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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tries to tell Liam that his father is an important person in his life, do not shut him out. Liam doesn’t want to hear it. He says there is no compromise. He should know that by now that Bill is an all or nothing kind of guy. Wyatt freaks when he thinks someone is going to catch him with Katie at her house. It’s the gardener, not the housekeeper so she tells him to chill out. He says with all that is happening at Spencer’s right now the last thing he wants his dad to find out is about them. Then he gets right back to kissing her. He says she calms him but it is his brother who is setting him off and he has to make an appointment to even see him. He will run the company in the ground yet he has to answer to him. Sally and her crew are looking over everything when the carpenters and painters come in. Grams says this is all fine, Miss Generosity, but how is she affording all of this. She simply says she has a new partner. Liam tells Alison to send the Sky to his dad’s place; they do not need it here anymore. Bill confides in Justin that Brooke left him and is not picking up on his calls. He tells Justin that he told her about the fire since they do not keep secrets. Justin says things will work out; they always do. Brooke knows what kind of man he is. Bill just hopes his son doesn’t run the company into the ground.

Steffy goes to Brooke and makes her aware that Bill lost his company, his son and now Brooke. He will not be able to accept all of that. Liam and Bill are on the verge of war and she intends to prevent it. Liam speaks to a few of his employees and gives one a raise and more benefits and extends another’s retirement date when he really did not want to leave. To another he tells him his daughter is perfect for a college scholarship. They all walk out of the office very happy people. Sally walks in and says he is pretty incredible if that was all for real. He says Bill set a pretty low bar and she does not know how long he has been wanting to do that. She says she has never known anyone like him. She does not know how she will ever thank him. She gives him a big hug. Wyatt walks in and is surprised to see Sally. He says the last he heard she was leaving town. Liam says this is none of Wyatt’s business. Sally says she is here to thank Liam for publishing something although they never had the show. Liam dismisses him. Wyatt says he knows something is going on and he intends to find out what. Both Bill and Brooke think of each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie and Chloe got into it at TBD. Chloe told her why she wanted to buy the club. Julie let her know that she planned to outbid her. Victor asked Brady about whether he was drinking again. Brady told him that he thought about getting a drink but decided against it. Victor didnít feel better knowing that. He didnít want Brady drinking to ease his pain. Brady admitted that he talked to Chloe and she let it slip that Eric was still in love with Nicole. Victor felt like Brady deserved to know the truth. Brady told him that Eric and Nicole made it seem like he was crazy for thinking about them being together. Victor let Brady know that Nicole might not have those feelings for Eric. Eric and Nicole had an awkward moment at the Horton Center when they were close together. Chloe wondered why Julie wanted to run the club at this point in her life. Julie noticed the remark she made towards her. She felt like the club would mean more to her than it would to Chloe. Chloe thought that Julie could spend her retirement money on a cruise. Julie didnít want to go on another cruise. Julie told Chloe that she wanted to surprise Doug. Julie wondered if Chloe would back down, but she had no intention of doing it. Lucas woke up in the hospital and he was restrained. He demanded to know what happened. He wanted Kayla to tell him what happened and how did it. Kate, Maggie, and Jennifer arrived and let him know that they were responsible. Brady felt like he as well as John were to blame for why Nicole went back to work for Eric. Nicole ran into Abe at the town square and admitted to him that she had feelings for Eric. Julie didnít think Chloe could manage or afford the club. Chloe explained to her that she could afford it. Lucas was upset that he was in the hospital. He realized that Kate, Maggie, and Jennifer were staging an intervention. They wanted him to go to rehab, but he didnít want to do it.

