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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy repeats it; Bill has a friend as long as she is around. He appreciates that. Liam tells Wyatt that his dad lies, cheats and steals and he is tired of that man who is his father. And he thinks Wyatt gives him a pass because he is their father. But Wyatt makes up for Liam’s weaknesses so he can use his help with the business the way it should be run. Nothing could stop them. Wyatt says Spencer Publications is a major corporation and they have no experience in running it and there will be huge complications if they fail. Liam says they will not fail. Wyatt says he cannot be on his side. He will always be on his dad’s side and payback will be a bitch. Bill and Steffy enjoy a cold beer after an afternoon ride. She says she knows he and Liam will work this out. She confides in Bill that she and Liam have tried but she is not pregnant yet. And she knows Brooke will come back to him and if she doesn’t then she will regret it. And another woman will come into his life to make him forget Brooke ever existed.

Ridge stays behind after moving Brooke home. He starts hinting that she has a lot of room here, a lot more than his loft. She sees where he is heading and says his place is just right for a bachelor. Ridge tells Brooke that Forrester’s exists because of four people – his dad, his mom, and the two of them. Others can run it but they know they owe it to them. And Bill was given the most precious gift and threw it away and Ridge is grateful that he showed his true colors before she got too caught up. He and Brooke’s world is the same and it makes them happy. She is a Forrester creation and do not forget that. She wishes there was something at Forrester she could do. He says there is. He wants her to find her space again and he thinks with Steffy as CEO she will more than welcome that too. He wants her around and not just in the office. He likes her passion and her drive. He feels like they have wasted enough time already. He thought it was always going to be the two of them but he was foolish and reckless but he has learned his lesson. Liam tells Wyatt that this is his chance to do the right thing. Wyatt says his dad is wrong and he has expressed that sorrow and it would help if there was a little regret in Liam’s voice. Wyatt says he has never heard that sound in Bill’s voice at Liam before and he will be back at him. He can hurt him in ways that he never will imagine. Steffy talks of Bill’s accomplishments and praises him. He says he is the one who is grateful that he has someone as smart and lovely as she is in his family. Wyatt tells Liam that his dad is never going to be happy with this with Liam in control and giving away his money. He’s living in a fantasy world. He begs Liam to find a way to back down and get along with Bill. Liam says it is Wyatt that needs to back down as there is nothing more that man can do to him. In saying goodbye to Bill Steffy says she is going to fix this.







Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone getting married got a text that Father Louie couldn’t marry them. They decided to find a way to get married anyway. The guests arrived at the church. Sonny remembered that Adrienne was ordained, but Bonnie said she couldn’t do it. Justin overheard them talking and offered to officiate at the wedding. Chad called Abby to let her know they could get married. Gabi, Eli, and Arianna went to the church, but left a flower behind. Someone walked up and grabbed the flower. The wedding got started.

Justin started making a speech at the wedding. Justin asked if there was any reason why the couple shouldn’t get married when someone walked in the church. Doug and Julie were the ones who walked in the church. Brady, Andre, and Maggie made speeches before the couples got married. Chad/Abby and Sonny/Paul lit candles before they started with their vows. Paul and Sonny started their vows first. Abby started her vows when someone walked in the church.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

After Sam leaves for her doctor’s appointment with Alexis, Elizabeth shows up with Jake. He shares with him the pictures that he put together for Monica. He didn’t put the picture of him and Franco in it though. Jason wonders what he means by that. Elizabeth reminds Jake that it wasn’t a picture of Jason but a picture of a neighbor boy. Jake really thinks that it looked like Jason though. Elizabeth agrees but it wasn’t. At GH, Franco runs into Griffin who is trying to get into contact with Anna over Ava. Franco wonders what is going on with Ava. Griffin tells him how she is in Russia and he is trying to save her. Franco thinks he should stay away from her kind of trouble. Griffin needs to make sure she is ok. Franco tells him that if he has a general area of where she is then that he should go and find her. Griffin agrees. Later, Jason runs into Jake and Elizabeth and is informed that Jason could hear them talk while in the coma. They go to Jake’s appointment with Andre. Jason calls Franco and thinks it is time they talk.

Dillon finds Kiki at Kelly’s with David. David has to get back to work. Kiki wonders if Dillon is jealous of David. Dillon is not jealous of him at all. Kiki wonders if he will walk her back to work. David talks to Sam and Alexis about her appointment and Sam tries to hook Alexis and David up. Kristina goes to Parker’s classroom to announce to her that she has dropped out of school. She wants to be able to be with Parker. Parker is unsure if this is the best idea though but Kristina promises that it will. Parker asks her to dinner that night and Kristina accepts. In Russia, Ava has had her first round of surgery and struggles with if she should help patient six. In his room, patient six drops the paperclip but Ava picks it up for him. He manages to get out of all the chains. He tells Ava to get back to her room. A man shows up and he ends up beating him unconscious. Patient six thanks Ava and says that he owes her. While she is in her room, Klein gets a call that Patient six has escaped. Patient six is seen running down a hall and clearly has Jason’s old face.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Alice fainted after mistaking Mariah for her deceased adopted daughter, Cassie. While passed out, Alice remembered her time with Cassie. Tessa interrogated Alice about Crystal and the sex ring. Mariah's sudden arrival forced Sharon and Scott to cut their romantic evening short. Sharon was horrified when Mariah confessed that Alice was tied up in the stables. Mariah asked Sharon for details on Alice's relationship with Cassie. Sharon and “Cassie” urged Alice to do the right thing. Alice revealed that Crystal was in New York City with a man named Leon. Sharon untied one of Alice's hands, gave her a phone and told her to have Crystal brought home. Abby assumed that Sharon and Scott had problems since they were so different. Scott informed her that opposites attract. Abby predicted that Sharon and Scott wouldn't last.

Cane accused Jordan of making plans to move in on Lily. Jordan insisted that Cane was wrong, but Cane didn't believe him. Cane was adamant that his marriage was far from over. Hilary urged Lily to try to salvage her marriage. Lily refused to take Hilary's advice and threw her out. Lily told Michael that although she still loved Cane, she wanted a divorce. Lily did not want to break the news to Cane, so Michael promised to do so on her behalf. Lily sought reassurance from Jordan, who told her that he couldn't tell her what to do. Lily wasn't sure if she was doing what was best. She wondered why this had to happen to her family. Hilary told Cane that he could save his marriage by convincing Juliet to return to Japan. Michael informed Cane that Lily wanted a divorce. Hilary told Juliet that if she stayed in town, Cane would resent her. Juliet refused to leave because she thought she had a chance with Cane. Devon wondered why Kevin seemed uneasy when Devon talked about his romance with Mariah. Devon described his relationship with Mariah as solid. Kevin hinted that this might not be the case. Devon sensed that Kevin wanted Mariah back, and Kevin insisted that he only wanted to be Mariah's friend and that she had no feelings for him.

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