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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thinks back to what he told Steffy and then he calls her to ask if his prodigal son returned. She says he returned last night so he did not stay in San Francisco. And all this animosity has to stop. Bill says Liam does not respect her and that has to stop also. Quinn tells Eric that her back feels much better; the massage by Mateo really helped. Sheila tells Mateo they have a deal. He is going to use his great talent. She is going to be the new CEO of the company and Eric’s wife so do not even think about backing out. He will make it happen. He says he still does not know. Eric tells Quinn that he is going to get Mateo to help him too so they will both feel well enough for those other activities…….wink, wink. Mateo tells Sheila he has a call from Eric he had better take. He might be fired as they speak. He goes back to the Forrester estate and sets up a massage table in a special room that will be just for their treatments. Liam tells Steffy that she knows he loves her so never doubt that. He did not spend the night in San Francisco so all is good. Charlie shows up at Sheila’s door unannounced and he says that she did not call him but this is on his time. He wants her out of town. She should be in the slammer cooking her own last meal. He knows she still has her mitts on Eric and is not going to give up. She laughs out loud. He reminds her that she is working at a restaurant that is practically next door to Forrester so she can keep her eye on Eric and he even comes into the restaurant a lot. But she can forget all of that as her dream of snagging Eric is never going to happen. Justin fills Bill in on what is happening at the office that is turning more and more into a daycare center. And now Bill is saying Liam might have a thing for Sally even with an incredible wife like Steffy.

Steffy tells Liam that she did not approve of him going to San Francisco but it is done now. She begs him to listen to his father. This is all wrong and dangerous and they need to settle this. Bill tells Justin that Liam better have an army backing him up. He has damned near lost everything because of Liam but he is not going to lose his wife too. And Liam is neglecting Steffy and you do not do that with a wife like Steffy. Steffy and Liam continue to argue that he blackmailed his dad though he already knew he was ruthless. Liam says he had to otherwise nothing would have changed. He did him a favor by keeping him out of prison. He needs to find out where this is coming from…..Bill must have come to see her again. There is nothing Bill can do to him so do not let Bill scare her. She says he taught his father a lesson and he will see things will change when he comes back. Liam says Bill is not coming back. He can buy a small country of his own. Liam has the company and he has Steffy so that is all that matters. She says she does not know what is going to happen but he will look over his shoulder and there will be Bill coming after him. Sheila tells Charlie that it is going to happen. She is going to be Eric’s wife and the best one ever. She just needs the right touch. Eric wants to have a private talk with Mateo before he starts Quinn’s massage. He tells Mateo he has become very valuable to him and his estate and he trusts him and trust is very important. Anyone who breaks that will pay a high price. He wants Mateo to remember that; don’t cross him ever. The right touch, Mateo is doing that now by working on Quinn as she moans that he’s in the right spot, right there. He is thinking of the $200,000 Sheila promised him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul talked to Chloe about Kate. Sonny went to Kate to get her to talk to Clyde. She was upset and wanted to find Lucas. Eric and Nicole kissed each other. She admitted that she was in love with him and kissed him again. Lucas went to the cemetery to see Willís gravesite. Will appeared to him. Lucas believed that he might be alive. Will talked to him about the way he treated Sonny. Lucas didnít think that Sonny should move on with Paul. Will also told him about his drinking. John went to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Brady. They talked about Brady fought with Nicole and hadnít seen her. Eric and Nicole told each other that they loved each other. Nicole confided in Eric that Brady knew how she felt about him before she knew. Nicole admitted that Eric was the one she wanted and needed. Sonny told Chad and Abby what happened at the police station. Lucas told Will that the family wanted him to go to rehab. Will poured out his alcohol. Lucas wanted him to stop. Kate showed up and saw that Lucas was alone. Lucas told her that Will was there. Lucas tried to convince Kate that Will was there. Kate told Lucas that Will was dead. Lucas showed her that his bottle was empty. Sonny wanted to marry Paul, but his marriage wouldnít be legal. Paul wanted Will to be alive, but he saw that it got everyoneís hopes up. Paul noticed that Chloe had Holly and asked what happened. She told him that Brady and Nicole had problems. Brady admitted to John that he was the reason why Eric left town. He also told him that he wanted Eric to fire Nicole. Nicole and Eric began to make love.

Kate begged Lucas to take care of himself. He reminded her that she fired him and then staged an intervention. She wanted him to get help. Brady told John that he listened to other advice. John realized that Brady went to Victor. He advised Brady to tell Nicole the truth. Nicole and Eric made love. They didnít know what to do now. Kate wanted Lucas to go home with her. She promised to find out the truth about Benís claims. Chloe showed up at the mansion with Holly. Brady wanted to know where Nicole was. Chloe said she didnít know. Brady believed that Chloe knew. Nicole realized that she missed Bradyís calls and texts. Sonny and Paul ran into each other. Sonny told him that he wanted to marry him, but wanted to know the truth. Chloe said she didnít know where Nicole was. Nicole called Brady and told him she was with Brandon. Eric wasnít sorry that Nicole was with him. Kate saw Sonny and Paul and told them she would get the answers they needed. Nicole and Eric made love again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie and Nathan are kissing passionately when someone knocks on the door. Nathan goes to get it. It is two Man landers fangirls. They will not go away and Maxie has to tell them it is time to go. Maxie thinks that they have to move because people know where they live. They start kissing again when someone else knocks on the door. It is two more Man Landers fangirls. Maxie once again slams the door on their faces. Someone then calls them and she thinks they have found their phone number. It is Amy though and she needs Nathan to do something for Quinn again. Elizabeth tries to tell Jason that she has something to tell him and Sam. Jason tells her that he has a new job opportunity coming up that will affect her and Jake. He asks what her thing is. She claims that it was just that she needed him to sign something for Jake. Elizabeth tells Franco that he doesn’t need to know today but he better tell him before the end of the week or she will. Sam tells Jason that she thinks Elizabeth was hiding something. Jason knows she was but she would have said something if it was a bigger deal.

Patient six returns to the cabin room and finds Huxley badly hiding under a sheet. They end up playing poker and he wins every round. Huxley gives him a lucky watch as a gift. Parker and Kristina go on their first date together at Kelly’s. Parker was almost going to cancel because tomorrow is Morgan’s death anniversary. Kristina has something planned for all of Morgan’s siblings. She will be fine tonight though. Kristina asks if this is serious before she starts telling he parents. Parker thinks that it is. They end up going back to Parker’s house. Alexis finds out that Kristina dropped out of school and Molly is just as shocked. She cannot get a hold of Kristina though at all. David shows up and sees she is not dressed for the Metro Court. Alexis suggests a different place and David is fine with that. They go to Kelly’s. just missing Kristina and Parker.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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