figure out who Oscar's father is. Joss pays a thirty dollar fee to do a background check on his mother online. They find information on his grandparents and where he used to live in San Diego when he was first born. Inside, Carly tells Sonny that if there is anyone she wants Joss to date it is Oscar because he is so good to her. She will kick his ass if he hurts her though. Sonny is sure that his mother would love that. Carly needs to meet his mother. Joss and Oscar come in and tell them that they are going to the library, when they really mean they are going to Oscar's house to snoop through things. Carly will take them. Joss thinks it is ok. They can go by themselves. Carly will still take them. Ava tells patient six about Julian and how Jason Morgan took his company. He asks to see a picture of Jason Morgan. Ava shows him the press release. Patient six needs Ava to get a message to Sonny. Ava reluctantly does so. She goes to Sonny's house and tells him that she has something for him.

Finn is finished with the first round of tests with Cassandra when she spots Anna. Cassandra hopes she is not keeping him from anything. Anna walks over and gets into character. Felicia overhears them speaking and assumes it means that Anna is dating Finn. Finn cannot believe they have to pretend to date in front of the whole town now. Felicia invites them to a dinner date with her and Mac. Valentin tells Nina that Jason Morgan bought the company. Jason shows up and wants to talk. Nina and Valentin tell him that he better not fire her. Jason actually wants to keep her on board and wants her to be the one to help them run the company. Valentin goes to the park where he runs into Cassandra. He doesn't want to do anything with her. Cassandra thinks that it is fun though. She thinks he would enjoy it because he did before. Franco confronts Betsy and demands to know what happened to Andrew. Betsy admits that Andrew didn't die. She found him very hurt down their staircase and she had to keep him safe.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Lily and Billy that he has been named the acting CEO of Chancellor Industries and Billy lets Cane know that Lily is the new marketing executive at Brash and Sassy. Lily tells Jordan that she wants to focus on her job and her kids so t she hopes that they can still be friends. Jordan later sees Hilary at the gym and asks her out on a date and she is thrilled to accept his invitation. Michael tells Jack that the only way that he can invalidate Graham's medical power of attorney of Dina is to get her to sign a new power of attorney. Michael advises Phyllis to tell Billy that she knows that he used her computer to steal Jabot secrets. Billy tells Victoria about Ashley and she advises him not to tell Phyllis he used her computer to steal Jabot secrets. Billy prepares to tell Phyllis the truth anyway because he doesn't feel right keeping secrets from her. Graham tells Jack, Ashley, and Traci the only way they can see Dina is if they give him a lot of money to pay for his mom's retirement community bill. Jack pays Graham the money because he has to see Dina to persuade her to sign a new power of attorney. Jack, Ashley, and Traci go in to Dina's room but they are shocked when she isn't there.

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