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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sharon drops in on Liam at the office and says his changes have meant so much and she just wanted to thank him. Bill walks in and says he has had enough. This day is over. He harps at Liam that the blackmail days are over. Liam will resign today as CEO. Bill will be back in charge. Rick cannot believe his mother that her marriage is over but he is glad she is home. Katie walks in and realizes too that Brooke is not wearing her ring. They all want to know what Bill did to cause this. Ridge and Steffy tell Ivy that they and Quinn appreciate her stepping up. Both are happy to hear that Eric has forgiven Quinn and himself as well. And both wonder how this leaves him with Brooke. He says her break with Bill is not temporary. She has taken off her rings and is not going back. But they both wonder what he could have done to make Brooke leave him so soon. Alone Katie tells Brooke that she can see she is in pain. Whatever it is she can tell her. Bill is the father of her child so she has a right to know what he did. She begs Brooke to tell her. Brooke brings up the fire and Katie does not want to believe it – Bill had something to do with the fire. Bill tells Liam that he is spunky and he admired that for a moment but that is over. Liam says this is no game and there is no blackmail, just call it karma. He wishes he had another father; one that would not destroy other people’s lives. Bill smiles and says he regrets all that he has done but he will not sit idly by now and watch his first son run the company into the ground.

Ridge tells Steffy that what Brooke needs now is a friend not someone who will pursue her and he would like to get the family back together. Katie goes berserk that Bill had the fire started and Sally could have been killed. Brooke admits that it scares her for Bill to do the things he does to get what he wants. Liam continues with his dad that he loved him, he respected him but then he constantly crosses the line. Bill says yeah there he goes - Liam the judge, jury and executioner. Liam says at least he is not the arsonist. Bill says he is not an unreasonable man. He is willing to meet Liam in the middle for the changes he wants to make. Liam confides in him that he bought the Spectra building and then gave it back to Sally. Bill about busts a gut and says oh he feels so much better now. Sally will never be able to pay him back. Liam says it was for restitution. Bill says enough is enough; he is taking the company back. Liam looks him squarely in the eye and says that is not Bill’s call, it is his and he will call the police before he turns the company back to Bill. Bill picks up the phone and dares him to do that. Liam yells at him not to force him. Steffy bursts in and tells Liam that he is going off the rails and has to stop this. Liam starts to leave and tells Bill to go or he will call security. Bill tells Steffy that he’s had it with his son. Brooke tells Katie that she never thought Bill would go this far. Katie says she is so sorry and hugs Brooke. Steffy tells Bill that what he did was wrong on so many levels but he does not deserve this and Brooke walking out too. Bill does not know how he is going to deal with all of this. She turns him around and hugs him and says he is not alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie overheard Victor talking to Xander about the plan to kill Deimos. Bonnie got off the phone and Maggie walked in on her. Chad assured Abby that they would find Dario so they could get married. Hope and Rafe were waiting to find out Abeís decision about the promotion. They wanted to make sure that the other was okay with the decision. Nicole told Brady that she was the new director at the center because Eric quit. Marlena found Eric and wondered if he left town because of Nicole. Bonnie told Maggie that she was working on a story. Maggie went to talk to Victor, but Bonnie interrupted to ask him about his phone call. Victor didnít want to tell her anything. Abby and Chad find Dario because he left without a trace. Eli and Sheila ran into each other. They argued about something that happened in the past. Gabi walked up on them. Bonnie put Victor on notice about the way he was treating her. Rafe told Chad and Abby that Dario hadnít been in touch with anyone. Chad was still determined to marry Abby. Gabi wanted to know how Eli knew Sheila. Eric didnít want Marlena to tell anyone that he left town because of Nicole. Marlena thought he didnít want anyone to know that he loved her. Nicole showed Brady the note Eric wrote to her. He believed she could do Ericís job. Eric made Marlena promise not to tell Nicole that he was in love with her. Marlena wanted him to change his mind and go back to Salem.

