The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/17/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is almost in disbelief when Katie shows him her arm where Quinn attacked her after coming into her home uninvited. Quinn tells Mateo she is okay, just a little physical pain but more emotional as she has to get Katie away from her son. Pam and Charlie have lunch at Il Guardino and she is surprised to see Sheila there as their server. So convenient, Pam says, right next door almost to Forrester. Charlie gets a call that he must go and Sheila says she can send takeout for him and keep Pam company in the meantime. When she sits down Sheila says she knows Pam has reservations about her, things that she did in the past but she is the best she has ever been. She can even ask Eric. They both have that in common. They both want what is best for Eric. Katie tells Eric his wife is clearly as unhinged as she has ever been. He has married a crazy person. She and Wyatt were upstairs spending some private time and Quinn came bounding in when she clearly was not invited and proceeded to scold them and ordered her out of her own bed. Eric has done everything for Quinn and she promised she had changed but she has not. There has to be someone else out for him. Sheila tells Pam that she loves Eric and she considers this her home now. She cannot believe Stephanie would approve of Quinn. Quinn has put a blight on Stephanie’s memory. Quinn gets another treatment from Mateo and starts talking about the cougar after her son. He works his magic with his fingers and tells her to just relax and think as she slowly breathes in and out. Mateo tells her that he is there for her no matter what she needs.

Pam accuses Sheila of wanting Eric for herself. She says no, she just wants his happiness. Pam says he practically divorced his family when they tried to shy him away from Quinn so she does not think he will listen now. Sheila says she has enjoyed this conversation so much and if Pam ever wants to talk she knows where to find her. Quinn tells Mateo this feels so good; he sure knows his stuff. She says maybe she did over-react when she found Katie and Wyatt. She and Eric rarely disagree much less fight. He says it is because she is such a passionate person; so is he. He says massage is such a dialogue. Eric bursts in and he berates her for attacking Katie. He asks Mateo to leave them alone. He listens on the other side of the door. Eric says he is so disappointed in her and he cannot keep defending her. Mateo wastes no time in calling Sheila and telling her about Katie and Wyatt and Quinn finding them. And then Eric rushed home and laid into Quinn right then and there. Sheila is happy for the information and wants to be kept posted. Mateo is to keep doing his thing. She tells herself she and Eric will be together; together at last.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas thought that he was dreaming when he saw Sami at the cemetery. She proved that she was really there. They started to talk about Will. Sonny looked at Willís picture when Paul showed up. They wanted to put the situation with Will to rest. Nicole let Eric know that she couldnít be with him. He thought she was staying with Brady. She let him know that she wasnít staying with Brady either. She said she spoke too soon when she was with him. Victor didnít know how anyone would believe that he would be with Bonnie when he loves Maggie. Bonnie warned him that she would go to Hope about what he did. Bonnie wanted Victor to make the announcement. Victor told Justin and Maggie that he and Bonnie fell in love. Paul told Sonny that John and Steve were going to investigate where to find Rolf. Paul confessed to Sonny that he and John were going to exhume Willís body. Sami told Lucas that Rolf was the one who said that Will was alive. Lucas asked her if she thought Will could be alive. Nicole used hurting Brady and coming between him and Eric as the reason why she couldnít be with him. Eric thought that Brady was blackmailing her. Nicole denied that Brady did anything. Eric didnít want to lose Nicole again.

