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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie jumps up shrieking and tells Eric that she was not expecting him. He says he is not judging them and it sort of makes sense. She says she and Wyatt are not ashamed but they just as soon no one knew, especially Wyatt’s mother. Sheila is leaving Eric’s but runs into Mateo and invites him to come on in and says she has a little job for him where he can make some money, a lot of money. She hides when Quinn comes home and speaks to Mateo. She is sorry his girlfriend did not work out. She is sure some girl will come along who will find him irresistible. She tells him she is so relieved that he is running the estate now. With Quinn going upstairs Sheila comes out and give Mateo her address and says meet her there. She is sure they can help each other. And when he accidentally bumped heads with Quinn just now the stars she saw were not from bumping their heads that is for sure. Wyatt and Katie get back to their hot afternoon. She likes this but is not sure that Eric will keep this kind of information from his wife. She hates putting him in this position. They both admit though they are not ready to tell the world. Two people will go ballistic when they find out. She says this is just fun so if everyone finds out then maybe it is not worth it. He tells her it may just be infatuation for her but it is more than that for him. She absolutely drives him crazy. She isn’t sure what they should do but Wyatt says maybe he should be but he is not worried about it. She says he makes her feel beautiful and sexy and wanted so she is not going to ask him to leave.

Eric tells Quinn that he takes a little stroll and automatically Quinn thinks something is wrong. She tells him that he is such a sweet man but he is so naïve when it comes to Katie living so close. She starts talking about Mateo again and how glad that is working out. She’d even like to talk to him about re-arranging some furniture. She starts to show Eric by moving a love seat and throws her back out. Mateo shows up at Sheila’s and asks what she needs done. She says it will be nothing like he has done before. And the pay will be good. He says that is fine as his mom is sick and the bills are mounting up and the family is counting on him. He asks again what does this entail and all she will say that it will involve him working very closely with Quinn. She can already tell that she likes him. He asks questions and Sheila says she is in love with Eric, even was married to him at one time. Quinn cheated on him with Ridge. Mateo did not know that. She hands him a wad of money and says there is much more, $100,000 to be exact if he just works with Quinn. Someday Mr. Forrester will thank him even if it costs Mateo his job. Mateo does not think this sounds right. She is asking him to cozy up to Mrs. Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny demanded that Ben tell him about Will. Sonny was ready to give up and walk out on him when Ben told him that he wouldnít know what happened to Will. Paul wanted to go in the interrogation room because he didnít believe what Ben was telling Sonny. Rafe and Hope tried to figure out how Ben got out of Bayview. They werenít sure if he was working alone. Abe called Hope to tell her that he wanted to meet her and Rafe. Kate opened up to Andre about the type of person Will was. Kate regretted not spending enough time with Will. They talked about Lucas drinking briefly. Andre asked Kate if she heard about Ben. Andre wondered if she thought that Ben could have told the truth. She wasnít sure what to think. JJ told Paul that he saw Willís body so he knew that he wasnít alive. Ben told Sonny that he knew he believed him because he was hanging on his every word. Marlena told John that she thought that Ben could be telling the truth because of the things theyíve seen happen. Abe made a decision about who he wanted to be commissioner. John was willing to believe it because of what Stefano did to them. Kate was worried about how Lucas would react to what Ben said about Will.

