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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet while she designs, Sally tells Liam that she is totally okay with using these contactors now that she knows his dad started the fire at Spectra and is just doing what he can to help her out. She also tells him that the little kiss on the cheek was totally innocent. He says he knows. He is sure they will be friends for a long time but he is very committed to Steffy and they will be together forever. He warns her that the contractors will be coming on the plane. He admits Steffy wasn’t exactly thrilled over this trip so he wants to keep it very professional. She says she understands and hopes that Steffy knows how lucky she is. Bill states to Steffy that Liam’s world is going to come crashing down if he doesn’t wake up. He says if he loses Brooke then tell Liam that he is coming for him and Hell is coming with him. He also knows she would like her father happy with Brooke too. Steffy says of course but it is Brooke’s decision and neither of them know what she might do. Bill said he had to tell Brooke about the fire as she would not believe a leave of absence from his company and she saw right through that. And then only his self-righteous boy scout of a son could ruin his life by blackmailing him. He better pray it doesn’t come to that. Nicole surprises Eric and Rick by walking on in and said she just came home for a little visit. Zende couldn’t come; he is very busy designing at International and she thanks them again for this opportunity they gave him. Quinn has only a towel wrapped around her and Mateo doesn’t know she is home. She says she is okay but her back is out and she was going to take a steam bath. He says one of his many talents is a massage therapist. She says she got a muscle relaxer from her own doctor but she is still in some pain….would he mind. He asks if she has a massage table he could use. She thinks but says no, not that she knows of but how about the bed, that could do. The contractor meeting goes well and Liam says sometimes his father dreams a little too big and he thanks them for working with him now. When they leave, Sally tells Liam that he needs to pinch her to believe this is all coming true. She is getting emotional and it is all because of him. No man has ever treated her like this before. She apologizes for how that sounds and then adds she respects him and Steffy so much…..well maybe not totally Steffy but she does respect their marriage. She would never cross that line. He is a prince among men, a noble friend. But there is only one of him and he is taken so she would never go there and he does not have to worry about her feelings. He does not have to feel uncomfortable about her trying to seduce him. That is not who she is or what she does. She says she knows he is totally in love with Steffy and she would be a total fool to ever be unfaithful to him. Liam grins but laps it up. He tells her that he and Steffy have often had a rocky road and he needs to make sure they stay on track now and nothing comes between them.

Bill mocks Liam and says he was nothing but a little computer geek and he would still have nothing if it were not for Bill. And that includes her. But his thanks is a big betrayal…….what a hypocrite. He does not know how she puts up with this. She tells him to stop. He’s her husband and she loves him. Bill snorts back that he sure has a funny way of showing he loves her. Here he is flying around with Sally Spectra and letting her lead him around on a leash and that is the way he loves his wife! He does not respect Steffy the way she deserves. He has been around his kind all his life with their hypocrisy and they do not have a clue what it takes to make the world a better place. It takes money and leadership. Forget all this Kumbaya B.S. You don’t fix the world by doing yoga and eating quinoa. But little Liam doesn’t know how to do that. And it will be the demise of his family and the company. He’s already scrapped his skyscraper and it is now poof. And he just wants to hand money out but people don’t want handouts. They want to feel empowered and valued. They want to earn it. So Bill will lose his company and his employees but what he better not lose is his wife. Steffy says she gets it; he is upset with Liam right now but they will get through this. After all, they are father and son. Bill says he has been patient and was even willing to forgive him for blackmail but if Brooke does not come home that will be the final straw. Liam will pay dearly. He will bring down such pain on Liam that he would not wish on his worst enemy. Quinn is enjoying her massage until Mateo says he usually works with oil and she says he will just have to go for it. He massages more then says he can’t do more as the towel is in the way. She gives him permission to move it a little and he does and gives her a deeper massage. She lets out moans of pleasure and says he is really good at this. He says he has been told his hands are like eyes and he sees the pain and releases it. Later she tells Eric that she forgot Mateo just got his massage license but he is really good. She thinks Eric ought to try it and even get a massage table. It would be nice to have it right there for both of them in the house. Mateo reports to Sheila how it became so easy with Quinn. Sheila thinks him using the bed was perfect so she hopes he will accept her little proposition. He says he is still not sure he can do it…….breaking up a marriage. Sheila says she can double what she offered as long as he realizes he won’t get it all until she is Mrs. Eric Forrester. They need to shake on that. She tells him to get Quinn to cross that line, Mr. Fix-It and he will be rewarded very nicely.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope asked Ben about the visit he got from Clyde. Brady and Sonny argued over who should run the company. Nicole went to see Eric to confront him about his feelings for her. Eric admitted that he was in love with her. Paul went to the Kiriakis mansion and told Sonny that Marlena found out something about Ben. Hope continued to ask Ben about what Clyde said to him about Will. Kayla talked to Steve about whether they should tell Joey about the wedding. Steve thought they should tell him about it. She changed the subject to talk about him being honest with her about Tripp. Ben told Hope that Clyde lied to him about being Jordan. Clyde tried to help Ben get out of the hospital and get Thomas. Hope told Ben that Thomas was Chad and Abbyís son. Ben yelled at her. Hope tried to calm him down and figure out why Clyde told him that Will was alive. Eric told Nicole how Brady wanted him to fire her, but he couldnít do it. Nicole didnít want him to leave because heís the reason why the center was successful. Nicole offered to quit. He told her that he couldnít risk being around her. She begged him not to live like a hermit. Eric told her that he loved her so much that he couldnít be around her. Hope wanted Ben to tell her exactly what Clyde told her. Ben didnít think he could be the type of father Thomas deserved. Clyde thought that heíd be a better one than Chad. Ben said he killed three people. Clyde told him that he only killed two people. Ben told Hope that Clyde said he only killed Serena and Paige.

