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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Mateo continues to give Quinn her massage and she thoroughly enjoys it. Bill grouses to Justin that he’s not hungry or in the mood to go out for food see a football ballgame. He just wants his wife back. He has apologized profusely but she will not answer him. The more time she has the more likely they will stay apart. She took off her ring but he cannot give up on her. And if she does not come back to him then his turncoat son will feel the wrath of pain like he cannot imagine. RJ catches his dad with his mind on Brooke and can’t get an answer out of him if she has made it official that she is leaving Spencer. RJ wonders if it is because she is still in doubt that Ridge will be devoted to her again. Ridge says she does have his promise that he will not stray again but he still does not know what she will do. Brooke tells Katie that she has that glint in her eye and a smile on her face and it is not over her work, so spill if there is a man in her life. Charlie sticks around and uncovers Sheila’s portrait. She comes back from getting ice and says make no mistake her portrait will hang over that mantle in the Forrester house. He replies that Eric and Quinn are as happy as clams so she is just setting herself up for a heaping of heartbreak. She reminds him again that Eric is the love of her life and she can be his again too when he finds out about Quinn. She admits she was counting on Quinn and Ridge to rekindle their affair but she assures Charlie that someone else will get their hands on Quinn. Charlie also reminds – there never was nor will be a union of Quinn and Ridge now that he is heavy after the Logan gal again.

Rick tells Maya and his dad if it is a case of Brooke leaving Spencer and being with Ridge he is still torn between the two of them. Brooke agrees with Katie that it is not fair to either Ridge or Bill to keep them in limbo so she needs to clarify that. Quinn tells Mateo not to stop. He asks her to turn over and says it is hot in here. Slowly he removes his shirt showing off his tight rippling abs. She sits up and says he is so handsome; she cannot believe he does not have a girlfriend to which he replies he just has not found the right woman yet. She says his hands are magic and she could go on like this for hours. She is all his, every inch of her……right there. Their lips are almost meeting. Mateo gives a sigh and comes out of his daydream. Bill lets Brooke in and she says texted him that she had made a decision. After her massage Eric tells Quinn that maybe he should have his head examined letting a hunk like Mateo be in his own house with his half naked wife in his hands. She says no to her dear, sweet, husband. He is the only one she wants or ever will want. But they do owe Mateo a debt of gratitude. Because of him she can now walk and hike and do all sorts of activities. Sheila calls Mateo to get a check up on his activities. He says he just finished with another session with Mrs. Forrester and she enjoyed it. Sheila says of course she did; she cannot resist temptation. He also says she is upstairs now with her husband; these things are gonna take more time. She says okay but it will happen. He says not to worry; he knows what he is doing. Bill tells Brooke that before she says anything he wants her to know that he has never loved a woman like he loves her. Yes they have had their obstacles but they finally made it to the altar and she accepted him complications and all and he knows they love each other. The vows they said were for better or worse and this is their test, the biggest test ever. He did not just let her down but compromised her trust in him as her husband and now he is left with a lot of anger at himself, at Liam and the world. He says he wants to fix that. He feels like he is losing himself and he needs her. He says he lost his head, his judgment but he swears he will never do anything like that again. He will be the husband that she can respect and count on. He pulls out her ring out of his pocket and says please put it on so they can lead the rest of their lives. She looks at him and one single tear falls.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to see Clyde in prison. She reminded him what he did to her. Kate told him about what Ben did at the wedding. Victor thought Nicole was with Eric. Brady didnít want to believe that Nicole would betray him. Nicole didnít want to hurt Brady by being with Eric in Salem. She wanted to live with Eric in the country. Adrienne was happy when she thought Marlena was at the prison. She found out that she was with Hattie. Sheila reminded Bonnie about the money she wanted. Bonnie told her that she would get it. She let Sheila know that Victor put a hit out on his brother. Bonnie believed that Victor would pay her anything to keep quiet. Sheila wanted her money soon. Victor continued to warn Brady that Nicole would hurt him. Eric and Nicole planned their future together.