Marlena apologized to John for going on about Will. John wanted Will to be alive too, but he did feel bad for Paul. Ben didnít want to tell Sonny anymore about Will. Paul and JJ walked in the room while they were talking. JJ yelled at Ben to tell the truth about Will. Paul tried to convince Sonny that Will was dead. Marlena thought about when she officiated Willís wedding. Kate and Andre had an awkward moment and almost kissed. Ben knew that Sonny believed him. Paul wanted to leave before Ben told more lies. Sonny agreed to leave. Paul wanted to get married. Sonny told Paul that he couldnít marry him. Ben blamed Abby for why he killed in the first place. JJ pulled out his gun and put it in Benís face.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna gives Finn tea for a gift to give Cassandra at their meeting. Finn is unsure of this but Anna insists that it is going to be fine. Finn goes to his meeting and lies to Cassandra that something is wrong with her. He cannot treat her unless she comes back with him to Port Charles. Finn goes back to the pub where Anna wants to listen in on her conversations. She admits the tea was actually a bug. Finn admits that he forgot to give it to her. Anna thinks he is a terrible spy. Finn reminds her that he isn’t one. Valentin presents Nina with an anniversary gift. Nina informs him that it is not their anniversary. Valentin explains that it is for the first time they met. Nina remembers it was a one-night stand. Valentin thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Nina opens her present to find neckless which she wonders if it was stolen. Valentin promises that it wasn’t. The two end up making love. Nina ends up going into work and Valentin gets a call. It is Cassandra. She wants to know everything that he knows on Finn and Port Charles.

Sam walks into Jason’s room at the clinic and asks if someone called. Jason says they did but they hung up and didn’t really say a whole lot. Sam recalls the number to find out that it was Griffin’s. She calls the hospital to see if he has any information for her. She ends up finding out he is out of the country but her test results came back saying she is perfectly fine again. The end up hugging in celebration. In the church in Russia, Griffin offers patient six his phone again if he needs it. Patient six turns him down. Griffin insists on giving him money. He wonders if he knows of a clinic around here and Patient six gives him directions. Griffin thanks him and they both wish each other well on their journey’s. The priest comes back in with shoes for patient six and asks if there is anything else he needs. Patient six needs to get home. The priest might have a way to help him. At the clinic, Ava is being held against her will. She begs to be let go but Klein says she will never leave this clinic again. He plans to drug her. When he goes to inject her though, Griffin storms in and injects Klein instead.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dina barges into Jack's office and demands to know where her laptop is. Jack informs her that Ravi still has and will return it when he is through with it. Dina feels that Jack is still angry with her over the fact that she had sent Victor pics of Jack and Nikki kissing. Sharon and Alice are in the car, driving, Sharon is taking Alice home to get her things so she can leave this town before the henchmen catch up with her. Mariah and Tessa bring Crystal home to Sharon's. Crystal is relieved to be away from the sex trafficking ring. Alice worries that Sharon will turn her in to the police but Sharon denies that she will turn her in to the police. Victor gives Abby a chance to handle a new client. Victor asks as to how her and Zach are doing. Abby lies and tells him that they are fine. Abby starts to leave but then turns around and tells him that she was lying about her and Zach. Abby goes on to tell Victor how that Zach had been acting. Victor gives Abby helpful advice on dealing with Zach. Abby asks about him and Nikki and if they will ever get back together. Kevin and Gloria have a visit but she is still upset that he lives so far away. Kevin refuses to give her a straight answer as to why he is anxious to get back to Portland. Kevin asks Gloria about her and Jack. Gloria tells him that Jack had thrown her over for Nikki but she had met a new man named Graham. Nick walks into the Athletic Club and is on the phone with the bank as he is trying to find out as to what had happened to his money. Nikki notices that he is worried and wants to know what is wrong but Nick refuses to tell what is wrong. When Nikki questions him as to what is going on, he stalls in giving her an answer. Dina warns Jack that Victor may try to win Nikki back. Dina tries to tell Jack how much she loves him but Jack tells her that he wishes that he could believe her. Nick finds out that his account is drained of all his money. Tessa tells Crystal that she is safe now. The henchman talks to Zach on the phone and they make plans to get rid of Alice. Sharon reminds Alice of the good deed she had done in letting Crystal go.Sharon also reminds Alice of the dangers that she is still in unless she gets out of town.

Nick sees Kevin at the Athletic Club and they discuss Chloe but Kevin still will not forgive Nick for what he had done to Chloe which supposedly resulted in her death. Sharon comes home to Mariah, Tessa and Crystal. Paul is called to help. Paul arrives and takes Crystal into protective custody until they can find the rest of the sex trafficking ring. Alice is in her car, counting her money when one of the henchmen jumps into the car beside her. She jumps out but right into the path of another car. The money goes in every direction.

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