The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/19/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge comforts Brooke and she confides in him that Bill did something. Ridge is not surprised. He says it was only a matter of time. Steffy tells Bill that she talked to Liam and told him everything that Bill said about being sorry but he is too hurt and would not listen. She knows Bill crossed the line and they eventually will get back together but not yet. Liam is not stepping down as CEO. Bill will have to be okay with that. She wants to know if something else is bothering him. If he needs her help he has to tell her. She is stunned when he blurts out that Brooke left him. She did not take his news well at all. He says he messed up. He was stupid and he wishes he could take it all back. She reminds him again that he has to make this right with Liam and move on. Bill admits he would give ten skyscrapers to get Brooke back. Wyatt goes to the office and tells Liam to never demand that he come back here, he was in the middle of something (Katie) and he does not appreciate being interrogated by his brother. He knows something has happened with Bill gone and Liam sitting in his desk and that is not normal. Wyatt says Bill does not even go out to lunch so it makes zero sense that he took time off being CEO. Liam says he will have to get over it, it is up to Wyatt. Ridge says Bill must have really messed up. Brooke says yes and for now she needs her space. Ridge thinks it is for the best. Liam tells Wyatt that he is going to make some changes like giving raises. That is not right and he wants to recognize their hard work. And he wants to do some more work on his Foundation, raise more money. Wyatt says Bill is not exactly a big fan of giving away money. Liam says no matter, he is in charge now. And there will be no Sky. Those plans have been put on hold. Wyatt says he hates saying this but he thinks Liam is getting way ahead of himself so be smart and not piss their dad off. Brooke tells Ridge that this time she thought she could make it with Bill; that they both wanted the same things.

RJ walks in just as his mother and dad hug. Ridge tells her that he will always be there for her. When she leaves RJ comes in and wants to see his dad for dinner if his mom can come too. Ridge says sure sometimes but he is not sure the time is right tonight. Brooke goes to see Liam and says she knows he is CEO now and she is sorry for what Bill did and she does not regret that Liam took over. Liam wants to know if Bill sent her and she replies no she walked out on him. She loves him but…….Bill tells Steffy that he cannot lose Brooke but he had to tell her the truth. Now it is going to cost him his family, his wife and his son. Steffy says Brooke is just hurt; she will be back. RJ tells his father that if Brooke is leaving Bill then this is his chance to get his mom back. Ridge tells him not to get too anxious, Brooke needs time but she also needs to find a way to permanently leave Spencer, not just a onetime madness at him now. Brooke tells Liam that she never ever suspected this from Bill. Liam says he really is a criminal but the worst part is Bill does not even recognize that. And unless that miracle ever comes that he changes then he is never going to get the company back. And as Bill’s son he hates to tell her but the best advice would be to find her happiness elsewhere. She says losing the company and her too, Bill is not going to take that lying down. It won’t be pretty. Liam says there is nothing more that Bill can do to him now. Steffy tells Bill this is the most human she has ever seen him. He’s an exceptional man. Bill tells her she is too and he is not sure Liam even deserves her. She is a little dismayed when he puts his hands on her hair and caresses it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe asked Roman to come out of retirement and be the commissioner. JJ and Lani asked Hope and Rafe what was taking so long for them to get married. Rafe told them to ask Hope. Nicole went back to work with Eric. They talked about fundraisers until he brought up Deimos’ killer not being caught. Brady was about to drink when Chloe showed up and saw him. Roman turned down Abe’s offer. Julie saw an ad about TBD being up for sale. Brady told Chloe that he was only drinking water. Chloe wanted to see Nicole but he let her know that she was at the center again. Nicole was able to get out of the way she was reacted to Deimos’ killer not being caught. She talked to him about a new fundraiser. Abe wanted Roman to think about coming back. Roman wouldn’t change his mind. Abe wanted suggestions as to who to pick. Hope explained to JJ and Lani that they were happy with the way things were now. Hope sent JJ and Lani on a case to ask Rafe about putting her on the spot about their wedding. Chloe wondered if Brady explained to her that he was fine with it.

