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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke repeats what Bill just said – that he is stepping down from the business so she wants to know what he did to make Liam do that. Steffy tells Liam that do not shut the door on Bill; he is willing to give a little. Liam says his dad is an arsonist and he cannot condone that. There is no forgiving him. And he could have hurt Liam when he cold cocked him. In the midst of almost making a move on Katie Wyatt tells her he was shaken earlier today when his dad took a leave of absence and made Liam CEO. He is completely unfit to run Spencer Publications and Liam has a whole new plan to roll out. Katie says that is certainly a bombshell. He says he has been working a lot with his dad lately and there was no sign of this coming on. Something is definitely not right here and with no warning. Something happened between him and Liam but this does not make sense. Liam tells Steffy that the only thing that happened is that Bill is using her to try and get the company back, but he is in charge now, period. There are things he wants done. He has the power now and he is going to use it to get things done. There is no place now for his dad. Brooke says it is obvious that Liam has something on Bill so he needs to tell her what he did. Bill says Spencer Tower, it was finally becoming a reality for Sky and nothing was going to stop him…..whatever he had to do. She mentions the fire and there was no insurance for Spectra but accidents do happen so no need for him to feel guilty. He blurts out that the fire was not an accident. She wants to know what it was then.

Wyatt fingers his sword necklace and says this meant so much to him when Bill gave it to him. It meant he finally had a family besides his mother, of course. And then they discovered they were a lot alike and he really felt like a Spencer. Katie takes his hand and leads him to the bed. Liam asks Steffy why she is looking at him that way. She says he is changing. He says yes a welcome change from Bill. Brooke is stunned and wonders how Bill could do such a thing as to have the fire ordered and now Liam has recorded his confession. Bill groans that he trusted him and gave him everything and now he has set him up and he will go to the police if Bill does not step down. She is aghast that he did this the night before the Spectra showing; someone could have been killed. She rails at him this is criminal behavior and she mentions that she has overlooked some of this flaws before and still loved him, but this is much more. She absolutely cannot believe he did this. With a smile on her face, Katie lays with Wyatt and says it does not matter who knows about them, she is along for the ride. He can have her all he wants. Steffy says of course she wants Liam to be who he is, but Bill is sorry about the fire. Liam says funny when he was laying there on the floor with his Dad looking down at him he did not see remorse in his eyes when he said he would decimate him. Liam still says no he will not give his dad another chance. Bill tells Brooke with a situation like this the less people that know is better. He has done things before he regretted. She wants to know what and he tells her he hit Liam because he was provoked when Liam told him he would call the police. Again Brooke is disgusted when she hears the details and does not want to hear anymore. She walks away and says she cannot even look at him. He says she still loves him and he recognizes now that he made a horrible mistake and he learned a painful lesson, so she can holler at him or throw things at him but please do not go. He cannot lose her. All she can manage is a cold, hard stare.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul and Sonny told Gabi that they were getting married with Chad and Abby. Justin saw Bonnie and Hattie together. He wanted to know why Bonnie was with Hattie. Bonnie lied and said she was getting a story for the Spectator. Hattie decided to give the name of her partner. She told Justin and Bonnie that Anjelica was her partner. He wanted to know why Anjelica wanted to hurt Marlena. Lucas was at the DiMera mansion waiting for Kate. He saw the drinks so he got one. Kate saw him and decided to fire him. Eli told Abe that he was fired because he endangered Gabiís life. Marlena told John about Eric seeing Hattie with Bonnie. John was confused by what she was saying. He thought that Marlena assumed that Hattie was working with Adrienne. Justin didnít understand why Anjelica wanted to hurt Adrienne. Hattie and Bonnie explained that Anjelica hated Adrienne. Paul and Sonny told Chad and Abby that Gabi found out that they were having a double wedding. Lucas begged Kate not to fire him. She agreed not to fire him at the time. She made the mistake of bringing up Will and Lucas lashed out at her. He wanted to get a drink. Marlena didnít know what explanation for why Hattie and ďAdrienneĒ were together. Hattie explained to Justin how she worked with Anjelica. Bonnie wanted to leave, but Justin wanted to know how Anjelica ended up dead in Adrienneís bed. Eli told Abe that the FBI wanted to get rid of him because he didnít follow the rules. Abe suggested that he work for the Salem PD.

