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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke runs into Ridge at Forrester’s and says she just could not go home now. He says she brought out the best in Bill but even that was not good enough so he understands. RJ walks in and says looks like something has changed. Brooke says she does not know what the future will be but she is not going back home to Bill. Ridge says they were just now discussing it so they will tell RJ more later. RJ says he will leave them alone for now so they can get back to their discussion. Brooke leans her head on Ridge’s shoulder. He tells her it is like old times when they were younger and he is going to hang on to those words “not yet”. He says he has made promises he could not keep and he is not going to ask her to do that. Slowly she tells him about Bill knocking his own son to the ground but she is not ready to tell him why. He says he knows he has hurt her in the past and he is sorry. He wants to make up for that.

Eric needs another electrical outlet. Mateo even offers to do it himself; another one of his talents. Eric says he does enough so that is not necessary; just call an electrician. He tells Quinn that she better keep Mateo happy as he is a man of many talents. Then she switches over to Wyatt and perhaps fixing him up with Charlotte at the office. She seems to perk up when Wyatt is around. Eric chides her for being the ultimate matchmaker. Wyatt talks Katie into taking the day off at work and just working at home. Mateo lets slip to Quinn that he saw her son at Katie’s this morning and he’s been there a couple of hours. She’s curious. There is a knock at Katie’s door but no answer. Quinn walks on in calling out Katie and Wyatt’s name. She thinks she must be wrong until she hears a big thump upstairs and calls out if everything is all right. She walks on into the bedroom and Katie shrieks; Wyatt dives under the covers. Quinn demands to know who that is and finally Wyatt pokes his head out. Quinn screams NO!


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady drank alcohol until Nicole showed up to say goodbye to him. He wasnít happy to see her. John met with Paul to tell him that there was a lead on Will. Paul couldnít believe that Will could be alive. Brady put Nicole in her place when she tried to justify what she did. He told her that she couldnít be with Eric. Marlena went to see Eric to tell him about Will. Nicole didnít understand what Brady meant. She didnít want to live a lie. Brady warned her that if she acted on her feelings for Eric, she would go to prison. Paul couldnít take what Rolf said seriously. John told Paul what Ralf could do. Paul didnít understand why Rolf would choose Will. He also wondered if Stefano was behind it. John wanted Paul to prepare himself for Will being alive. Marlena told Eric that she talked to Sami about Will. Marlena said that Sami was coming home. Nicole told Brady that he didnít have any proof she killed Deimos. Brady showed her the amulet. He told her that her prints were on it. She reminded him that his were on it too. He told her that he had her confession. Marlena wanted to celebrate Eric and Samiís birthdays. Eric got what he wanted because he got Nicole. Brady played the recording for her. Paul blamed Lucas for why they couldnít exhume Willís body. He wanted to go to Sami. John didnít think that was a good idea. Paul wanted to exhume the body.

Nicole realized that Brady had no intention of letting her go. Brady told her that he wasnít keeping her prisoner. Brady reminded her what he and Deimos did to help her get Holly. He also told her that she killed Deimos. Nicole said Deimos was a monster. Brady risked his life for her. She wanted to know if he was going to blackmail her to stay with him. Eric explained what happened with Marlena. Eric hoped that his relationship with Nicole didnít cause problems with John. John didnít want to go against Lucasí wishes and disturb Willís grave. Paul wanted to find out the truth because he couldnít compete with a ghost. He begged John to help him exhume Willís body. Brady didnít want to be with her. He wanted her to break Ericís heart the way she broke his heart. Marlena didnít want Eric to worry about her and John. She thought about Sonny and Paul. She felt bad for Paul, but she wanted Will to be back. Paul told John that they would be respectful of Will and wouldnít destroy it. John finally agreed to help Paul. Nicole wanted to know how she was supposed to break Ericís heart. Brady told her that she couldnít tell the truth or he would go to the police. He wanted her to break Ericís heart and leave town with Holly. He didnít want to see her face. She didnít understand why he did it. He blamed it on her as well as everyone who broke his heart. Paul and John prepared to exhume Willís body. Brady wanted to know what Nicoleís decision was going to be. John and Paul were about to start digging when Sami showed up.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason go to New York City, they meet Diane at a bank and she informs Sam that Jason has bought Derek Wells Media from Julian. He needs Sam to co-sign because they are both going to run the company together. Sam agrees and kisses Jason passionately. Patient Six, is at a firemen bar in New York City. The bartender can see that he is not from here based on the way he looks. Two offices come walking in and he asks for a place to hide. The bartender doesn't rat him out. She gives him money that they gave her for information and he gives her Huxley's lucky watch. He leaves for a bus to Port Charles. Jason and Sam walk in and buy champagne and a round for everyone. It doesn't taste very good though so they buy sliders and fries for themselves afterwards. Sam notices the watch and wonders if it is the Huxley they know. Jason shows a picture of Huxley to the bartender and confirms it was not him. At Crimson, Valentin tells Nina that he wants to buy Derek Wells Media from Julian and run it with Nina. Nina agrees and comes up with names for it. She realizes that Nelle is late for work. He later finds out that the company has been bought and thinks that Sonny is the one who bought it.

