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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy says she does not understand why Liam would want to jet off to San Francisco with that woman, her arch rival. He says this is not romantic. He says when he took over from his father that was separate from his being her husband and this has nothing to do with her. Grams tells Sally that sooner or later Steffy will dump Liam; it’s in her genes so there is no reason Sally cannot put in her bid for Liam now. She likes Liam and he likes her so let it happen. Steffy is a cold fish and has zero respect for Sally. Steffy tells Liam it is never going to be enough. First he gave Sally the entire building and now contractors and engineers, it is never enough for him. Liam says he is not patting himself on the back to be a new CEO but it isn’t enough for him to give the building to Sally. That is no restitution to just hand Sally this burnt out building and he wants to give her just a little to start over again. Steffy says Sally did not own that building so he did not owe her that. And he does not even owe her as his wife but he owes his father. Wyatt catches Bill making copies of some tax forms and then shredding the rest as he will never need them again. He has scars in his back from his back-stabbing son. Wyatt tells him about Liam offering to let him help run SP but he turned him down. One of Liam’s employees thanks him for making dialysis available for his daughter, something he never talked about with top management before. Wyatt talks to Liam about refiguring a few things and letting their contractors start on another of Bill’s skyscrapers. Liam says no way. He has already looked into it and is going with Sally to San Francisco to see if they can switch their contract to the Spectra building.

Steffy walks in on Sally and Grams arguing and says she is there to help her with a certain word that she needs to use. She seems more than willing to sit by and let people do things for her like this contractor. Steffy is tired of her taking advantage of her husband’s generosity. This is Sally’s responsibility so just learn to use it. Sally says she has never asked Liam for anything and he is just trying to make amends for Bill although she keeps saying no. Steffy says not loud enough if she accepted the Spectra building. She is nothing more than a sugar baby and she has lost her respectability along the way. She thought there was more than that to Sally Spectra. Wyatt tells Liam there is nothing he won’t do to put a smile on people’s faces around town. Liam argues that the contractors are already under a huge contract so why not let them earn some of that money by transferring it to Spectra. Wyatt wonders what Liam’s wife is going to think about this nor will she like this trip he and Sally are going to take. He is either naive or just plain stupid. Steffy hi-tails it to Bill’s. She fills him in that Liam is taking Sally to Sam Francisco. Bill is aghast that he is using his retainer. Steffy says Bill set the match and now it is going to burn. It sets him to thinking …..he throws Steffy across the bed and kisses her.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman called Eric to tell him about Will. Lucas showed up at TBD and took a bottle of champagne to drink. Chloe showed up and told him what happened at the wedding. Sonny and Paul asked Justin to exhume Willís body. Justin told them that Sonny couldnít do it because he wasnít Willís next of kind since they separated. Justin told them that Sami and Lucas had the authority to get it done. Nicole wondered if Brady was talking about their relationship when he made his speech at the wedding. Brady thought about his last conversation with Eric. Gabi told Eli that Will couldnít be alive because she found him. She did everything to save him. Lucas couldnít believe that Ben was the one who said Will was alive. Lucas wanted to get some answers and left. Brady apologized to Nicole and assured her that things were good with them.

Gabi told Eli how Ben killed her sister too. She wished that Will were in Ariannaís life. Paul thought that Sonny should give up on searching for Will. Sonny let him know that he had to find out for sure or he would always wonder if Will was alive. Lucas showed up to find out what was going on with Will. Chloe saw Nicole and they talked about what happened at the wedding. Nicole was thankful that Brady wasnít drinking anymore. Chloe had a look on her face and Nicole asked her if Brady was drinking again. Sonny asked Lucas if he would give permission to exhume Willís body. Lucas didnít want to do it. Chloe was able to cover up for Brady. They talked about Eric and how he quit the center. Lucas didnít want to exhume Willís body. He wanted Will to rest in peace and wanted everyone else to do the same. Lucas stormed out of the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny decided to give up on exhuming Willís body. Paul refused to give up. He knew someone who could help them. Nicole kept talking about how she was confused about Eric quitting and leaving town suddenly. Chloe stopped her and told her that he left because of her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie tells Nathan that she will pick him up from work no matter what the time is because she wants to spend more time with him. They go into the station and find that there are stuffed animals everywhere for him. A fan even walks up and says that she is so honored he has helped fix men all over the world. Jordan and Curtis start kissing with Stella shows up. She informs them that she got a job as a social worker at GH. Jordan leaves. Curtis wants Stella to find love again. Steffy thinks that she is fine. Jordan meets with Nathan at the PCPD and asks for advice from him. He tells her that Stella might just want to spend time with her family. Jordan guesses it makes sense. At the Metro Court, Amy meets with Maxie and they talk about Man Landers. Amy hopes that Maxie doesn’t do anything to screw things up for Man Landers.

Oscar and Joss attempt to get Carly and Sonny to let them go on a date without a bodyguard but Carly says absolutely not. Carly takes a photo of them and offers to send it to Oscar’s mom. He says they have go right now though. Carly thinks that Oscar is hiding something from his mother but understands. Sonny and Carly meet with Brick who informs them that the call might have come from a high class plastic surgery clinic. Sonny guesses it was from Ava then. Oscar and Joss discuss finding Oscar’s father. Ava and Griffin are on the plane and they discuss her helping patient six. Ava just didn’t like how he was being treated. Griffin thinks it was a noble thing for her to do. They try to talk feelings but Griffin wants her to go to sleep.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Brash and Sassy, Billy fills VIctoria in on Jack's latest moves. They discuss Cane and Juliet and how they are responsible for all this mess. Jack commends Ashley on her being named Innovator of the Year. Graham talks to a woman on the phone but is interrupted by Dina, who wants to know who he was talking to. Graham lies to her as to who he was really talking to. Jack tells Ashley that he is planning a party to celebrate her latest accomplishment and wants her to invite Billy. Lily looks at pics of herself and the children as she talks to Neil about the divorce and the effect that it will have on her and the children. Neil tries to lift Lily's spirits by telling her what a good Mother she is. Lily tells Neil about her photoshoot with Jordan and that he is a good friend. Cane and Hilary discuss the breakup of his marriage. Hilary advises him to move on with his life. Neil talks to Victoria and Billy about Lily and this gives Victoria an idea. Billy visits with Ashley who tells him about her award and invites him to a party to celebrate. Billy accepts. Victoria yells for Billy so she can share her idea with him. Charlie and Juliet meet at the Athletic Club and he tells her about Cane and Lily's divorce plans. Juliet tries to voice her sentiments but Charlie doesn't want to hear it.

Dina tries to apologizes to Jack for the things she has done. Dina tells Jack that there was no lie concerning Graham's Mother. Jack tells Dina that Ashley won the Innovator of the Year Award and also tells her that John had won it years ago. Jordan watches Hilary work out until she comes over to join him and after a few moments of talking, Hilary "flashes" him. Billy fills Lily in on her new job which was Juliet's. Lily feels that they are only feeling sorry for her but Billy assures her that that is not it at all. Lily happily accepts the position. Dina tells Graham about her talk with Jack and the things that was said. Graham asks Dina about her marriage to John Abbott. Ashley fills Jack in on her talk with Billy and how he had accepted to come to the party. Hilary and Victoria meet at the Athletic Club and voice insults toward each other as usual. Victoria, seemingly goes into a daze and cannot fully comprehend what Hilary is saying to her. Jordan walks up and Victoria warns him to watch Hilary before she publishes stories about him on GC Buzz.

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