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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy sees the spontaneous hug between Sally and Liam. Sally tells Liam she never thought she could be this happy. Bill goes to see Ridge who tells him Brooke is not here but if she were she would not want to talk to him. He always knew she would see Bill's true colors. Bill says they are going through a rough patch right now but they are still married and he expects Ridge to respect that. He is deadly serious when he says to stay the hell away from his wife. Ridge says Brooke does not have to tell him anything but he does know that she is through with him. RJ hugs his mom and says he knows she walked out on Bill. He saw her hug his dad and he thinks that is significant so he wonders what she is going to do next. He knows she still loves his dad. Wyatt questions Justin on some purchase for $50 Million with only the letter G and he knows it was not from Bill so it had to be Liam. They start looking at the computer following transactions and Sally’s name comes up twice. Wyatt figures it out that Liam bought the property and then just gave it to Sally as a gift (G). Steffy comes on into the office and as they talk Liam admits he gave the Spectra building to Sally. She does not see the justice in that when she belongs in jail. He says he was only trying to keep his dad out of jail by buying the building and giving it to Sally. He says this is his family business so why would Steffy even care. He thinks he has an ethical obligation to right some things that his dad has done. It is done and it does not have to affect their lives.

Ridge tells Bill that he understands he is taking an extended leave of absence and leaving Liam in charge. So he must suddenly have more confidence in that boy. Wyatt walks into Liam’s office and Liam says he needs to check with Alison first. Wyatt says he does not work for him. They are brothers and he never had to make an appointment to see Bill. Wyatt says he and Justin were going over some numbers and this particular one stood out at him. He knows that he bought the Spectra building and then just gave it away to Sally. Steffy goes to see Sally who says they are not exactly fit for company but come on in. Steffy says she thought she was going to leave town. Steffy says she knows all about the gift from her husband. Sally says she will pay Liam back. Steffy says anyone sponging off her family will pay and this time she will see that she does.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric thought about Brady telling him to fire Nicole when she arrived in the office. He was about to tell her something when Chloe arrived. She told them about buying TBD with Julie. Chloe wanted to talk to Eric alone. She told him that she was the reason why Bradyís acting the way he was around him. Hope and Rafe talked about being up for commissioner. They both thought that the other were better for the job. Eli told Gabi why the FBI fired him. She thought that saving her life was why he was fired. Nicole arrived at the Kiriakis mansion and told Brady that Eric let her go early. Brady misunderstood and thought she was fired. She wondered why he thought she was fired. He was able to cover up what he did. Nicole told Brady that she was going to quit. Brady pretended that he didnít want her to quit. Chloe explained her conversation with Brady to Eric. Eric told her that Brady wanted him to fire Nicole. Lani and JJ tried to convince Hope and Rafe respectively that they should accept the position. Lani let Hope know that she might not get another chance if she turned it down.