Michael informs Nelle that he got Curtis to do PI work on her to help prove that she is innocent. Nelle claims that it might do more harm than good. Michael wants to do everything he can to clear her name. Nelle guesses that is fine. She has to get to work before Curtis can show up to give them info. Curtis informs Michael that Nelle was the personal assistant for Zack's mother and she targeted and used guilt to get the job. She also was a gold medal winner for the swim team. Nelle shows up to work where Valentin tells Nelle that she better not do anything to hurt Nina because she cares about her. Nelle cares about her to she claims. Valentin insists that he can make her life miserable if she tries anything. He knows how to spot an opportunist. At the Metro Court, Anna instructs Finn how he has to act with Cassandra. She shows up and assumes they are a couple. Anna claims they are. They go off and Valentin shows up to talk with Cassandra. She starts kissing him passionately. Nelle sees this and takes a photo. Griffin and Ava deal with the fact they just had sex. Griffin tells Ava he still doesn't know what he wants. Ava wants him to get out if he doesn't know after that. Griffin ends up leaving.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jack tried to distract everyone after Dina blurted out the truth about Ashley's paternity. Graham accused Ashley of being ungrateful toward Dina. Ashley blasted Graham for conning Dina. Ashley ordered Graham to leave. Graham tried to regain Dina's trust and convince her to go with him, but she refused. Jack and Neil escorted Graham out. Neil made a toast to Ashley. Billy and Ravi comforted Ashley. Hilary promised Jack that she'd destroy the footage of the event. The guests left. Ashley was devastated that Dina revealed she wasn't an Abbott by blood. Dina was guilt ridden and apologetic. Abby and Traci were curious, but they tactfully avoided pressing for details. Michael spent time with Phyllis and Billy. Billy said that Ashley would always be his sister even though they didn't share a biological connection. Billy realized that Jack and Ashley had known the truth about her paternity for some time. Billy didn't blame Ashley for not telling him the truth, but he was angry with Jack for keeping him in the dark. Phyllis thought Jack was protecting Ashley. She asked Billy if he thought it was okay for people to keep secrets from their loved ones. Billy admitted that some things were better left unsaid. Mariah was at the set drawing doodles on a notepad. Tessa invited Mariah to hang out, but she lied and said she was swamped with work. Tessa dropped by the set with snacks for Mariah. Tessa admitted she was holding something back from Mariah. She thought it was time that they had a discussion about some things. Mariah didn't want to because she didn't think it would matter. Tessa wasn't sure that was true. Hilary, Devon and Neil arrived before Tessa had the chance to speak her mind. Devon was surprised Mariah was at work since she'd told him she was going home to bed. Hilary seemed to sense something was going on with Mariah and Tessa. Devon invited Mariah and Tessa to dinner. Mariah declined, claiming she was tired. Hilary accused Mariah of not being into Devon.

Jack took Dina to her suite. Graham eavesdropped outside the door and heard Jack insist that Dina write Graham out of the will. Jack went home to be with Ashley. He assured her that her connection to Brent was a biological accident and that John Abbott was her true father. Ashley was scared that people would treat her differently now that the truth was out. Jack assured her that no one would. Graham tried to convince Dina that he cared about her more than her family did. When it didn't work, Graham tore into Dina for breaking up his family. Dina slapped him and grabbed her phone to call her lawyer. Graham felt he was entitled to be in Dina's will, and he took her phone away. They argued and Dina collapsed. Graham checked Dina's pulse. He pulled out his phone to call 911, but he changed his mind. Victoria berated Nick for giving away his trust fund. Nick stood by his decision, and Chelsea supported him. Victoria was afraid the rest of the Newmans would become collateral damage in Nick and Victor's war. Victoria had another health episode during the argument and she stormed out of the penthouse. Nick and Chelsea spent time with Christian. Nick thought it was time for him to be something other than the rich guy's son. Victoria went to the Club for a drink. She spotted Ravi and insisted that he join her. Ravi revealed that the party ended early due to family drama. Victoria thought Ashley was lucky to have Ravi. Victoria wondered what would've happened if Victoria had been the one to hire Ravi.

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