Kayla wanted to know why Tripp wasnít at the wedding. Steve thought it was good that he wasnít. She thought Steve was why Tripp wasnít there. He said he was. She didnít want Steve to make Tripp think that she didnít want him around. Ben told Hope he didnít hear from Clyde after he told him about Will. Brady realized that Nicole should have been home. Nicole was worried about Eric. Nicole regretted leaving Eric for Lucas because she thought she could forget the things she did. Nicole wanted to know if she was the reason why Eric stayed away from Salem so long. Paul and Sonny approached Hope about her conversation with Ben. Hope recapped everything Ben told her. Sonny and Hope wondered why Clyde didnít tell him that he didnít kill the others. Nicole wondered what Eric was doing while he was gone. Eric believed his feelings were one sided so he didnít want to put her in an unfair position. Kayla admitted that she couldnít open her heart to Tripp yet. She did want Steve to think about whatís best for Tripp as well as Joey. Nicole wondered why Brady gave Eric an ultimatum. Eric tried to defend Brady, but she didnít seem to care. She thanked him for everything he did for her. She told him that she didnít want him to go. Sonny wanted to talk to Ben, but Hope wouldnít let him. Sonny wanted to see Clyde to find out the truth. Eric begged Nicole to leave before he did something heíd regret. They kissed each other.


GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason is on the phone with the prison trying to get Julian to speak with him. He wants them to inform Julian that it is him calling and then he will pick up. Curtis shows up and is happy to see him out of the clinic. He cannot wait for their next PI assignment together. Jason explains that he is going to be going into a new business field. At Kelly’s, Sam runs into Michael. Michael confides in her his issues with Nelle and Sam suggests the only way to get over them is to hire a PI to investigate her. Curtis shows up and Sam suggests that he speak with him. Michael does and explains that he wants proof that Nelle is innocent. Curtis seems confused at his but will do it. He informs Michael that it will cost a lot though. Michael promises that money is no issue. Back at Jason and Sam’s apartment, Jason says that he is going to New York. Sam explains the only way that is happening is if she goes and they go together.

Nelle brings Nina her coffee. Nina sees that she went to Perks instead of going upstairs. Nelle says that she wanted to take a stroll. Nina assumes that things didn’t go over well with Michael’s family. Nina tells her that she just has to pretend it doesn’t bother her and it will eventually get better. Nelle tries to explain her ex- fiancé but Nina thinks that she doesn’t have to do that. Nelle goes to her desk and calls someone up. She wants their help. Carly and Sonny go to a chapel after a meeting with Morgan’s organization. Griffin shows up and will leave them alone. Sonny tells him he can stay. He wonders how his trip to Russia went. Griffin explains that Ava was indeed being held against her will. Carly cannot believe that he would help her. He should have a conversation with Olivia and Dante about a woman named Connie. Griffin gets angry and leaves. Elizabeth runs into Franco at the hospital and finds a sketch book with a billion sketches of the two twin boys. Franco admits to her that Jason had a twin named Drew but he died. Elizabeth thinks that they need to tell Jason. Jason and Sam show up and Elizabeth says that they have something to tell him. On the boat, Patient six comes to terms that he lost five years of his life. He goes wandering around the ship.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Victoria lift the ban against Mattie and Reed seeing each other because they realize that they could get into more trouble if they keep sneaking around to see each other. Mariah is heartbroken when Tessa and Noah announce that they are moving in together. Mariah tries to tell Tessa how she feels about her but in the end she only tells her that she wants her to be happy and then she cries after Tessa leaes. Jack wants Hilary to do a story about Ashley's award and her party at top of the tower. Colin arrives to support Cane through his divorce and meets Juliet Cane also tells Colin he will soon have another grandson. Cane decides to try to get Cane to hire him at Chancellor Enterprises so he flies back with Colin to talk to Jill. Phy;llis refuses to believe Jack when he tells her Billy used her computer to break into the Jabot server until she actually watches Billy use her computer but he has no idea that she is watching him and she is shocked and hurt that Jack was right Billy will do anything to help Victoria and Brash and Sassy.

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