Victor advised Brady to stop giving Nicole to Eric on a silver platter unless he wanted to dump her. He said he loved Nicole. Victor told him to do things underhanded behind Nicoleís back. Nicole confided in Abe about what Eric did for Jason and how it made her feel. Abe asked her if she could fight her feelings for Eric. Nicole was convinced that she didnít have feelings for Eric. She realized that Brady was right to suspect her. She didnít know what she would do. Abe let Nicole know that we canít control your feelings. Nicole wondered if Abe thought she should stop working for Eric. Abe thought that she should stop working for Eric. Brady went to see Eric about Nicole. Lucas refused to go to rehab. Kayla told him that he wouldnít be lucky next time. Jennifer wanted Lucas to admit that he needed help. Kate told him about the place that Maggie found that he could go for help. Lucas thought they just wanted to get rid of him so he wouldnít embarrass by him. Lucas asked Maggie why he let Adrienne move back in with her. She reminded him that Justin was Victorís nephew. Lucas told them that he had nothing left. He didnít want Kateís love. He didnít want any of them to help him. They begged him to stop acting that way. Nicole agreed that she needed to quit her job at the center. She wondered if she loved her job because of her feelings for Eric. Brady wanted Eric to admit that he had feelings for Nicole. Eric broke down and admitted how long he had feelings for Nicole. Brady put him on notice and let him know he wouldnít get Nicole. Eric told him that he didnít want Nicole. Brady wanted Eric to fire Nicole. Abe didnít want Nicole to feel trapped in a relationship with someone. Eric was shocked that Brady wanted him to fire Nicole. Eric let Brady know how Nicole helped people at the center. Brady didnít care. He wanted him to fire Nicole. Julie and Chloe joined forces and decided to buy TBD together. Kate and Jennifer begged Lucas to reconsider going to rehab. Lucas refused to listen to them and left the room. Brady went home and told Victor that he had second thoughts about what he did. Victor told him he did the right thing and left. Brady got himself a drink.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn and Anna arrive outside a bar in Monaco where Cassandra is having tea. Anna wants Finn to wait outside for three minutes. He will know when to come in. Anna drugs some tea and Cassandra ends up choking. Finn ends up saving Cassandra’s life. She thanks him by offering for him to come over to her house the next day. Molly is in Parker’s class as Parker gives a lecture on Jane Austen and love. Molly tries to make comparisons to Austen’s characters with Parker and Kristina. Parker ignores this and moves on with her class. Kristina shows up afterwards claiming that she has Molly’s keys. Molly leaves and Kristina admits that those weren’t Molly’s keys and she isn’t dating Valerie. Parker wants to talk with Kristina. She still has things she wants to say. She suggests they do them now.

Nelle tells Michael that her landlord is evicting her and selling the building. Michael suggests that she move in with him. Nelle thinks it is too soon and runs off to go fill a prescription. Carly sees this and asks Michael if he has broken up with Nelle yet. Michael doesn’t want to break up with Nelle because he believes her. Carly says that she loves him but he needs to be careful. She is not going to lose her only living son. When Carly leaves, Michael calls someone asking for a favor. Outside, Carly gets a message saying that Zack’s sister would like to get into contact with her over information on Nelle. Nelle at GH, talks with Kiki about Carly. Kiki promises her that Carly gets easier to deal with other time. Nelle doesn’t think so but thanks her for talking. Dante shows up and asks Kiki where Ava is. Kiki says she doesn’t know but says that Valentin may have helped her with treatment for her face. At a children’s hospital Valentin and Charlotte wait for her friend Bailey. Lulu ends up showing up and they all offer support for Bailey as she gets checked on for scoliosis. Lulu learns what Valentin went through as a child. She wants Valentin to be a part of Charlotte’s life. She will allow him to have visitation. Dante shows up and informs her privately that Valentin has paid off Ava for her silence.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary and Chelsea both advise Jordan to give Lily space to figure out her next step, but Hilary is hoping that Lily will get back together with Cane. Cane and Lily go to marriage counseling and have a very honest session with the doctor. Cane is heartbroken when Lily tells him she came to the session, because she wanted to know how to help the kids through this rough time not because she was hoping to save their marriage. Cane later sees Juliet while he is drowning his sorrows and she is more than happy to listen to all his troubles. Noah and Nick get ready for a scouting trip for locations of the Underground and they also want to see how ready their Ann Arbor location is for opening day. Victor brings Kevin back to town and he tells him his side of the big argument with Nick. Since Kevin blames Nick for making he and Chloe leave town he is happy to help teach Nick a lesson. Victor tells Kevin that he is going to give Nick everything he has ever wanted and there will come a time when Nick will have to "put his money where his mouth is."

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