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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Bill that he lit the match; now it is going to burn. She tells him that she was against Liam going to San Francisco with Sally but he ignored her wishes and is going anyway. Bill says a husband should not do that. Wyatt chides Liam for going against Steffy’s wishes and going with Sally to S. F. He just needs to turn the company back over to his dad and let things run their course. Liam says he is grateful for Wyatt’s concern but he is going as planned. Liam tells Sally that they can go on as planned or they can bulldoze her building and start over. She keeps saying that he has done more than enough for her already. She will never be able to repay him. Grams tells the others with glee that Sally is flying off with Liam. Saul reminds her that he is a married man. Grams says yes but she has learned that is never a permanent thing. Steffy grouses to Bill that Liam has done more than enough for Sally already. Bill remarks that he has acknowledged what he has done and he can’t take it back but he won’t keep being beat up over this. She tells him she told Sally in no uncertain words that she was not to go with Liam so now they have to wait and see. Katie drops in on Waytt and he says she is just who he wants to see. Liam is jumping into the fire and he sees no reason why he is putting his wrath on Bill to be Sally’s savior. He sees him putting on his Superman cape but he is going to get into trouble when it comes to Bill. He will not sit still for this.

Bill tells Steffy they are like two soldiers in the trenches trying to dodge the bullets. He appreciates her more than she knows. Liam tells Sally that he wants to help her; he needs to. His contractors are the best and they can put her on top again so just let him help her. She says she thought she was done, no coming back but then there was Liam giving her a second chance. She would never have that building back except for Liam so he has made up for his father ten fold. She says the fire was an accident…..then it strikes her – his father was after her from the beginning and now maybe Liam is saying Bill was responsible for the fire and it was not a mere accident. He finally admits yes. And he is sure she wants to call the police right now but he needs her not to do that. He really wants to help her and try to right what his dad did. She goes on and on about what a saint he is and how grateful she is. She gives him a big hug and a kiss. Wyatt tells Katie that he is sure that Bill will make Liam pay. Steffy checks her phone and says no word from Liam. She does not even know him anymore since Sally came into his orbit. Bill tells her she does not have to hide her feelings from him. Liam has sucker written all over his forehead. Bill says to come after him is one thing but he should know how lucky he is to have Steffy. She is a grand prize, the queen, the whole package. He’s always known that so do not doubt how extraordinary she is. She says she appreciates him. He says she is married to a mouse and she deserves a man. He has asked Liam to meet him in the middle but he will not. And now he is disrespecting his wife and Bill will not have that. He will have his revenge.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny and Paul asked Marlena for her help. They wanted her to try to get through to Ben so they could get the truth from him. She was willing to try to get the truth out of him. Brady talked to Victor about how insecure he felt when heís alone. Victor told him not to feel guilty about getting what he wanted. Chloe told Nicole that Eric was in love with her and thatís why he left. Nicole wondered how Chloe knew about it. Chloe explained her conversation with Eric. Chloe also revealed that Brady knew the truth about Ericís feelings. Sonny confided in Marlena that he felt guilty for moving on with his life. He thought that Will believed that he gave up on him. Sonny wanted to tell Will that he was the love of his life. Ben was brought out of his cell to see Marlena. Marlena asked Ben why he said what he said about Will. Ben told her that he wanted to tell Sonny the truth about Will. He told her that he risked his freedom to tell them about Will. He got upset and didnít want to help them anymore. Victor wondered if Brady wanted Eric to work with Nicole. Victor thought Brady should be glad Eric left. Brady was glad he won, but not the way he went about it. Chloe let Nicole know that Brady wanted Eric to fire her. Nicole remembered the speech Brady gave at the wedding. Chloe wondered what Nicole was going to do with the info that she had.