Lucas saw Gabi and Arianna. He wanted to spend time with Arianna, but Gabi wouldnít let him while he was drunk. Lucas got upset with her and told her that she wouldnít keep him from her. Marlena believed that Adrienne was working with Hattie. Hattie didnít know how Anjelica got in Adrienneís bed. Justin left the room so Bonnie thanked her. Hattie needed a favor. Lucas showed up at the church drunk. He told Paul that he and Gabi wouldnít keep him from Arianna. Sonny, Abby, Paul, and Chad tried to calm Lucas down. Lucas was upset when Sonny accused him of drinking. Lucas called him a traitor. Bonnie asked Justin if he could represent Hattie. Justin agreed to represent Hattie. Kate ran into Bonnie and lashed out at her for what she did to Lucas. Bonnie said she cared about Lucas. Kate didnít want to hear it. Kate told Bonnie off for what she did. Bonnie told Kate that she was cruel for firing Lucas. Abby and Chad tried to get Lucas to go to a meeting, but he refused to go. Lucas told them that their marriages would end. Abby wanted to call her mother to help Lucas. Hattie wanted to know what changed Justinís mind. Justin told her that Adrienne was the reason. Bonnie saw Marlena and John. Marlena wanted to talk t Bonnie about Hattie. Lucas wanted to know why God was taking everything from him. Will showed up at the chapel and Lucas was surprised to see him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam is by the docks and finds Jason. She asks why he wasn’t responding to her. She then wakes up in his hospital room and starts to cry. Spinelli walks in and the two of them hug. She explains her dream to him and reminds her that it was nothing but a dream. Meanwhile, Monica talks to a photo of Allen. She informs him that Jason isn’t doing so well. Elizabeth hands Monica the latest test results. Sonny walks over and tries to say sorry as well as offer anything he can to help Jason. Monica goes off on him and then Alexis walks over. Monica is sorry. She knows that this was Jason’s choice. Sonny leaves. Monica tells Alexis that Jason has not gotten any better. They go and inform Sam that they are going to have to move Jason to a long time care facility. Sam refuses to. He either stays here or is going to be at her home where Jason belongs.

Anna calls Robert asking him to get information on Finn being with Sonny out of the country. She then calls Finn to meet her at her home. He rushes over thinking it was an emergency. She says they have to go over the plan. She hands him blackmail to go over the plan. Nina tells Valentin that she has to go to Franco’s art show. Valentin will go with her. At the event, Maxie explains to Nathan she needs to get an exclusive with Franco about having sex with him. That way Nina will take her back. She tries to talk to Franco about it and he wishes Nathan luck with her. Nathan thinks that there are better ways to get her job back. Betsy shows up for Franco and he needs to know about the other boy. She thinks it is time he knows everything.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria was on edge after her run in with Cane and disagreement with Reed. Billy let Victoria know that Phyllis and Jack were suspicious, but he assured her that Phyllis had no idea he used her computer and that everything would be fine. Phyllis asked Ravi to help her figure out how Victoria and Billy found out the details of Jack's plan to hurt Brash and Sassy. Ravi wondered if someone had gained unauthorized accessed Jabot's server, and he began to look into it. Jack and Ashley vowed to find out why Graham had been so eager to work for Dina. Dina promised Jack and Ashley that she wouldn't let Graham read any more Jabot material. Ashley confronted Dina with details from Graham's past and accused her of being blind about his agenda. Dina insisted Graham had nothing to hide, and she gave Ashley Graham's key card and invited her to search his suite. Ashley rifled through Graham's belongings and a letter about a living residence caught her interest. Graham arrived and caught Ashley in his room. Nick bristled when Victor implied that he didn't know how to run his business. Victor encouraged Noah to call him if he needed any help. Noah was sympathetic to Nick because he was forced to accept Victor's help and deal with his criticism. Nick focused on the positive – they'd be able to open the new Underground. Nikki told Nick that Victor visited Faith at camp. Nikki, who was stressed out over Victor, went to Jack seeking an escape. They decided to go back to the cabin. Jack assured Nikki that he wasn't trying to destroy Victoria's company. Dina confronted Nikki and accused her of using Jack. Nikki denied it and made it clear that she didn't care what Dina thought. Billy and Phyllis apologized to each other, and Phyllis agreed to let Billy take her out to dinner. Dina ran into them, and she advised Billy to break up with Phyllis. Victoria told Victor that she took his business advice and was optimistic about her company's future. Victor asked to see Victoria's kids, and she happily agreed. Victoria caught Jack and Nikki kissing in the elevator. Nikki mentioned the trip to the cabin, and Victoria wished them well. Faith told Sharon that she still didn't see the penthouse as her home. Faith told Sharon and Nick that her riding instructor said she was ready to compete. Nick agreed to consider letting Faith take part in the competition. Faith was hurt when Nick told her the real reason he left the ranch. Faith went back to the stables. Nick told Sharon that he'd still let Faith visit Victor. Nick and Sharon agreed not to let Victor manipulate Faith. Faith confronted Victor for lying to her and being mean to Nick. Victor tried to explain, but Faith said she didn't trust him anymore. Nick came find Faith, just as she rushed out of the stables.

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