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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill holds out the ring to Brooke and says he crossed the line and that will never happen again. They are still married so all she has to do is put the ring back on and they can get on with their lives. Steffy tells Liam that she is concerned and he should not be naïve. He better be ready for Bill. Katie talks to Ridge and he feels Brooke might be going back to Bill. Katie says yes Bill can be very persuasive. Bill puts the ring back in Brooke’s hand. He says this is their chance while he could not change the past but he vows never to do anything like that again. They can fix this together. Liam says Steffy is not making sense. She says Bill regrets what he has done and is mad at Liam but he is at home right now planning his revenge. Steffy says it is sort of weird to see him behind his dad’s desk knowing he got there because of blackmail. Liam says he burned Spectra to a crisp and yet Bill has no regrets about that. Bill tells Brooke that he knows he will be making it up to her for all he has done for a long time to come but he will. He needs his wife in his corner. She says people could have died. He says he has apologized for that over and over. She says only because he got caught. He does not care what happens to others but only himself. He never cared what she wanted or what others wanted, just what he wanted even to the point of risking going to jail. She says she wants to do what is right. He will not let her leave. She is never walking out of that door again. She asks him to try to understand. He threw Ridge in the ocean once before and he always says he won’t do it again. But he does and it scares her. And that is exactly why she cannot put this ring on again. If she stays with him she has to always forgive him and explain his behavior. She gives the ring back and says she will always have her memories.

Liam tells Steffy that he did not make Bill’s decisions. Bill did that and Liam is not going to feel guilty if he loses Brooke. Maybe it is time for him to face the consequences like a big boy. Bill stalks around his place, drowns his thought in drink….well he was going to but then suddenly puts it down and leaves. Back at Forrester Brooke sees Ridge. He holds her and offers comfort. Liam gets a phone call and thanks the caller for heads up, that his dad is on the way up, a place he does not belong. Bill tells them that Brooke is divorcing him. Liam says do not be surprised after all he has done. Bill rails into him and says family always comes first and rips off the sword necklace around Liam’s neck. He says today is about change….they are coming today for sure. If Liam thought the Spectra building burning was something then he has not seen anything yet. Everything has consequences and Liam is going to be burnt too, just wait and see.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie told Victor that she heard him on the phone plotting his brotherís murder. Nicole came home so Brady wanted to talk. Kate wanted to tell Roman, Marlena, and John about the inmate that told Clyde that Will was alive. Brady kept talking about Nicole going to see Brandon. Nicole wanted to talk to Brady about Eric. Kate told Roman, Marlena, and John that Rolf was the one who told Clyde about Will being alive. They couldnít believe that Rolf knew about Will. Kate told them that he revived Will. They mentioned how he had did that before. Victor denied putting a hit out on Deimos. Bonnie showed him the note she wrote about his conversation. Victor told her that Xander didnít kill Deimos. Brady let Nicole know that he knew she lied about being with Brandon. Nicole confessed that she was with Eric and slept with him. Brady went ballistic over her being with Eric. Victor wanted to know what Bonnie planned on doing with the info. Marlena suspected that Rolf was taking orders from Stefano to keep Will alive. Nicole apologized for being with Eric. Brady thought that Nicole wanted to work things out with him. Nicole let him know that she loved Eric and wanted to be with him.

Brady felt like he threw Eric in Nicoleís arms. He implied that she was done with him after everything he did for her. She said that she was grateful for what he for her. Brady threw up in her face that he covered up the fact that she killed Deimos. Bonnie told Victor that she would keep quiet, but he had to leave Maggie and marry her. He didnít want to marry her because he loved Maggie. John/Marlena and Roman/Kate talked about why Stefano would let Chad be accused of being the necktie killer if he knew what Ben did. They also talked about the other victims being dead. Marlena started to wonder if it was possible for Will to be alive. Marlena and company recapped what Stefano did to everyone. John wanted to see Rolf, but Kate told him that they couldnít go see him. Victor refused to marry Bonnie. He reminded her that she was with Justin. She said that she wanted to be with him. She also told him that she would tell the world what he did if he didnít marry her. Nicole continued to explain what happened with Eric. She didnít want Brady to blame Eric for what happened. Brady made snide remarks about they did together. Kate told the others that Rolf wasnít at Statesville. John called the ISA and they were going to look for Rolf. They believed there was a chance that Will could be alive. Bonnie told Victor that he would go to prison if he didnít marry her. He told her that she didnít have any proof. Bonnie told him that Hope would be by the book to solve the case. Maggie saw them together and wanted to know what happened. Nicole let Brady know that she was taking Holly to the farmhouse. Brady wanted her to get out of his face. Marlena called Sami to tell her about Will. Nicole apologized to Brady again. Brady wanted her to pack her things, get Holly, and leave the house. Nicole called Eric and told him what happened with Brady. She let him know that they could be together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kevin asks if Laura will marry him. Laura thinks that he is only asking because she feels bad right now. Kevin has wanted to do so for months. Laura asks why here then and not in Paris. Kevin didn’t know when was the right time. Laura says no only because she wants a romantic gesture. Kevin agrees but warns her she will not know when it is coming. Ava asks what Griffin is doing at her house. Griffin says that he was told he has to pick between going back to the priesthood and leaving PC forever. Ava explains that she is the one leaving. She cannot handle this anymore. She will not be used like he has with her. Griffin ends up kissing her and they end up in bed together. Kiki is crying at Perk’s over Morgan and David shows up. He tells her that things happen to trigger sadness in people and that is why they end up becoming doctors sometimes. Kiki blames Ava but is not sure if she can forgive her. Dillon shows up and David leaves. Dillon wants her to know that he is here for her no matter what.