Sheila told Gabi that she and Eli were friends back in the day. Gabi wanted to hear the story when Chad and Abby showed up. They told Eli and Gabi that the wedding had to be pushed back a little. Brady wanted to know why Eric left town instead of firing Nicole. Eric explained his decision to leave town. Sheila ran into Bonnie and wanted to know when she would get her money. Bonnie told her about having a plan to get the money from Victor. Chad and Abby told Gabi about the annulment situation. Gabi let them know that she might be able to help them get in touch with Dario. Nicole called Eric to talk to him. Gabi told Abby and Chad that Dario called her to find out if she was okay. Gabi let Abby use her phone to call Dario. She got in touch with him and she asked him to help her end their marriage. Sheila wanted to know what Bonnie had on Victor, but she decided not to say anything. Sheila wanted to get revenge herself, but she didnít want to talk about it either. Dario agreed to sign the annulment papers. Nicole wanted to know why Eric left the center and Salem. He told her it was in the letter. She wanted to get a chance to say goodbye. He said goodbye to her and hung up the phone.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie wakes up on her couch to find that Nathan is home from work. He doesn’t want to have sex but Maxie wants to be useful for something. Nathan promises that she is. He is just dealing with a lot of stuff between work and the Ask Man Landers show the next day. Maxie explains that she has the perfect idea how to fix it. Nathan and her end up having sex and Nathan thinks that things might actually work. Elizabeth wonders what Griffin plans to do about Ava. Griffin doesn’t know but he needs to make sure she is ok because he doesn’t trust Valentin. Elizabeth wants him to be safe. Griffin thinks he knows what he needs to do. Scott goes to visit Franco at Elizabeth’s house. Franco tells him that he found out about his imaginary friend really being Jason’s twin brother Drew. Scott thinks that he should tell Elizabeth about it but Franco wants to keep it a secret. Elizabeth shows up at home. Scott informs them about the check from the show. It is a lot of money. Elizabeth wonders how things went with Franco’s mother. Franco explains that it was a neighbor child. He thinks that things should be fine for him moving forward.

Sonny says hello to the person on the other end of the phone but they do not answer. Brick shows up and Sonny asks if they can trace the call for him. Brick goes to do so. Griffin shows up and asks for help. Brick shows back up and says the call was from St. Petersburg, Russia. Sonny has no idea who that could be. Griffin explains that Ava is there right now and he needs his help to find her. Sonny doesn’t want to find Ava and doesn’t care if she is safe or not. Griffin is still determined to find her on his own. In Patient’s six’s room, Klein realizes Sonny is on the other end. Klein didn’t realize that patient six was capable of writing or doing anything on the drugs. He calls someone up in the hallway telling them that patient six needs to be out of here as soon as possible. Ava hears this and sneaks into his room. Ava and him speak for a little bit but Ava is not sure she should help him. She could lose her spot here. Patient six suggests that this might make her a better person. He wants her to get him a paperclip. Ava is reluctant until she sees Klein give patient six more drugs. He pretends to sleep and Ava promises to get him a paperclip. She might even do more to help him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis keep Ravi company while he checks the new different computers to find out which one had hacked into Jabot's accounts. Ashley walks up and interrrupts them and asks for a word alone with Ravi. In his office at Jabot, Jack confronts Dina about her sending photos of him and Nikki to VIctor. Dina confesses that she was the one, who had sent the photos. Mariah sees Tessa at the Coffeehouse right before she goes for her recording session. Devon soon joins them and asks Mariah to join them. Mariah tells them that she may jinx Tessa but Devon tries to persuade Mariah that she is not a jinx. In her office at Brash and Sassy, VIctor offers to help Victoria and Billy to come out ahead of Jack but all Billy wants is for him to leave. Victor gets up to leave but VIctoria stops him before he can leave. Victoria explains all to VIctor that Jack had been trying to sabotage her company from the very beginning. VIctor offers to help her by giving her a whole product line of skincare products that will put them way ahead of Jack and Jabot. Billy is reluctant to believe that VIctor would help them without any strings attached. Ravi tells Ashley that he had not leaked any of Jabot's business to Phyllis but that it is Dina's laptop which had been used to leak the information. Jack and Dina continue to argue over the time he spends with Nikki because she is still married to Victor. Mariah visits Kevin at the Chancellor mansion and fills him in on what has been going on in her life but he can tell that she is holding something back. Kevin asks about how things are going between her and Devon but Mariah lets him know that she is attracted to someone else. Victor, Victoria and Billy discuss strategy on how to get ahead of Jabot. Ashley sees the pics of Jack and Nikki kissing on the computer. Ashley defends Dina and her actions. Victoria accepts Victor's help. Mariah tells Kevin that she is attracted to a woman. Tessa records her song. Ashley tells Jack that Jabot had been "hacked" into. Jack wants to know from whom. Jack calls for Ravi. Victor and Dina meet on the elevator.

Dina and Victor discuss the info that she had sent to him. Mariah tells Kevin that she is attracted to Tessa. Victoria and Billy discuss their new product line. Ravi tells Jack that the hacking is an inside job and it is from Phylllis' computer. Graham asks Dina as to who is Ashley's biological father but Dina refuses to divulge any information. Kevin tells Mariah to talk to Tessa about her feelings.

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