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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that her leaving won’t solve anything. She throws it back that having Spectra torched didn’t either. And she does not like the man he has become and she will not live this way. Liam tells Steffy that let his father live with his guilt. He will not help absolve that. He thought Steffy would appreciate what he did. She says she loves being married to Mr. Nice Guy but in this case she does not like the ending. Ridge tells Quinn to take more time off if she needs it; he wants her life with Eric back on track. She says it is now that Sheila has moved out. But she feels badly for him who has no one now but she is sure Brooke would love to hear from him. Look at her – miracles do happen and he should not give up. Brooke will find a way back to him. Sheila is looking at her photo of Ridge and Quinn trapped in the elevator and gloating how this will help her…meanwhile wearing and caressing an EF robe. She talks to her portrait and says it won’t be long now until Quinn is gone and it will be her portrait hanging in the Forrester Estate. Pam is giving Charlie some orders when Sheila calls and needs him again to bring Quinn down. Brooke says she liked the commitment she made to Bill but now he might end up in jail. Maybe they should stop this madness. They holler back and forth.

Liam tells Steffy that he doesn’t care if Bill calls it blackmail but he does not deserve to sit in that chair and he is not going to give it back to him. Charlie goes to Quinn and says Sheila is still in town. She hi-tails it to Sheila’s and rages at her to open the door. Sheila quickly hides her portrait and takes off Eric’s robe before opening the door. Quinn tells her again that she is leaving town tonight. She has no business being in this town and she does not care where she goes as long as she is not in her time zone. Quinn picks up the phone and Sheila tells her to put it down. Quinn calls her a bitch and a catfight ensues big time. The maid comes in just in time to see Sheila on the bed straddled on top of Quinn trying to choke her. Then they thrash each other around the room. Quinn rants that her marriage survived and it will survive her. She will never have Eric. As Quinn leaves Sheila gives her naughty laugh and says Quinn has not even seen her best yet but she will. Steffy accuses Liam of defending Sally. He says it is not her, it could have been anyone and he does not want to hear this from his wife. He reminds her that his mother shielded him from Bill for years. He is an awful man and he is not going to put up with that anymore. Ridge remembers what Quinn said about him and Brooke and he thinks fondly of their past. Brooke tells Bill that she has a right to be angry. He did not tell her the complete truth when he said he wanted a leave of absence and spend more time together. She bellows that she needs time now to know who she is and when enough is enough. She grabs her clothes and goes storming off. She goes back to the office and Ridge finds her there crying. He comforts her and says he is here. She goes into his arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer went to Kate to find out what was going on with the DiMeras. Sonny talked to Chad about Lucas making him feel guilty for being with Paul. Sonny told Chad how much he missed Will. Will wanted to talk to Lucas about the drinking. Lucas went down memory lane with Will. Will wanted to know if he was why Lucas was drinking. Jennifer told Kate that she was worried about Abby and Thomas being back in the DiMera family. Kate didnít want to talk about that. She wanted to talk about Lucasí drinking. Lucas explained that Adrienne kept him sober. Lucas felt like he just had pain now that he and Adrienne are gone. Chad tried to make Sonny feel better about what happened. Sonny blamed himself for Willís murder. Will didnít blame Sonny for moving on with his life. Will thought that Lucas should be with someone else. Will suggested that he get back together with Sami. Sonny told Chad that he remembered the message that Will left for him. He told Chad that Will would be alive if he had came back home one day sooner. Chad told him that it wasnít his fault and that Will would want him to fall in love again. Lucas let Will know that he and Sami werenít good for each other. Will suggested that he move on with someone else. Lucas didnít think he was much of a catch. Will got upset and told him to give up on life.