Michael informs Carly and Sonny that someone anonymously donated fifty-thousand dollars. Carly gets to the bottom of it. She will be angry if it was Ava. Michael goes to lunch with Nelle. Carly gets the donor and tells Sonny. It wasn’t Ava but Nelle. She wants to know how someone who couldn’t afford her rent was able to donate that much money. Carly decides to go and thank Nelle personally. Alexis shows up after Carly leaves to inform Sonny that Kristina is going to Oregon. Sonny thinks it is a life experience that Kristina will make and realize was foolish. Carly shows up at Kelly’s and thanks Nelle so much for donating fifty-thousand dollars. She then leaves. Michael realizes the money came from the ring. Nelle goes to the restroom not wanting to talk about it. In Florida, Curtis meets with Sharon and she explains that Nelle was their late mother’s assistant and she linked on to Zack when their mother passed. That is when they got engaged. She tells Curtis about the school Nelle came from. Curtis looks up the school. He later calls Michael and informs him that he needs to tell him something in person.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Nikki are at the Top of the Tower restaurant awaiting the rest of the guests to arrive to celebrate Ashley's Innovator of the Year Award when Hilary and her camerman come in. Nikki tells her that this restaurant is closed for a private celebration but Jack lets Nikki know that he had invited Hilary to film the night's festivities. Nikki warns him as to what she might film too but Jack refuses to heed her warning. At the Abbott home, Ashley looks at an album of Graham Davis and remembers a talk she had with Graham. Ravi arrives to escort them to the celebration. Ashley lets them know that she will have to handle this on her own. Graham awaits Dina to get ready to go when she comes out of the bathroom and is feeling uneasy about the night's events. Nikki tries to talk him out of letting Hilary do this but he refuses to listen. Billy, Phyllis and MIchael arrive for the celebration. Michael lets Jack know that Lauren is out of town on business. Jack extends his hand to Billy as an act of friendship. On the "Hilary Hour", Nick explains all to Hilary as to how things had happened the night at the parking garage. Victor and Victoria watch the show as does Nikki at the celebration. Neil lets Jack know that he had made his father proud tonight by doing this for Ashley. Dina and Graham arrive at the celebration and Dina commends Jack on what he is doing for Ashley. Phyllis questions Billy about his handshake with Jack and what it all meant. Ashley, Traci and Ravi arrive for the celebration and she gets applause all around from everyone. Nikki watches Nick's interview with Hilary as does Abby. They are all surprised when Nick gives all his money to the Winters/Abbott foundation.

Dina and Graham congratulate on her award. Devon and Hilary discuss Mariah and how she hadn't accompanied him to the night's festivities. Abby arrives and lets Dina know that Nick had given away all his inheritance to the Winters/Abbott foundation. Traci reads a poem in Ashley's honor and then Jack proposes a toast to Ashley. Graham urges Dina to make a speech to her family but Ashley takes the floor and accuses Graham of lying and manipulating Dina. Graham listens for awhile and then asks if she wants to do this here and now. Ashley confirms that she does. A big uproar begins with Graham revealing all to Ashley as his Mother is really alive and that Fred Davis was his father but that him and his Mother had been left when Fred had left them for Dina. Everyone is speechless. Nikki, Nick and Chelsea meet with VIctor and VIctoria in Victoria's office at Brash and Sassy when Nick reveals why he had done what he had done by Victor emptying his bank account of all his money. VIctor won't deny or confirm the accusation.

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