Hope wanted to know if Rafe was okay with not getting married right away. He said he was okay with it. Julie and Doug talked about when they ran Doug’s Place. She suggested that they get another place, but Doug wasn’t interested. Chloe had a motive fore being at the mansion. She wanted to buy TBD so she could have control over her career. She asked him for a loan. Brady agreed to give Chloe the money for the club. They talked about Nicole working with Eric. Chloe thought that Eric admitted to him how he felt about her. Rafe told Hope that she should cut him some slack about getting married. Doug walked in on Rafe and Hope while they were kissing. Doug asked them when they were setting a wedding date. They said they were happy for now. Doug wanted to know where to find Julie. Brady was upset that Eric had feelings for Nicole. Nicole told Eric that she would never forget what he did for her when she got Holly back. Chloe and Julie showed up at TBD for the auction. Abe told everyone that Hope and Rafe were the suggestions that Roman gave him. Brady threw a glass across the room because of Eric.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth attempts to find out who bought the painting of the imaginary friend when Felix and Andre show up in support of Elizabeth. Elizabeth thanks them for coming and they all admire the painting. A woman walks over saying she is the sister of one of Franco’s victims. She is outraged that anyone could admire his paintings. She takes out red paint and throws it towards the painting. Meanwhile, Franco tells Scott that he is going after Betsy. Scott tells Franco to just let it go and move past this. Franco doesn’t want to though. Scott asks him to just let it go for twenty-four hours. They return to the gallery where Dante has shown up to arrest the woman. Elizabeth has red paint all over her dress. Franco doesn’t want to press charges. Elizabeth has to get to work because she has to watch over Jason before he gets taken to the long care facility. Franco comes along. Franco wonders where Sam is. Elizabeth explains that she is with Alexis checking out the new facility. Elizabeth goes to check on patients. Franco goes into Jason’s room and demands that he wake up so he can get his questions asked.

Charlotte and Lulu show up at Wyndemere because Charlotte cannot sleep. She is worried about a friend of hers who she heard had scoliosis. She wonders if Valentin can help her. Valentin talks to the girls mother on the phone and gives her advice. Lulu thanks Valentin for being there for Charlotte and Valentin wants them to be able to work like this later as co-parents. Carly and Sonny are by Jason’s bedside. Carly doesn’t want to leave him. She admits though that while she is grieving for Sam, Scout, and Danny she hasn’t grieved for herself. It is as if this isn’t her Jason that she used to know. Sonny agrees with her that the old Jason would never have done the things that lead to him being in this bed. Carly tells Sonny that Jason will get better. At the clinic Ava sneaks back over to patient six. She tells him more about her and her life. She tries to get him to say anything and she mentions Nikolas Cassadine. He grabs her hand and has to beg him to release. A nurse walks in and tells Ava that he is dangerous. She escorts her back to her room. When they leave, patient six has the strength to take off a layer of his mask. He has Jason’s (Steve Burton’s) old eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki and Jack spend quality time together at the cabin. They also share a kiss and then she snuggles in his arms. Ashley meets Victor at the Athletic Club and she congratulates him on business venture. Dina, in bed asleep, dreams of the argument that she had with Ashley over her real father. Dina wakes up and calls for Graham. Lily and Cane discuss their getting back together but Lily is reluctant to take him back after him having a child with another woman. Cane reminds her of all the good times they had with the children. Cane finally manages to talk her into going to a marriage counselor with him. Lily, Mattie and Charlie have breakfast together but then Mattie tells Charlie that Cane isn't the only one who had messed up. Charlie wants to know what is going on. Mattie tells him that she had been caught seeing Reed when she was forbidden to see him. Ashley fills Victor in that Graham had lied to Dina about his Mother being dead when she wasn't dead at all. Dina tells Graham that she had made a mistake in telling him about Ashley's real father. She forbids Graham from telling anyone else about this conversation or he will be dead to her. Ashley tells Victor that she will have a talk with Dina about Graham and the lies he had been telling. When Ashley confronts Dina about Graham and his Mother, Dina is less than happy about Ashley still meddling in her business.

Charlie takes Mattie to school and she explains everything to him about her and Reed and also about Cane confronting Reed. Charlie sees it just like Lily and Cane that Mattie should not see Reed anymore. At the gym, Victor and Nikki argue as usual when he demands to know as to where she was the night before. Nikki refuses to give him an answer. Ashley and Jack discuss Graham and his lying to Dina about his real Mother not being dead. Jack calls the home where Graham's real Mother is and tells him that they are planning a trip there to check out the place for their Mother.

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