Jennifer knew about Lucasí drinking. Kate asked her if he went to a meeting. Kate was worried about him and hoped that someone would get through to him. Lucas didnít want a lecture from Will. Will wanted to know if Lucas wanted to enjoy wallowing in his misery. Sonny finally accepted Chadís advice and was willing to move on with his life. Kate talked to Jennifer about how heartless Adrienne was to Lucas. Jennifer didnít understand why Adrienne was acting the way she was, but they couldnít blame her entirely. Kate thought he wasnít the same after Will died. Will told Lucas not to forget the people who love him. Jennifer assured Kate that Lucas would get better. Kate wasnít sure he would. Will urged Lucas to put down the bottle. Lucas used the alcohol to avoid every bad thought he had. Lucas refused to give up the bottle. Will told him to hold on to him. Lucas told Will that he wasnít real. Will realized that he couldnít help Lucas so he left. Lucas tried to hug Will and hit his head on the pew. Kate and Jennifer went to the chapel and found Lucas on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava sneaks back into the sitting room in the morning of the clinic. She finds that patient 6 is still by the window. She wonders if he has been there all night or if he is an early riser. She has a conversation with him while he says nothing. Marissa then walks in and grabs her. She already told her once that he is dangerous and should not be interacted with. Griffin tries to call her but Marissa tells her she can talk after she is gone. The doctor walks in and explains that the procedure will be soon. They discuss Valentin and the Cassadine’s. Patient 6 clenches his hand after hearing both these names. Meanwhile, Griffin attempts to get ahold of Ava and grows worried of her situation. At Anna’s house, she blackmails Finn into going to Monaco with her. she has flight proof that Finn went with Sonny to Europe for pills. The FBI monitors every flight Sonny has. Anna can get this to go away if he agrees to come with her. Finn reluctantly agrees and goes to get his suitcase. Griffin shows up and wonders if Anna has any info on the Ava. Anna doesn’t but will tell him as soon as she does. Finn comes back and Anna tells him to wait in the car. Griffin wonders if she is leaving. Anna promises that the moment she gets info she will call him.

Curtis tells Sonny that if he needs help with anything he is there for him. Sonny leaves when Jordan walks over. Jordan cannot believe that Curtis is trying to get involved with Sonny the day after they get back together. She thinks that this was on purpose. At the hospital, Sam is talking with Alexis on the phone. Jason moves his hand once without her looking then she grabs his hand and he squeezes it. Sonny and Griffin are outside the room and she informs them. Griffin explains to her that it probably doesn’t mean anything unfortunately. Sonny tells Sam that if she wants to move Jason to her house she can. He explains to her all the reasons that might not be the best idea though. Sam understands and decides they can put him in a private case facility. She wonders if he will visit though. Sonny promises to every day. Franco tries to get information out of Betsy on the photo. She says that doesn’t want to talk about it at the gallery showing though. Elizabeth tells Betsy that Jake is Jason’s son. Betsy is shocked that Franco is involved in raising Jason’s child. Franco follows Betsy back to her hotel room. Elizabeth tells someone that the painting of the imaginary friend is not for sale. The woman explains it was bought online anonymously. Franco shows up at the room and no one is there. Scott then shows up and he tells him that Betsy left.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis gets mad at Billy when he takes Dina's side after Dina calls her a homewrecker and Billy asks her not to say anything to Dina because she is Jack's mother and will always take his side. Billy decides to take Phyllis to the gym to take out her aggressions and they end up having a competition with each other to see how many crunches they can do. Phyllis beats Billy in the competition and later they make love in the shower at the gym. Victor is upset that Nick told Faith part of the truth about what happened to cause their rift with each other. Abby encourages Victor to go talk to Nick and when Victor follows Abby's advice things get worse because Chelsea makes it clear to Victor that if he tries to use Connor in his battle with Nick he will never see Connor again. Nick and Victor declare all out war on each other and nobody is safe because Nick is going to be honest with his children about Victor which will turn his children against their grandfather. Abby catches Jack and Nikki at the cabin and asks Nikki not to do this to Victor because he is very depressed and this will kill him. Nikki feels badly for Victor but Jack assures her that they can handle Victor together. Victor calls Nikki that she will pay a high price for turning Faith against him. Victor calls someone on the phone and tells the person on the phone that it is time that the person return the favor and that he needs the person to return to Genoa City. Ashley uses the key Dina gave her to snoop in Graham's room and he catches her and threatens to call the police but Ashley says that Dina gave her the key. Ashley tells Ravi that before she found a receipt that shows that Graham is keeping someone in an assisted living facility. Ashley gets the phone number to the home and pretends to be a telemarketer and the lady on the other end of the phone tells her that her son pays all her bills so she will have to talk to him about new phone service. Ashley suspects the woman she spoke to is Graham's mother and wonders why he lied to Dina and everyone by saying both his parents had died. Graham is upset with Dina for letting Ashley into his room and wonders why she allows Ashley to treat her so badly. Dina tells Graham that it is her fault that Ashley doesn't trust men because Ashley was heartbroken when she learned John Abbott wasn't her father.

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