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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy hugs Bill. He says he hates anyone to see him this way. She reminds him he is human and okay to be vulnerable. He thanks her for listening. She says anything she can do just ask and she will do it. Sally grabs Liam’s arm and shows him some of her improvements. She says it is all because of him and he thinks it is incredible. She says again it is all because of him and she cannot thank him enough. He wonders what else does she need. She replies an architect and a builder. Katie tells Wyatt that Brooke just took her rings off. He says wow, he feels like they just got married and he cannot believe he cheated on her so he’d like to know what Brooke said. He knows that when Bill wants something he will stop at nothing to get it. And now has this whole Liam power trip on with Bill away and it makes no sense. He mentions the word fire and sees the reaction on Katie’s face and asks if there is a connection. He says he thought they were close enough that she could tell him anything. She says normally yes, but this she cannot. He badgers her and says she does not have to tell him; he knows his dad must have had something to do with the fire. Steffy is glad that Bill is on the same page as Liam on some things but this one is not going to be easy. Bill says Liam is one lucky person to have such an incredible woman as she. He appreciates the support. She says the pleasure is hers. He says she is wonderful and not bad to look at. He does not know what he will do without her. Liam tells Sally that he thinks he knows a way to help her. She wants to hear all about it. He tells her that his dad still has his architects on contract and this would be nothing for them compared to what they did for Sky. She is ecstatic and hugs him, agreeing again to pay him back.

Wyatt goes straight to Bill and accuses him of burning down Spectra. He does not even have to deny it as he figured it out all by himself. The only thing he did not see is that Liam forced Bill out and blackmailed him for CEO. Wyatt cannot believe Bill is letting him do this. Bill says he is not, but Liam recorded his confession when he had no idea he was being recorded. He realizes he should not have had the fire set but does he deserve to lose all of this and his wife too. There is no changing it. But a son stabbing his father in the back - that is unforgivable. He gave him everything and this is the way that Liam repays him. He will hit him so hard that he won’t know what struck him. Bill says Liam does not care if he calls the police and Bill goes away for years. He wants the rooftop for his Brussels sprouts and kale instead of Bill’s helicopter landing. Steffy asks Liam if he cannot just sit down and speak with Bill as he regrets what he has done and is willing to work it out. Liam says Bill will not change and talking will do no good. Bill calls and says they can work together if he can just quit this blackmail. They can go back to being a family. Liam puts the recording up to the phone and lets Bill listen to it one more time. Bill tells him okay, take the company in a new direction but he has to destroy the recording and do it NOW.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Hope talked with Kayla about Jennifer not being at the party. They talked about how different ďAdrienneĒ was acting since she got together with Justin. Justin let Abby know that her marriage to Dario was annulled. Brady was about to drink when Paul walked in on him. Brady claimed he wanted to get it for him. The guys arrived at the pub for the bachelor party. Abby showed up at TBD for her party. Abby was disappointed that her mother wasnít there. Chadís bachelor party got started as well. The guys werenít excited about the plans Andre had for the party. Abby opened her presents and talked to the ladies about her honeymoon. Chad, Sonny, Theo, and Justin were bored at Andreís party so they decided to crash Paulís party. Paul, Brady, Steve, Rafe, and Roman were having a good time at the pub. JJ got a stripper for Paul and he turned out to be someone Paul knew.

Gill turned out to be Paulís old boyfriend. Gill wanted to have one last fling with Paul before he got married. Sonny, Justin, Theo, and Chad arrived before Paul could answer his question. Sonny wasnít happy about seeing Paul with Gill. The ladies gave Abby advice about marriage. She was grateful for their tips. Paul was flattered by Gillís suggestion. Gill understood that he didnít want to be with him. Sonny approached Paul and they briefly talked about how happy they were about getting married. Hope and Kayla briefly talked about her possible promotion. They also talked about whether Kayla resented Steve for getting closer to Tripp. Kayla admitted that it was hard to watch them together. She also said she resented Steve a little for it. Hope advised Kayla to talk to Steve about the way she felt. Steve talked to Rafe about whatís going on with Kayla. Rafe told him that he should be patient with her because people handle things differently. A patient at the hospital saw Abby and Chad on a magazine. The patient was strapped to a bed, but had keys in his hands.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

In the bar in Monaco, Finn finds Anna after his meeting with Cassandra. She informed him that this was the last time they would be seeing each other. Anna doesn’t think that is the case and insists that they will see each other again. Finn explains to her that there is nothing to discuss because the woman is perfectly fine. He wants to know why Anna is so obsessed with Valentin. Anna just wants to prove if he is a changed man or not. Finn gets a text from Cassandra wanting to meet with him again. At the Metro Court, Amy is prepping for the Man Landers showing. Nina shows up and wants to make sure that Nathan will be fine. Amy thinks that everything will be ok. Quinn demands to know where Nathan is. At their apartment, Spinelli shows up and is sorry he hasn’t figured out who Man Landers is. Maxie says that is fine and Nathan and her have to get going. He follows them and hides in the crowed. Maxie comes up with a way that keeps Man landers a secret and Quinn loves it. There are multiple Man Landers in attendance all wearing hates and shades. Nathan finds Amy outside and comforts her that everything will be fine. Spinelli confronts them and thinks that Nathan is cheating on Maxie. Nathan explains that he is really Man Landers and the crowed overhears and starts going wild.

Michael and Nelle are at her apartment unpacking all her things. They end up having sex. Michael remembers he has to go to Bobbie’s reception for her years of service at GH. Nelle doesn’t want to go though. Michael decides that they will both not go then. Nelle doesn’t want to get involved in this though. Michael thinks it will be fine. He will just take Bobbie out to dinner. At Kelly’s, Carly and Bobbie talk before Sharon shows up. Carly discusses her brother’s death but Sharon gets to emotional. Sharon explains though that Nelle convinced Zack that his family hated her and got him to stop spending time with them, even though no one had ever said anything. Nelle then got him to change his will and took him up to Maine for no reason. Later, Michael runs into Carly and he tells her that he is not going to Bobbie’s ceremony because of Nelle. Sharon shows up at Nelle’s house and knows she is up to her old tricks again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley doesn't want to believe that Billy used Phyllis' computer and Dina's password. She tries to tell Tessa how she feels to break into Jabot's main server when Jack tells her his theory but when Ravi agrees with Jack she finally believes it and is hurt that Billy would do such a thing to his family. Jack tells Ravi that he plans to give Brash and Sassy false information. Victoria tells Billy that Jack and Phyllis are working together against them but Billy defends Phyllis and tells Victoria to concentrate on Jack and make sure he doesn't bring down Brash and Sassy. Mariah tries to tell Tessa how she feels about her but when Tessa tells her that she feels like she is part of her family like Crystal. Mariah decides not to say anything to her. Zach tells Natalia that she is one of his special girls and she shouldn't make trouble or else she will be sorry. Alice tells Natalia that Tessa is safe and in a good place. Natalia sends a text to Tessa to tell her what she has discovered about Crystal. Abby tells Zach that Scott is doing a story about sex trafficking unaware that he is the leader of the sex trafficking ring. Jack tells Phyllis that there wasn't a security breech and that she doesn't have anything to worry about because he wants to use Phyllis to give Billy false information about Jabot without her even knowing she is doing it.

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