Eric thought Brady would get over them being together. Nicole thought about Bradyís warning to her. She thought being with Eric was a mistake. He told her that they made love to each other. She said that he took advantage of her because she was fighting with Brady. Sami and Lucas continued to talk about Will. There was a flashback of Sami and Lucas seeing Will in the morgue. They wanted Will to be alive. Eric was upset that Nicole came after him when he tried to get away from her. He didnít want her to turn her back on him. She told him that it was just sex. Justin and Maggie couldnít believe what Victor said. Justin thought it was a sick joke. Victor told them that it wasnít a joke. Bonnie wanted them to get over it. Victor told Maggie that he wanted a divorce so he could marry Bonnie. Sonny was upset that Paul tried to exhume Willís body. Sonny wanted to know if he found anything. Lucas told Sami that Sonny wanted to exhume Willís body. He explained that he told him no. Sami let him know that Paul and John tried to exhume Will, but she called the police. Lucas didnít want to grieve Will again. She wanted to talk about Lucasí drinking. Bonnie assured Justin and Maggie that she and Victor wanted to be together. Bonnie was glad that Maggieís getting what she deserved. Victor wanted to know what that meant. Sonny realized that Marlena must believe that Will might be alive to call Sami. Paul was upset that Sonny doesnít think of him instead of him. Lucas didnít want Sami to help him stop drinking. Eric refused to believe that Nicole didnít love him. He pulled her and kissed her. Bonnie didnít want to tell Victor what Maggie did. Sami didnít want Lucas to ruin his life. She hugged him. He was glad that she was back. Nicole broke the kiss and told Eric to accept that it was over. She walked out of the house. Eric screamed out to her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Scott shows up at Ava's house and sees that her face is looking better. He was worried about her. Ava assumes he wanted to go on a date. Scott says no. Ava claims she hired an escort last night because no one else wants her. Scott feels bad. Ava pushes him out the door. At the hospital, Griffin tells Father Cory that he is leaving the priesthood. Father Cory is reluctant but claims he understands. He wishes Griffin luck. Elizabeth then runs into Griffin and he tells her that he left the priesthood. Elizabeth is not shocked with how he seemed to feel about Ava. Griffin doesn't know what he is going to do now though if he wants to be with Ava yet or not. Elizabeth is sure that she will understand.

Sam and Jason go upstairs to have sex. Patient six walks back into the living room after they go upstairs. He picks up Sam's jacket one last time. He throws it on the couch and leaves. Looking at the living room one last time before leaving. Sam and Jason later walk back downstairs and Sam gets a text from Alexis. She then comes over. She informs her that Kristina has left to live in Oregon with Parker. Sam is shocked. She wasn't aware. Jason walks over and the two of them explain that they bought Derek Wells Media from Julian. Alexis takes this as a sign that they Julian is changing as a person. Patient six ends up at Morgan's grave. He had heard from Sam and her husband that he had passed. He was hoping he had heard wrong. He cannot believe this has happened. Ava then shows up. Patient six takes a gun to her but then realizes it is her. He sees she made it home from Russia. Ava realizes it is Patient six having not seen him without a mask. She invites him to live with her for a while. They go back to her place and she gets a call saying that Julian sold Derek Wells Media and Diane Miller was involved. She tells patient six that her brother sold the only valuable thing he had to Jason Morgan...

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The ambulance rushes Dina, on a stretcher, into the hospital emergency room. Ashley is right behind. Ashley yells for a doctor and soon comes face to face with Graham. Gloria is at work when Jack comes out of his office and tells Gloria about Dina being rushed to the hospital. At Newman Towers, Victor sits at a table when Nikki comes in and joins him. Nikki tries to get him to end this feud with Nick. Victor just looks at her. Sharon visits Nick to find out why he had given away his millions instead of talking to her first when it would affect their children. Ashley and Traci are seated in the waiting room, awaiting word on Dina when Jack joins them. Graham joins them to let them know what the doctor had told him about Dina's condition. At the Coffeehouse, Noah finds out via the internet what Nick had done in giving away his millions. Nick assures Sharon that the children will be just fine. Victor refuses to talk about Nick and what he had done in giving away his millions to Jack and his foundation. Victor asks Nikki to move back to the ranch. She just looks at him. Graham and the Abbotts are talking when the doctor comes in and tells them that Dina had a stroke. Graham asks if he can see Dina.

Noah visits Nick to find out as to why he had given away his millions when they were supposed to be in partnership together and that money would come in handy in getting the new business started. Noah and VIctor meet at the Newman Towers and have a talk about what Nick had done. Jack has to hold Ashley off of Graham from her attacking him. Noah and Sharon discuss Nick and him giving away his mllions to charity. Sharon asks Noah how would he feel when he has children of his own and what he would do for them. At the Newman Towers, Victor and Nick have a talk and try to mend fences and get things back the way it was before Nick had gotten all the money. Victor holds out his hand for a shake. Nick obliges and shakes his hand. Nikii comes to see Jack at Jabot but finds out from Gloria that he will be out the rest of the day. Nikki is surprised that Jack would not have told her. Gloria makes a point of telling Nikki that she had a drink with Victor. Nikki is surprised but gives Gloria her credit card so they could have another drink together. Gloria follows her to the elevator to give her back her card and rub it in a little farther as to how she and Victor was getting along. Nikki tells her to let her know when things "spiced up" between her and Victor. Jack issues a warning to Graham concerning Dina and her health. Graham shows them a piece of paper issued by a judge which gives Graham power of attorney concerning Dina and her medical conditon.

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