JJ thought Rafe should go for the job. Rafe felt that Hope was there longer even though he could make changes at the station. JJ said that he should do it. Rafe wanted JJ to support Hope. Gabi couldnít get over the fact that Eli was fired over her. Eli told her that he was fired because of what he did. He told her that he didnít have that many opportunities in Salem. Gabi hoped he wasnít saying goodbye. He wanted to stay, but it was going to be hard. Eric thought Brady deserved to be happy with Nicole. Chloe wondered if he was going to fire Nicole. He said it was hard for him. Nicole talked to Abe on the phone. Brady overheard her thanking Abe for being back in her life. Lani told Rafe that she was rooting for Hope to be commissioner, but she wanted him to have it. He was suddenly interested in the job. JJ ran into Hope and told her that Rafe wanted her to be commissioner.  Brady asked Nicole who she was talking to, and she told him it was Abe. Brady wondered what they discussed. Rafe and Hope called Abe to tell him that they wanted to be commissioner. Nicole lied to Brady about her phone call. Nicole checked on Holly so Brady called Eric. Brady ordered Eric to fire Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis shows up at Jordan’s house with flowers but she is not going to let him in. She is still angry at him for saying he will help Sonny out when it could affect her. It turns out TJ is there getting help with financial aid forms. He leaves them alone to talk though. Jordan wishes he didn’t leave. Curtis thinks she is stalling again. Jordan isn’t going to do this though and wants him to leave. He does. TJ shows back up and asks what was wrong. Jordan explains that Curtis wanted to work with Sonny. That could have gotten in the way of her career. TJ points out she had no issue with it when she was with Sean. She admits this is about him and she doesn’t want to let TJ down anymore. TJ promises Jordan things will be fine. Meanwhile, Curtis finds Valerie in the park and the two forgive each other. Jordan thinks he should go after Jordan if that is what he really wants. Curtis goes back to Jordan and he tells her that he won’t work with Sonny. He even turns down an offer, which Sonny understands. The two kiss each other. Parker and Kristina have lunch together at Kelly’s while watched by a bodyguard. Kristina tries to kiss Parker but Parker says that this is not going to work. She is trying to gain tenure at the college and cannot have Kristina messing that up because she is a student. If things change though then maybe they could give it a shot.

Sam and Sonny discuss how Jason has changed at the new long term stay clinic. Sam just doesn’t think that he is the same person that he was before the accident. She admits that she was finally able to have him in her life the way she wanted though. Sonny understands and is happy. At the clinic in Russia, Ava tries to talk with Patient Six. She realizes he has blue eyes. A new doctor meets with Ava and tells her that he will be working with her from now on. He explains that he is doctor Klein and gives her more information on patient six. He also informs her if she wants to continue to get the surgery she will stop inquiring about patient six. She later overhears doctor Klein saying that if they give patient six anymore pills that he will die. At the children’s hospital, Dante explains to Lulu that Valentin struck a deal with Ava to give her back her face. Lulu confronts him about it and he says he just wants what is best for Charlotte. After discussing it with Dante, Lulu tells Valentin they can share custody but one day Charlotte will grow up. She will find out everything Valentin has done and he cannot protect her from it forever.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Sharon's home, Mariah models a dress for Tessa that she had just purchased for her date with Devon. Noah and Devon arrive for their date with the girls. Noah lets Mariah and Devon know that they will be late getting to the club because they are going to a family dinner at Nick and Chelsea's. Juliet pays Cane a visit at the Chancellor mansion and brings dinner. She starts to leave but he invites her in. Sharon pours Scott a cup of coffee and he asks her to join him for just a minute. Scott fills her in as to what he had been doing concerning the sex trafficking ring. Victor and Kevin discuss the fact that he wants Kevin to take all the money out of Nick's account and put it back into Victor's account. Kevin is hesitant to do this. Nick and Chelsea discuss Victor and what he could be up to next. :Lily and Mattie have a talk about Cane and whether or not she will ever be able to trust him again. Juliet eats her fill of the Chinese food while Cane sits there and watches. He gets up to clean up the mess while she watches. Scott shows Sharon what he has managed to dig up about the sex trafficking ring. Sharon is leery of all this because she doesn't want Alice to find out that she was helping in digging up the evidence against her. After much talk, Kevin agrees to do as Victor asks.

Sharon and Scott prepare to go to the Underground to hear Tessa sing. Scott asks as to how things are going between Noah and Tessa. Lily asks Mattie would she ever be able to forgive Cane for what he did and then goes on to remind her that Cane is having a child with another woman. Cane and Juliet bond over the baby. Jordan drops by to see Lily but when he sees that Lily and Mattie are upset he offers to leave. Mattie leaves them alone to talk. Lily tells Jordan all about how she had not carried Charlie and Mattie that she had gotten a surrogate to carry them for her. Nick, Chelsea, Noah, Tess and the children eat pizza when the dinner is ruined.

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