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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While working on their jewelry line, Quinn confides in Ivy that things are going so well between her and Eric. She cannot believe she could have lost him. And she does not intend to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder; Sheila is gone and she likes it that way. And she is glad that Eric can see through her and knows how dangerous she is. But none of them should be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to Sheila. Quinn says Ivy is so effecient that she should have just stayed home with Eric. Ivy thanks her for the compliment and says she is just glad that Sheila is not trying to worm her way back into the house. Quinn agrees; she needs to keep Sheila away from her family because when Sheila is around trouble always follows. Sheila, under another name, is working at Il Giardino as a waitress and happens to spot Katie and Wyatt and thinks they look a little more than friends. She keeps looking in their direction. They must wait until a table is ready and find a cozy corner. Wyatt wants a little kiss and then decides who needs lunch at all. They could make sandwiches at her place or better yet just skip lunch altogether. He is starving but not for food. Sheila smirks when she sees them kissing. Meanwhile Eric talks to one of his newest employees at home and assures him that he likes the way he has made things more efficient and Quinn appreciates it too. An estate manager is huge to him as he has a big family. While all of them do not live here they are always in and out and he wants things to run smoothly. They all consider this a safe haven where they can be safe and have their privacy. So he wants Matteo to be his official Estate Manager. They shake on it. Matteo thanks him and says he will not let him or Mrs. Forrester down.

Quinn starts in on Ivy’s love life; she deserves to be happy. Ivy says she is not going to put a jinx on it but she does have someone new. Then Quinn mentions that Wyatt has not returned her texts in hours and he too needs to find someone. Ivy says maybe he has and just keeping it quiet. Quinn says no they always shared everything. If he was dating she would know about it. Wyatt and Katie barely make it through the door and he won’t let her fix lunch…..this is more important. There is a knock at Eric’s door and it turns out to be Sheila. He thought she had left L. A. She wants to come in but he sort of blocks the door. She says she is not there to cause him harm and she has made some changes in her life. She asks if Quinn is there and can she please come in. He lets her in and asks about these changes. She says she has a job; she is a server at Il Giardino. She knows she is not going to turn her life around in one little second but she is going to try and this job is a good start. Matteo comes in to tell Eric something and does not realize he has company. Sheila is impressed and Eric says yes that is his new Mr. Fix-It. But he thinks it is time for her to leave but she can’t go without telling him that she just came from work and if she had not seen it with her own two eyes she would not believe it – she saw Quinn’s son kissing Katie. She sees that Eric doesn’t necessarily believe her but she had told him once that she would not hold back any truth from him. She assumes Quinn does not know. Eric wonders if she could be mistaken or it was just a friendly little kiss. She says no. They seemed to be in a hurry to get out before they even ate and she left too to come here and lo and behold she ended up seeing them go to Katie’s house. She thinks he ought to go see for himself. As Sheila leaves she runs into Matteo on the porch. They exchange pleasantries and she asks his name and he says he recalls seeing her before, it’s Ms. Carter. She says yes and the pleasure is all hers in meeting him. Eric knocks on Katie’s door but inside they are too busy to even hear it. Then he calls out her name and they are still going hot and heavy. They didn’t even wait to go upstairs, they are in a chair. Eric pushes the door in and Katie shrieks in embarrassment.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben crushed the double wedding. Abby thought she was going crazy. She only focused on Ben and told him that she wouldn’t let him win. She stood up to him and told him that he wouldn’t hurt her family. She ran up to him and punched him. Rafe and JJ put handcuffs on Ben. Ben told everyone that he stole keys. Ben wanted to get revenge on Andre for what he did to his father. Ben admitted that he was there because he had something to say. Abby wanted to know that he wasn’t there for her. He was there to talk to Sonny. Sonny yelled at Ben about what he did for him and how he took the most important thing away from him. Ben wanted to tell Sonny something, but he wouldn’t let him talk. Sonny wanted him out and didn’t want to listen to him. Rafe and JJ pulled Ben out the door while he shouted that Will was alive.

Marlena thought Ben was lying. No one wanted to believe him. The police were about to take Ben when he warned Sonny he wouldn’t know the truth if he let them take him away because he would be on drugs. Sonny changed his mind and wanted to hear what he had to say. Paul and Chad didn’t think it was a good idea to talk to Ben. Sonny agreed so Ben was taken away. Everyone decided to go on with the ceremony. Ben screamed that he wasn’t lying about Will. JJ yelled at Ben while he was at the station. Rafe tried to stop him. Ben wanted to make amends. Ben taunted JJ so Rafe threw him out of the interrogation room. Paul wanted Sonny to forget what Ben said so they could get married. Abby started her vows again. Sonny thought about when he first met Will as well as other memories with him. Sonny couldn’t go through with the wedding anymore. He wanted to find out if Will was really alive. Paul didn’t think he should believe Ben. Sonny apologized and left the church. Paul went after Sonny Justin asked Chad and Abby if they wanted to go through with the wedding. Chad and Abby decided to postpone the wedding. Sonny arrived at the station to talk to Ben. Hope and Rafe didn’t think it was a good idea. But he needed answers. He went in to the interrogation room to talk to Ben.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael shows back up at Nelle’s house and confronts her on the missing ring. She claims that she did know where it was but didn’t want Sharon to have it. She feels that it is all she has left of her love for Zack and doesn’t want Sharon or her family to take it away from her. Michael feels that if Morgan had died giving Bobbie’s ring to someone he would have been upset as well if they had not given it back. Nelle cannot believe that he is siding with Sharon. Michael leaves needing time to think about all of this. Alexis slips in front of David at the hospital. He helps her up and offers to fix her shoe. Sam walks over and Alexis cannot believe she is trying to set her up with someone. She doesn’t want to date right now. Sam wonders if it is because she is afraid Julian might find out. Alexis just doesn’t think it is the right time. Sam leaves. David comes back. He tries asking her on a date but Alexis claims that her ex is in jail, her father tried to take over the world by freezing it, and she once posed as a butler. David would love to hear more about the butler story. Alexis agrees to go on a date with him.

Franco goes to visit Jason at the clinic. He has brought a bear and a bunch of balloons. Jason wants to know why he came to visit him when he was in the ICU. Franco initially claims he didn’t but then admits he did when Jason remembers what he said. Franco says that it was a misunderstand and it had nothing to do with him. Sam shows up as Franco is leaving. She ends up getting called to the parking garage because her car is making an alarm sound. She leaves her phone. In Russia, Klein tells Ava that she is not getting any more treatments and she is going to be stuck here. Patient six runs into a priest who offers him shoes. While he waits, Griffin shows up and offers patient six his phone. He calls Sam’s phone. Jason answers but patient six says nothing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily tell Mattie and Charlie they are getting a divorce but make it clear to the twins that they both love them and will raise them together. Cane tells Lily that he will always love her and then they both say a painful goodbye to each other. Sharon advises Alice to get out of the sex trafficing business and then Leon arrives with Crystal and he realizes he has been set up by Alice. Leon points a gun at Sharon, Alice Crystal , Tesa and Mariah but Alice distracts Leon and they struggle for the gun Alice grabs the gun and she allows Leon to get away then Leon calls Zack to tell him they have a big problem. Victor offers Noah a lease to a building in St Lous where they could put another Underground location Noah takes the idea to Nick and both Nick and Chelsea think that this is a part of one of Victor's schemes. Nick tells Noah they will find a location in St Loius and he will use his own money to buy a building one they find the right building. Nick checks his bank account on hios phone and is shocked to find he has no funds.

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