John showed up at the station so Paul talked to him about Will. Marlena thought Ben cared about what he did to Will. Ben thought sheíd be wasting her time trying to get him to open up about Will. Nicole asked Chloe to watch Holly because she had to go somewhere. Sonny overheard Brady talking on the phone about business. They started arguing when Victor broke it up. Sonny wanted Victor to remind him who was in charge. Paul told John that he didnít believe Ben and that he wasnít going to lose Sonny. Marlena got Ben to admit that someone told him that Will was alive. Marlena asked Ben who went to see him. Marlena asked everyone at the station to help her put the pieces together to figure out Benís story. Hope asked Ben about the visit from Clyde. Brady refused to step down from his position. Sonny asked Victor to tell Brady to step down. Nicole went to see Eric.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly toasts to Bobbie’s years of service at GH. She is so happy for her. Laura is as well. Bobbie just wishes that Michael was here. Meanwhile, Michael goes to make up with Nelle after their fight. He wants to agree to disagree. He wants to take Nelle to the party but Nelle says no. She doesn’t want to get involved. Michael understands and he goes without her. Elsewhere, Lulu and Dante come to pick up Charlotte from Valentin. They fight over holidays. Valentin informs them that Laura tried shooting him. Back at the Metro Court Lulu and Dante show up with Charlotte and Lulu cannot believe that Laura shot at Valentin. Laura informs that the gun had no bullets in it. Lulu needs the custody to work out though. Nina shows up at work and asks Nelle to get her coffee. She ends up running into Michael and Bobbie says something rude to her which causes her to leave. Michael promises Nelle things that will work out.

Sam and Jason go home and end up making love. They then discuss the future and Jason might have a new career choice. Sam goes to get breakfast for them and he calls up Julian from prison. Ava and Griffin go to GH to discuss things with a plastic surgeon. Ava finds out that it would have only been one more treatment and she would have been herself again. Valentin shows up and reminds her that her statement is worth nothing. Ava cries in Griffin’s arms at this notion. Patient six talks to the man who tried to hurt him and his name is Huxley. He thought that he was after him. Patient six finds out it is 2017. He is in complete shock.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Tessa phoned Crystal, who was doing well in protective custody. Noah felt shut out because he didn't find out about Crystal's rescue until after the fact. Tessa explained that while she trusted him, she found it hard to open up to him because they came from different worlds. Noah asked Tessa to move in with him, and she said yes. Paul told Sharon and Scott that the house used by the sex ring had been cleared out and that Alice was in serious condition after a hit and run. Sharon blamed herself, but Paul and Scott assured her it wasn't her fault. Paul promised to help out with Scott's expose on the case, because he hoped Scott's piece would lead to arrests. Zack told his associate that it was time for them to go dark for awhile. Sharon and Scott went to the hospital and found Alice's bed empty. They didn't notice Zack staring at them through the hospital room window. Victoria told Phyllis that she wanted Billy back. Phyllis was adamant that this wouldn't happen. Victoria hinted that she and Billy had kissed or gone further while he was with Phyllis. Phyllis didn't believe her. Billy asked Jack to set their differences aside so they could both be there to support Ashley when she received the Innovator of the Year award. Jack stated that he had no ill will toward Billy, and he'd even agreed to a truce with Victoria. Billy said that Brash and Sassy couldn't compete with Jabot. Jack assumed that Billy had found the false documents he planted, so he asked Ravi to change Dina's password. Jack asked Ravi to help him plan a dinner to honor Ashley.

Devon told Mariah that Kevin had asked probing questions about their relationship. Mariah assured Devon that Kevin was probably just looking out for her. Devon was glad to know he didn't have competition for Mariah's heart. Devon asked Mariah to go on a trip with him, and she agreed. Mariah saw Noah and Tessa kissing, and she learned about their plans to move in together. Abby told Devon that she saw a side of Zack that she didn't like. Devon suggested that Zack might have had an understandable reason for his behavior. Ashley rebuffed Graham's attempt to call a truce. Ashley assumed Graham had an ulterior motive for trying to bury the hatchet, and she shared her suspicions with Ravi. Ravi gave Ashley flowers to congratulate her on her award. Ashley asked Ravi to be her date at the dinner. He accepted. Phyllis told Jack about her conversation with Victoria. Phyllis was confident that Billy had never betrayed her with Victoria. Jack got fed up with Phyllis praising Billy's loyalty, and he revealed that Billy used Phyllis's computer to break into Jabot's server. Victoria confessed to Billy that she'd tried to make Phyllis doubt his commitment to her. Billy swore he was committed to Phyllis. Victoria was skeptical because Billy had put his relationship with Phyllis at risk. Billy insisted that the things he did for Brash and Sassy had nothing to do with Phyllis.

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