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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he has done everything for her that he said he would. She cannot end their marriage without talking it over. So do not take off her wedding ring. Eric wants to talk to Ridge. He says he already was in a bad mood and then he wanted to hurt him by telling him he was not his son anymore. He lashed out and it was hurtful and not true. Ridge is ever bit his son and nothing will ever change that. He doesn’t want to re-hash the whole thing but he wants things right with Ridge again. Ridge says it will be; all he wants is for Eric to be happy. Brooke’s name comes up and Ridge admits it is not a surprise that she left Bill and he is just going along with the flow. Wyatt confides in Katie that Liam bought the Spectra building but turned around and gave it to Sally. She doesn’t understand it but says now Brooke has walked out on Bill. She won’t tell her why. She does not know if this has anything to do with Liam and now him running the company, but clearly something is going on.

Bill tells Brooke that he did something stupid but he did not break his wedding vows and he will not let her break hers. He put that ring on her finger to be forever. They argue again about his having someone torch Spectra. It was wrong and yet he says no one was hurt. She says she loves him but this part of him terrifies her. He cannot always have everything his way. Sally had employees and yet he never thought of them. She is afraid of Bill’s behavior and does not want it in her life. Liam had to turn to blackmail because of his father. She is now thinking of the life she wants to lead and it is not this. She does take off her ring and hands it to Bill. He says he will not take it. He is sorry he let her down. She tells him goodbye and that she will always have her memories but this is it. She makes him open his hand and take the ring. RJ and Ridge walk in while Brooke is crying and thinking of Bill. Ridge hugs her and says he loves her, always will and always be there for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul was concerned that Sonny didnít want to talk about Will. Sonny wasnít comfortable talking about Will to him. Sonny talked to him about Lucas feeling like he didnít care about Will. Abby was upset that she and Chad couldnít get married yet. Abe asked Hope if she talked about the promotion with Rafe. She said she was with Jennifer. Abe told her that Rafe was interested in the position too. Rafe showed up while they were talking. Paul didnít want to get married until they talked about Will. Sonny didnít want to hurt Paul. Sheila reminded Bonnie that she wanted her money from her. Chad assured Abby that they would get married. She was worried about the annulment. Sonny admitted that Lucas thought he was forgetting about Will, but it wasnít true. He said he still thought about Will and he had a dream that Will told him that if he loved him, he wouldnít marry Paul. Bonnie thought Sheila was a broken record. Sheila wanted her money. She thought Bonnie should be going after Justin instead of Victor. Paul understood Sonnyís feelings. Sonny thought he would be upset if the shoe were on the other foot. Paul was secure in his love for Sonny. Sonny wondered if Will knew how much he loved him. Sonny remembered the problems he and Will had, but he loved him. He thought things would be different if he didnít walk away. Paul asked him if he wished things were different. Sonny said he did wish they were different. Justin told Abby and Chad that the judge is considering her case an immigration fraud case. Abby was afraid she would go to jail.

Rafe and Hope talked about who should get the promotion. They cared about each other more than the job. Bonnie said she was interested in Victor to get revenge on Maggie because she stole her husband. They heard Victor talking so they ran off. Justin told Abby that there might be a way that she could get out of the annulment situation. Sonny tried to explain how he wanted things to be different. Paul asked if he wanted to go through with the wedding. Sonny said he loved Paul. Paul felt bad about Will. Sonny told him that it wasnít his fault. Paul wanted to know if he would love him as much as he loved Will. Justin wanted Abby to lie about why she married Dario. She had to say that she loved Dario when she married him. Bonnie tried to entice Victor by wearing a negligee. He wasnít interested. Rafe suggested that they turned down the job, but Hope didnít want to do that. Abby wasnít sure if she could sign a statement saying that she loved Dario when it wasnít true. Chad convinced her to sign the papers. Victor got a call from Xander. He made Bonnie get out of the room. Xander reminded him about the promises he made to him. Victor told him that he was afraid of him. Xander was willing to turn Victor in to the police for plotting Deimosí murder. Victor didnít know that Bonnie was listening in on another phone. Hope thought she and Rafe could survive the promotion. Sonny told Paul that he was his first love and wanted to marry him. Sheila ran into Eli at the town square. They knew each other in the past. Rafe and Hope wanted Abe to decide who go the promotion. Justin told Abby that Dario had to give a sworn statement.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle is in shock that Michael bought her apartment building. Michael asks why she has a problem with it. Nelle points out that his family already thinks she is a gold digging black widow. Michael suggest that she be a tenant with a lease. That way she could keep living there even if something happened between them. Elsewhere, Sonny doesn’t want Carly contacting Nelle’s late fiancé’s family. Carly claims she agrees but when he goes to work, she gets a call from the sister of Zack who asks if it is ok she called. Carly confirms that it is. At Kelly’s, Griffin demands to know where Ava is. Valentin says she is at a clinic. Griffin wants to know where it is so he can make sure she is ok. Valentin suggests that he wait until she gets back if she gets back to ask her. Griffin shoves him against the bar. Valentin tells him to think wisely because he could kill him. He and Nina leave. Elizabeth reminds Griffin that Valentin is a killer.

Betsy admits to Franco that Jason had a twin. Franco remembers his name, Drew. Susan came to Heather and her when she was on the run from Alan. Heather suggested they keep the one baby hidden and the other one would go back to PC for a custody battle. Betsy raised Franco and Drew as twins but Drew had a heart condition and died at age three. She begs Franco to tell no one about this and he agrees. At the long term clinic Jason wakes up from his coma and starts having a seizure. A doctor and nurse run in with Sam to save him. He starts to come to and Jason promises Sam he will never get involved in guns again. Sam is happy. She likes having a non-gun life. At the clinic in Russia, Ava tries to get a name out of patient six but a nurse runs in and thinks that the pen in his hand is a weapon. She calls for the doctor and Klein runs in with two orderly’s. Patient six managers to take down both orderly’s but Klein injects him with more horse tranquilizers and he passes out. They move him to his room. Ava admits she got a phone number. Later in patient six’s room, Klein calls the number and it is Sonny’s. Sonny answers but Klein hangs up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Graham admits to Dina that he sent pictures of Jack and Nikki at the Abbot cabin and used her name and if Victor asks she can tell him that she thought he needed to know the information. Once Victor sees the photos, he sends one to Nikki's phone saying that he doesn't care what she does with her life. Nikki later confronts Victor and tells him to stay out of her life. Victor shows Nikki the envelope and proves to her that Dina sent him the pictures since she thought that he hired someone to spy on her. Nikki leaves Victor's office and heads to Jack's office and tell him the news and Jack has an angry discussion with Dina. Ravi is informed by his technology team that there has been an unauthorized download of research and development information that only Jack and Ashley were authorized to download from the main company server. Ashley thinks that Graham was responsible for the security breach and confronts him about it but he denies the allegations. Victoria orders Billy to stop getting information using Dina's password and Phyllis' computer to get anymore information because she fears he will get caught by Phyllis and it could hurt his relationship with her. Billy and Victoria find out that the relaunched Parker Beauty line is going after Brash and Sassy's core market. Victoria and Billy decide to have a teen makeup line as well as their women's and men's lines. Victor overhears that Billy has stolen Jabot secrets and promises to protect Brash and Sassy if Jack comes after the company, because he always protects his family. Ravi begins his search through all the Jabot computers to see who downloaded the confidential Jabot files.

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