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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Brooke if she has decided what she is going to do. Ridge is more confident now that she left Bill because he wanted to build his Sky so badly. Now both men want her. Bill bursts in on Ridge and says he and Brooke are still married and he expects Ridge to respect that. She just needed some space and he is giving her that. He is not going to slink away like Ridge does. Grams grouses to Sally that everything is wrong. Just name it right down to the plumbing. Liam walks in and says this may be a bad time but he is going to San Francisco soon and Sally should come with him. Sally dismisses Grams so she can continue talking to Liam about her investment. Ridge tells Bill he must have screwed up royally for Brooke to dump him so quickly. Brooke tells Steffy that Bill could have built that skyscraper anywhere but he could not be beat so he had to oust Sally. She believes he is sincere that he is sorry. Steffy tells her to hold him accountable; that’s the least she can do. Liam says this is not charity. He has to go see the contractors and he thinks Sally should go with him. When she is hesitant he says she can count on Grams and Saul only so much then she is going to need more help and this is where the contractors will come in. And FYI just get ready for some of the best food and scenery around. She says this is sounding more and more not like a business trip. And she still doesn’t understand why he wants her to succeed so badly. He could have given her the money and then just rode off without another look. But she appreciates his passion and there are no words to thank him for going above and beyond.

Ridge drops in on Brooke and says he is going to call RJ and get him to come over as Brooke is under stress. He can even call her boss and get her more time off. Gram scolds Sally if she is going to San Francisco with Liam. There are contractors and architectures in Los Angeles so no need to go all the way to San Francisco. Sally thinks it is sweet. Grams says yes it is. Liam is scrumptious and here she is going away with him. It can’t get better than that. Steffy talks to Liam and he says he wants to give Brooke a chance; and it just depends on who she wants – his dad or hers. She is shocked when she brings up his trip and finds out that although she cannot go now he has invited Sally Spectra. She says he already signed over the building to her so he does not have to worry about the contractors too. He says she does; he owes it to his father to see this gets done. Ridge tells Brooke that he has learned his lesson and he does not intend to let her down again so just let him know when she is ready. She says she is flattered but he is not going to see her in her lingerie again. Sally explains to Grams that she doesn’t want to get on Steffy’s bad side so she does care what she thinks. Liam is a prince but a married prince. Grams says she has seen the way Sally looks at him; she lights up so if she wants him them go after him. He may not admit it himself but he wants something more out of this and Sally will have to take the first step. Steffy tells Liam that he has already done far more than he has to for Sally; far more than she deserves.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben taunted JJ about Abby being the reason why he killed people. Ben also taunted him about what he did to Paige. JJ pulled out his gun and threatened to kill him. Sonny talked to Chad and Abby about not marrying Paul until he found out whether Will was alive. Paul and Lani talked about her investigation at Bayview. Ben worked alone when he escaped from the hospital. Sonny wanted Chad and Abby to get married. Paul told Lani that Sonny didnít want to get married yet. JJ questioned why Ben ruined Abbyís wedding and lied about Will. Ben told him that Willís alive so JJ continued to point the gun at him.  Hope and Rafe walked in the interrogation room. Hope demanded that JJ put down his gun. Rafe told JJ that Hope had the authority to make him put down his gun because sheís the commissioner. JJ got mad and stormed off. Sonny met Paul at the town square and told him that he talked to Chad and Abby about going through with their wedding. Sonny apologized to Paul for what happened. Chad and Abby werenít sure if they should go through with bringing everyone back to the church. They wanted Jennifer and Andre to be there. Abby said that there was a problem.

Abby was afraid that there was no one to marry them until Father Louie showed up. He was willing to marry them. JJ told Lani that he didnít like the way Hope handled the situation. He also wasnít sure what Hope would do to him. Rafe choked Ben to get him to talk, but Hope stopped him. Hope wanted to make a deal with Ben. Paul wondered if Sonny wanted what Ben said to be true. Sonny asked Paul if he was willing to wait or did he mess things up for them. Chad and Abby started their ceremony. Hope demanded that Ben tell her something or she would send him to Bayview or prison. Paul suggested that Sonny exhume Willís body. Hope called JJ to let him know that she wanted to see him. Sonny wasnít sure about exhuming Willís body. Paul said it was the only way to get closure. Chad and Abby got married. Hope suspended JJ without pay until further notice. Sonny didnít want to disturb Willís grave, but realized it had to be done.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn asks Anna if she has a plan B if this doesn’t work out with Cassandra. Anna doesn’t want him to be so sure that it won’t. She gets a text from Robin and they end up discussing how Anna had to give up Robin when she was born. Finn doesn’t think that it was ok for Anna to do that and she was being selfish. Finn ends up storming out of the pub and Anna follows him. She realizes that he is thinking about Hayden. Finn realizes he shouldn’t have lashed out at her. They end up deciding to have a night of gambling. Cassandra calls up Valentin and wants to know what Port Charles is like and what Finn is like. Valentin doesn’t want to talk to her because he hasn’t in years. He hangs up. Laura shows up at his house and points a gun on him for what he did with Ava to stop the civil suit. Laura still plans to go through with it. She reveals the gun has no bullets. Valentin threatens her. Laura promises that all his misdoings will come back to haunt him whether he wants to believe so or not. Valentin gets another call from Cassandra. She is definitely coming to Port Charles.

Ava and Griffin attempt to figure out how to get out of the clinic. Griffin had to pretend to have a patient here to get in. Griffin explains that Klein is passed out in another room. Ava suggests that they just walk out the front door and hope that no one questions anything. She goes to get her stuff first so they can leave the country. On the plane, they are temporarily halted but then the plane takes off. Griffin promises that things will work out fine. The priest introduces patient six to a man with a boat that is going to America. He offers him a ride on the boat. Patient six thanks them both but then the people looking for him show up again. Patient six wants them both to leave so he can take care of them. The priest just wants him to leave as no one can fight in the church. Patient six agrees. He gets on the boat. It is headed to New York. When it has taken off someone sneaks up behind him ready to fight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria fall into Jack's trap with the false information about the Jabot Jr line and they decide to expand the mens line and not put anymore money into their teen line just like Jack thought they would do. Dina asks Graham if his mother is still alive and he tells her that the woman at the assisted living facility is his Aunt not his mother. Ashley asks Ravi to find out if Graham was using a diffrent last name while he went to school in Geneoa City becaiuse she is determined to find out more about Graham's past . Nick tells Chelsea that he is very sure that his dad hired Kevin to hack into his bank account and take all of his money. Nick tells Chelsea that he has a plan that Victor won't ever see comming and he won't suspect.

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