Adrienne asked Hattie why she was in jail. Hattie told her that Anjelica set everything up. Adrienne wanted to know why she did it. Hattie told her that she wanted Justin until she dropped dead. Kate wanted Clyde to tell her what he said to Ben. Clyde wanted something in return if he was going to talk. She didnít think heíd be able to get anything. She wanted him to tell her based on how he felt for her once. Eric and Nicole made love again. Bonnie wanted Sheila to blackmail Victor about Deimos. Sheila didnít want to do it because she was scared to blackmail Victor. Bonnie agreed to do it herself. Brady decided to call Brandon and found out that Nicole wasnít with him. Hattie told Adrienne what happened to Anjelica. Clyde called Kate a b*tch and didnít want to tell her anything. She wanted to know the truth about Will. Kate told him that Lucas was drinking and that he was a drunk because of her. She wanted to ease Lucasí pain now. Clyde told Kate that he told Ben that Will was alive because itís the truth. Clyde told Kate that an inmate told him that Will was alive. Kate wanted to know who was the inmate who told him about Will. Hattie explained the point of Anjelicaís plan to Adrienne. Adrienne told Hattie that Bonnie wanted to get Justinís money. Brady called Nicole to see what she would say. Adrienne wanted Hattie to help her get back to Salem. Nicole wouldnít tell Brady what she did and got off the phone.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At the hospital, Ava is to be released but Kiki cannot stick around. She is meeting Avery at Perks. Ava wants to be able to see Avery. Kiki might be able to bring her around later. Kiki leaves and Laura shows up. She cannot believe that she made a deal with Valentin. She has ruined Spencer’s chance at closure. At Perks, all of Morgan’s siblings minus Kristina, but including Kiki, and his cousin Molly gather to celebrate his life. Molly explains that Kristina might not be showing up because she dropped out of school and is avoiding something. Ava ends up showing up to see Avery but Joss and Molly take her into Perks to get a cookie. Michael and Dante tell her off in her involvement in his death. Ava leaves. Kiki is sorry for Ava showing up. She didn’t mean for it to happen. Michael is going to take Avery to the zoo with Joss and Kiki is welcome to come with them. Kiki is fine. Laura shows up at Kelly’s and admits that she held a gun to Valentin yesterday. Kevin is shocked but not judging her. He ends up proposing.

Griffin is met by Father Cory in the hospital chapel. He informs him that it is time for him to come back to his clergy. The bishop is demanding his return. Griffin doesn’t think that it is time for him to return. Father Cory says that he has had months to figure things out. Griffin feels that he needs more time to figure things out. He has new feelings for someone else that he cannot explain. Father Cory tells him he needs to make a choice now. Ava decides she cannot handle things anymore and books a flight to France. Griffin shows up at her place though before she can leave. Kristina walks Parker to class when the dean shows up. He informs Parker she is fired for being with Kristina before she dropped out. Alexis then shows up and Kristina blames her. Parker is going to have to go back home to Oregon. Kristina is coming with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack has a private get together for family and staff at Jabot to celebrate Ashley's inovator of the year award before the biig party later at top of the Tower. Jack talks about Ashley's rise in the cosmetic Industry and the fact that she is the heart of Jabot. Nick pretapes his interview with the Hilary hour but the audience dlesn't get to see what the big bomshell is that he plan to drop about what it is really like to be a Newman. Victor warns Victoria and Billy not to forget that Jack is untrustworthy and to keep their eyes and ears open. Billy assuures Victor that there is no way Jack knows that he used Phyllis' computer to look at the Jabot server. Victor also thinks its a mistake that they don't concentrate on promoting the new beauty line he gave them instead of putting more money into their men's line. Ravi tells Ashley he found out Grahm's mother used to work at Walnut Grove private school so that is why he never found any public school records for him. Ashley is shocked when Traci shows her the picture of a guy named Graham Davis in her high School yearbook.

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