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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn freaks out when she sees it is Wyatt in bed with Katie. Eric hears from Mateo that Wyatt is over at Katie’s and has been for hours and Eric is worried about Quinn. He shares with Mateo that Katie and Wyatt are in a relationship. Brooke thinks Katie has a lot on her mind and worries that there is more going on than she knows. She wants to be completely honest with Katie but not agitate her. She confides in Rick that she still loves Bill but could not live with some of his choices. Rick says nothing will come between Bill and his son, nor Katie and her son as well so he won’t worry about them. Quinn demands that Wyatt get out of that bed and he says he can’t do that just now. She snatches Katie instead who still has on her undies. Eric tells Mateo that Wyatt wanted to tell his mother. He is okay with it and in time perhaps Quinn will come around. She would by now if it were anyone but Katie Logan. But if she finds them together he doesn’t know what will happen. He needs to find out. Quinn shrieks that Katie is taking advantage of Wyatt. Katie keeps telling Quinn to get out of her house. Quinn is shocked when she finds out Eric already knows and is apparently okay with it. Wyatt tells his mom that she does not get to make the rules anymore, so just get out. Quinn shouts at Katie to just leave her son the hell alone.

Quinn storms home and bellows at Eric of why he knew but did not tell her. Mateo overhears it all and texts Sheila. Eric says he knows there is still a great deal of tension between her and Katie but he wanted to give Wyatt time to tell her himself. She says Katie was all over him like a cheap floozy. Now she finds out her own husband kept this a secret. Eric reminds her they are grown adults and this is not scandalous. They have a right to do what they want. There is no depravity here like Quinn says. She says they are not supposed to keep secrets from each other. That is what marriage is about. And Katie should be with someone her own age. She rants and raves until Eric says he is trying to be reasonable but Quinn is out of control. Wyatt chose to be with Katie. He leaves; he says he does not want to say anything either will regret later. Mateo comes in and she says she does not want to be alone again but Eric walked out. He hugs her and says she is not alone as he is here. Brooke tells Maya and Rick that she is struggling with her own decision about her marriage and she feels it is going to impact everyone. But Katie is a strong individual and she thinks she will be fine. Wyatt dresses and says he is sorry. He should have protected Katie and he should have even told his mother before now. But his mom has this way of complicating things for him. Seeing them like this is a shock but she will calm down. He will talk to her. Katie says it is beyond that; Quinn totally lost control.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted Nicole to break Ericís heart.  He reminded her that she would lose everything if she didnít break up with Eric.  Brady wanted to see the look on Ericís face when she did it.  Sami interrupted John and Paul from digging up Willís body.  John and Paul told her about Rolf being involved with what happened to Will.  Sami didnít believe that Will was alive.  Paul let her know that she agreed with her.  Rafe questioned Hope about letting JJ back on the force.  He felt that she should have been harder on JJ.  Nicole tried to plead with Brady to keep him from blackmailing her.  It didnít work because he said she broke him.  He was determined to go to the police if she didnít break up with Eric.  John and Paul told them that they went to Lucas to exhume Willís body, but he said no.  John asked Sami she would allow them to exhume Willís body.  Hope explained her decision to reinstate JJ to Rafe.  Hope told Rafe that Eli was going to be his partner.  Rafe didnít want him as a partner.  Nicole couldnít believe that Brady would take Holly from her mother.  She told him that Deimos would do that to her.  Brady told her that she brings out the monster in people.  Nicole wondered if she could say something to change his mind.  He told her to make a choice.  She decided to break Ericís heart.  She considered Brady a monster.  Sami called Rafe to report a grave robbery.

Rafe went to the cemetery and told John and Paul not to dig up the grave.  Rafe hugged Sami after John and Paul left.  Lucas showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and saw Brady with a glass of alcohol.  Lucas wanted to join him.  Rafe wondered how long Sami would be in town.  She was there as long as it took to protect Will.  She wanted to stay with Will.  Brady and Lucas talked about their problems while they were drinking.  Nicole went to Chloe and asked her tow watch Holly.  Chloe wanted to know what was wrong with her.  Nicole told Chloe that she went to Eric and realized that she loved him.  Nicole told Chloe that Brady took it badly. Chloe wasnít sure if she should have told her the truth. Nicole was glad that she did. Nicole thanked her for her help. Rafe thought Hope hired Eli. Gabi wanted to talk to Rafe. He thought she was too emotional about Will. Sami wished to see Will again. Rafe changed his mind and decided to work with Eli. Nicole went to Eric to break his heart. Lucas went to the cemetery and ran into Sami.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan and Curtis have lunch at Kelly's together when Stella walks in. Stella goes over to the bar ignoring them all together. A woman named Trish walks in and recognizes Stella and is so happy to see her. She helped her out the other day with her father. Stella is glad that things are working out. Trish then recognizes Jordan. She also helped her out. She is so lucky to get to run into both the heros who helped her out. Stella asks how she helped after Trish leaves. Jordan admits that she was the officer who picked up her father. She didn't put her name on the report though so the deputy could get credit. Stella has to get to work. At Crimson, Michael finds Nelle. He confronts her on the information that he found out about her past. Such as the fact that she was on the swim team. Nelle claims that she couldn't swim that well because she was in a blazing river. Michael guesses that makes sense. He decides to drop the detective work on her. He calls Curtis to do so when Nelle says she is going to the bathroom. Instead, she is listening at the door and smiles when she hears that Michael has fired Curtis.

Sonny is informed by Brick that he is being wire tapped on his phones only. Sonny wonders why and Brick says he is unsure who is doing it. Probably the government though. Sonny tells Carly about this and is somewhat shocked. Sonny and Carly meet Sam and Jason at the Metro Court for lunch. They tell them the good news about buying Derek Wells Media. Sam realizes she forgot to sign a permission slip for Danny and runs home for a minute. patient six shows up at Sam and Jason's house and breaks in. He finds Sam's jacket on the couch and remembers when Jason (with patient Six's face) had put it on her one time. He notices toy cars and slips outside. Sam walks in and then Jason follows. Patient six watches as they kiss and patient six frowns. At the hospital, Franco meets Stella who tells him about out death records are a public record. Franco decides to look up Drew's death online but nothing comes up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tessa wants to finish her conversation wth Mariah but Mariah says there is nothing to talk about but Tessa wonders why Mariah is acting diffrently towards her. Sharon thinks that Mariah's change in attitude is because Mariah is feeling left out since Tessa moved in with Noah but Mariah assures Sharon that isn't the problem at all. Abby and Traci feel hurt that Ashley never told them the truth about Brent Davis but Ashley tells them she didn't want to burden them with her shameful secret. Tessa tells Zack that Crystal is safe because she had help getting out of the sex ring from a woman on the inside. Abby feels confused about her identity now that she knows John Abbott isn't her biological grandfathwer and Scott offers comfort even though he doesn't know what is upsetting Abby. Graham leaves Dina collaped on the floor of her hotel room and puts a do not disturb sign on the door. Graham calls his mother and tells her he is headed to Boca Raton to talk to her about everything that has happened. Jack and Traci worry that Ashley may have another nervous brekdown like she did the first time she found out Brent Davis was her biological father. Ashley heads to the Hilary hour studios to talk to Hilary but when Mariah tells her Hilary left she heads to Dina's hotel room to talk to her. Ashley worrries about Dina when she doesn't answer the door and she sees the do not disturb sign on the door. Ashley tries to open the door since she discovers it isn't locked and finds Dina on the floor and she does her best to revive her.but Dina doesn't wake up.

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