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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam over the phone it is not supposed to be father against son. Liam says and a son should not have to keep his dad out of prison. Bill says Wyatt is the only one with him and he has filled him in on all the details. Wyatt tells Liam that his dad was wrong but surely Liam has made a mistake. Liam says this was not a mistake. It was a continuation of lies and he will not keep going along with that. Liam tells Steffy that she cannot understand this as her family is headed by a true patriarch but his by a egomaniac. RJ, Coco, Maya, Rick and Ridge gather with flowers and welcome Brooke home. She is touched and thanks them all. RJ says it simply wasn’t the same without her. They eat lunch and Rick tells her that he knows she did not abandon them when she became a Spencer but the Forrester side of her is needed right here. Wyatt shows up at Liam’s and says Alison says he was expected. Liam says shaming him will not work as Bill already tried that. Liam says they can call him the cat rescuer and do-gooder but he wonders what drives Wyatt unless it is just greed. Wyatt says this is no game show and has Liam forgot just where he came from. Maybe he does not want Wyatt for his brother anymore since he shuts him out of his plans. If Liam takes his dad out of the equation then nothing will connect them then. Wyatt tells him that Liam thinks everything in this world is rotten only he is not.

Steffy tells Bill that she really tried to talk to Liam but she got nowhere. Steffy says he is stubborn and he came by it honestly. Bill says he grew up where you did not owe anyone anything. You did not have to answer to anyone, but he realizes now you do owe people and he is thankful for Steffy for being on his side and he owes her. She grabs her helmet and challenges him to a ride on the Harley. Brooke tells Ridge that he didn’t have to stay and help her unpack. She bounces back pretty good from hotel to hotel and from house to house. And he is helping by stepping in now. Wyatt tells Liam for a long time he was resentful of Liam because he got things from Bill and he didn’t. Liam accuses Wyatt of being Bill’s mini-me. Liam says whatever Bill is filling his ear with he can guarantee him that is not the full story. Liam goes back and mentions Thomas; he was the one who gave Sally a second chance and the minute it looked like she was gonna succeed then Bill torched her place. Bill thanks Steffy for this chance to be himself again. She smiles and says he better get used to it as long as she is around he has a friend.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready for the wedding. A patient was getting agitated at the hospital. Bonnie saw Marlena, Paul, and John and tried to walk away. They saw her and asked her how she was feeling. They were surprised that she was so calm on her sonís wedding day. She tried to cover up how she was acting. Marlena asked about Hattieís hearing. Hattie had to do some time in jail. Paul told Marlena and John what Lucas said while he was drunk. Marlena was surprised that Lucas was drinking again. Marlena told Paul that Will knew that Sonny loved him. Andre gave Chad his pocket watch for the wedding. Jennifer and JJ helped Abby get ready for the wedding. A nurse and an orderly talked about the missing key in front of the patient. The patient pulled out the key and put it back in his pocket.

Justin and Victor talked about the hit on Deimos. Justin wanted to know how many people knew about it Victor said it was just family. Bonnie walked in on them and wanted to know what they were talking about. Paul didnít know what vows to write so John and Marlena told him about their vows. The nurse thought that the patient would be asleep, but he knocked her out. He managed to get out of the restraints. Kate and Andre talked about working together to keep the DiMeras in control of the company. Andre agreed, but wanted new rules for their marriage. Victor didnít want to tell Bonnie about his conversation. Victor told her to get ready for her sonís wedding. She showed off her revealing dress. Justin wanted her to wear the dress he liked. Justin and Victor noticed that she was acting weird. Victor admitted that Bonnie came on to him. Justin was shocked by that. Victor explained what Bonnie did, but Justin didnít believe that she did that. Andre didnít want Kate to kiss Roman anymore. She agreed to his rule. She didnít want Andre pulling any stunts. Andre wanted them to trust each other. The patient stabbed the orderly with a needle and snuck out of the room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Felicia and Mac show up to the Man landers event when Spinelli starts accusing Nathan of cheating on Maxie with Amy. Nathan insists that is not the case and admits that he is Man Landers. The crowed goes wild when they hear this. Spinelli spends the rest of the evening trying to prove that Nathan is not Man Landers though even if Maxie insists that he is. Carly talks with Michael about him not going to Bobbie’s ceremony. Michael doesn’t want to go because he knows how Bobbie will act about Nelle regardless if she is there or not with him. Carly is not happy with this. At Nelle’s apartment, Sharon has shown up. She gives Nelle a hard time. Michael shows up and wants her to leave. Sharon informs Nelle that the case against her is still open. She wants her grandmothers wedding ring back. Nelle claims she doesn’t have it anymore. Sharon leaves and then Nelle is called into work. Michael starts to unpack her things and the engagement ring falls out.

Carly and Sonny go to visit Jason and he explains to them that he is officially done with the business. He wants to be there for Sam and his children. He says the only way to do that though is to be away from them. They claim that they understand. Monica and Elizabeth show up and are so happy that he is alive. Sonny and Carly in the hallway discuss Michael and how worried Carly is for him. Sonny wants her to relax because things are probably fine. Carly is not sure because what Sharon told her sounds exactly like what Michael is doing now with skipping out on Bobbie’s event. Everyone, leaves Jason alone and Monica accidently leaves a post card from Franco’s art show. He is glad he was in a coma for this. He turns it around and sees the painting of the twins. At GH, Franco discovers that Andre bought his painting. Franco opens up to Andre about the painting and goes into a full blown session admitting everything. He decides he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore though. Andre feels that there is more to discuss though.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tessa and Mariah are in a car, heading for Alice's house to see if they can get Alice to tell them where Crystal is. Mariah makes Tessa nervous by asking her if she has a plan. Scott and Sharon discuss the sex trafficking ring over dinner at the Athletic Club. Abby and Zach walk in and Abby is less than happy that Zach mentions joining Scott and Sharon for dinner. Zach explains to Abby as to why he wants to have dinner with them. Scott and Sharon discuss as to how to get more information on the sex ring. Abby and Zach walk up and asks if they can join them for dinner. Mariah wants to call the police about this whole mess but Tessa fears that she will never see Crystal again. Tessa tells Mariah that she has a plan that she may not go along with. Cane and Lily have a talk about the children and them wanting their lives to get back to normal and for Cane to come home. Cane asks Lily as to what she wants. Lily admits that she still loves him no matter what but then she starts to tell him about the things that could happen concerning Juliet's child. Alice gets her "girls" ready for their big dates. Hilary is having a drink at the Athletic Club dining room when Devon stops by to talk to her. They begin to discuss Lily and how that Jordan is attracted to her. Devon admits that he will let no one hurt Lily. Lily gets up and opens the door and tells Cane to please go through tears in her eyes. Lily admits that she cannot get past him fathering a child with Juliet. Juliet looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about her conversation with Cane in the hospital where he tells her that he will never let something happen to the baby.

Devon and Hilary discuss Jordan and how he may be going after Lily if she and Cane doesn't reconcile. Lily and Devon talk about the things that has been happening between her and Cane and how it upsets the children. Cane walks up and tells Hilary that Lily cannot get past him having a child with Juliet. Cane tells Hilary that he will never quit fighting for his family. Sharon talks to Faith on the phone and tells her to have a good time. Scott joins Sharon and she tells him about the phone call. Scott senses that no one is there and that they have the house all to themselves. Scott and Sharon begin to kiss. Mariah has Alice tied up in the Newman barn. When Alice sees Mariah she passes out "cold."

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