The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/22/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Sally that Liam sees something in her that she doesn’t, but watch out if she takes advantage of his kind, generous heart. Sally says she will pay Liam back every penny. Steffy says good, do not make him regret what he has done. Wyatt rails at Liam that he would not drop that kind of money on a piece of property that his dad wanted and then just give it away. He is digging a big hole for himself to explain when Bill comes back. And then there is Steffy. She is going to go ballistic when she finds out that he gave the Spectra building to another woman. No one does that. Ridge tells Bill that whatever he did must have been pretty big for Brooke to leave. Maybe she is just now realizing that marrying him was a big mistake. He tells Ridge to wipe that big old smile off his face and get the hell out of their lives. RJ tells his mom that he just wishes she would admit it – no other man will ever be the same as his dad. They belong together. Ridge confides in Steffy that Brooke finally threw Bill out. Bill walks on into Brooke’s house saying he is sorry but he did not think she would open the door to him otherwise. He wants her to come home. He says he let his ego and power get control and he wishes he could go back and change that. He even saw Ridge but he did not punch him out. He says he would give a hundred skyscrapers to get her back. Nothing matters more – glass towers, money and power if he does not have her. He begs again for her to please come back.

Liam explains to Wyatt that he is trying to take the company in a whole new direction and he hopes he understands that. Wyatt says no, he is just being a do-gooder and has turned his back on his own family. Liam says he is not saying Sally is perfect but she is trying considering she is not a Spencer. Wyatt still does not understand why Liam gave Sally the building. Liam says he trusts her. Wyatt tells him that he cannot run a business like this built on trust. Surely his Dad taught him more than that. Liam continues to praise Sally and says he is going to see that she gets what she deserves. From the way he is talking Wyatt surmises that Liam has a thing for the redhead. Liam claims he does not; he is only righting a wrong. Wyatt says yeah he is doing a lot of that lately on company policy and that will all change when Bill comes back and Liam will have to pay. Bill tells Brooke that it is no wonder she walked away but he is going to do everything he can to get her respect back and have her come home. He is not going to become a saint or close to it but he will do everything in his power to be worthy of her. They can get through this together. He asks her again to come home with him. She starts twisting her rings and he begs her not to take off her wedding ring.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer and Abby planned the wedding. Jennifer wanted to throw Abby a bachelorette party. Andre wanted to throw Chad a bachelor party. Sonny had a dream about Will. Paul wanted to talk about Will, but Sonny didnít want to talk about it. Nicole went to the center and saw Jason at Ericís desk. He told her that Eric hired him. He also told her that Eric didnít work at the center anymore. Chad was surprised that Andre wanted to throw him a bachelor party. Chad thought he would give him a boring one. It was important for Andre to make amends by giving him a bachelor party. Abby agreed to Jenniferís bachelorette party. Eric ran into Jennifer and Abby because he wanted to talk. Jason told Nicole that Eric quit and that she would have his job. Jason gave Nicole the letter Eric wrote to her. Eric told Jennifer that he resigned and that he was leaving Salem.

Chad and Andre talked about what it would have been like f they got to grow up as brothers. They decided to work on their relationship. Abby saw them hugging. Brady wanted to give Paul a big blow out for his bachelor party. Paul asked Brady how things were going with Eric and Nicole. Brady was sure nothing was going on with them. Jennifer wanted Eric to change his mind about quitting. He told her that Nicole and Jason would do a good job at the center. Jennifer asked him if he was quitting because of her. Chad told Abby that Andre was throwing him a bachelor party. She told him that Jennifer was throwing her a party. Nicole continued to read Ericís letter. He expressed how much he appreciated her forgiving him. She was upset that he wanted to go. Jennifer tried to keep Eric from leaving town, but he wanted a fresh start. She thought he was running away. Brady let Sonny know that he wanted to keep running Titan. Sonny reminded Brady that he was only doing the job temporarily. They ended up arguing over who did a better job running the company. Sonny refused to give up being CEO. Eric had his mind made up so Jennifer finally accepted it. They hugged and said goodbye to each other. Nicole wanted to find Eric before it was too late. Abby told Chad that they might not be getting married. Jennifer and Nicole ran into each other at the town square. She told Jennifer that she had to find Eric, but she was too late. Eric went to a cabin.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Milo confronts Sonny about what he is supposed to be doing when it comes to guarding Joss. He tells him that Carly wants information on what Joss does with Oscar. Sonny says that he shouldn’t have to worry about that. He will talk with Carly about that. Michael later shows up and tells Sonny that he doesn’t care what Carly says. He believes Nelle. Sonny wants him to investigate into Nelle. Michael doesn’t have to. He knows she is fine. He gets a call from Lucy and thanks her. Sonny wonders what real estate investment he made. Michael explains that it is a private deal. He leaves. At Kelly’s, Carly has lunch with Joss. She heard from Milo about her being on the footbridge with Oscar. Joss wanted to tell Oscar about Jason. Carly understands. Nelle walks in and Joss wants her to join them. Carly doesn’t though. Joss thought they were fine. Carly wants Nelle to tell her what happened. Joss claims that it isn’t important. Carly cannot deal with this and leaves. Michael shows up and informs Nelle that he bought her building for her.

Kristina takes Jake and Danny to see Jason in the hospital. Sam tells them to come say hello. Danny curls up in bed with him and they both try talking with him. They drew a picture for him. They then try singing a song to help him feel better. After a while, they kiss him goodbye saying they love him. Kristina takes them to get ice cream. Sam wants him to get better. She is going home to get things in order. She needs to get used to sleeping in their bed without him. She has to fill the fridge. She kisses him goodbye. Later, Jason hears the song that Jake and Danny were singing and Sam’s voice. He opens his eyes. Franco tells Elizabeth about the picture. Elizabeth thinks that it is a coincidence and wonders why Franco cares so much. Franco says that he needs to know what this picture means and he knows that it is Jason. Elizabeth suggests that she go to Betsy and confront her. Franco shows up at Betsy’s house and demands answers. Franco thinks that Jason is his twin. Betsy confirms that there was a twin. Franco assumes that means that Jason was his twin. Betsy says that it wasn’t his twin but there was a twin. At the clinic in Russia, Ava once again sneaks into the sitting room. She finds patient six attempting to stand. She informs him that she wants to help. She asks if he has family. He confirms he does. She wonders if they put him here. He says no. Ava is shocked. She asks what his name is. He writes down a phone number. She assumes this is his family. She notices it is a Port Charles area code.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

When Billy saw Jack dining with Hilary, he assumed that Jack was feeding her lies about Brash and Sassy. Phyllis talked Billy out of confronting the pair. Phyllis suggested that they have a romantic meal and make love instead, and she quickly agreed. Jack confirmed to Hilary that he planned to take down Brash and Sassy, but he declined to elaborate. Victoria and Jack had coffee together and bantered about their companies. Victoria called and interrupted Phyllis and Billy's date. Victoria told Billy that Jack had a big secret project in the works. Billy used Phyllis' computer while she was in the shower. Jack launched his big project, unaware that Billy was downloading the private details of the plan from Jabot's servers. Irv was impressed by Tessa's performance. Tessa was ecstatic when he offered to send her on tour across the Midwest. Scott recognized Irv's date as the prostitute he met while searching for Crystal. Scott and Sharon worked together to distract Irv and stall Natalia so that Tessa could question her. Natalia revealed that Crystal had been sent out of the city. Tessa gave Natalia her number in case she found out anything else. Tessa was relieved to have a possible lead. Sharon and Scott decided to ask Noah to give them Irv's credit card information so they could figure out how he purchased Natalia's services. Devon noticed Mariah's support for Tessa and called her a good friend. Devon asked Mariah to spend the night with him. Noah offered to cancel his trip after Tessa filled him in, but she insisted that he follow his dream.

Juliet told Cane that she kissed him because he was upset. He told her he was better now. Esther felt that Cane had worn out his welcome at the Chancellor house. Kevin learned that Cane had a baby on the way. Cane explained that Lily didn't seem to want to fix the marriage and that he and Juliet were just friends. Juliet told Hilary that Cane leaned on her after the marriage session went poorly. Hilary contended that Cane would have no use for Juliet once she had the baby. Juliet suddenly doubled over in pain, and Hilary took her to the hospital. Juliet insisted that Hilary call Cane. Juliet fantasized about making a family with Cane and the baby. Juliet learned that she might have placenta previa, a condition that could threaten her life and the life of the baby. Juliet told Cane that he was free to go back home while she waited for her tests, but he insisted on staying by her side. Juliet and Cane had a tender moment over the baby.




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