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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally cannot leave Liam’s office. She says she is not a charity case but it is the most unbelievable gift and she will pay him back. Liam convinces her otherwise and says she owes him nothing. He advises her not to go to some loan shark but a legitimate guy who will give her a loan against her business to rebuild and get into business again. She says she is definitely up for the challenge. He says all her bad luck is behind her so all she has to worry about now is business. She says it all turned around thanks to him. She vows she will make the most of this chance. They hug. Steffy tells Bill again that she will do all she can to mend his fences with Liam. Bill says he lost his head for one freaking minute but he does not want to lose his son. Whatever she proposes he will do. This is not over if he can help it. Steffy agrees to talk to him first. Bill warns her that she is placing herself in the middle here between father and son. Brooke is all dolled up sexy getting ready for her trip to Mexico or Jamaica. Bill has to tell her they are not going. She says she knew something was wrong the minute he stepped down from being CEO and she needs to know what it is. Sally goes back to Spectra and tells them the bulldozer is not coming….Bill Spencer does not own this property anymore, it is 100% hers. She wants to bring Spectra Fashions back and all she needs is their help and support. All are in agreement although Grams says it is nothing but a big trash heap now.

Steffy goes to Spencer and tells Liam she saw his father. He is sorry that he punched Liam. Liam says that is rich but for the first time he is not walking a tightrope in between what is right and what his father does and he does not care anymore. His dad used to use this company to crush people but now he going to use it to help them. Bill tells Brooke that he doesn’t want her to worry about this but she keeps asking….a leave of absence but now no vacation. Liam is not sure Steffy is telling him the truth or defending his dad. She says just talk to Bill, he will listen. Liam says his face says otherwise. You get in Bill Spencer’s way and he will take you down. Spencers should not be run by someone like that. Steffy says that punch woke him up so give him a chance to make a change. She keeps arguing that Bill is his father and you have to find a way. Bill is willing and she wants to think that Liam is too. Liam walks off and says he is not compromising with him. Brooke keeps begging Bill to tell her something. Maybe he is sick but he can tell her anything. Finally he says something was forced on him by his son. He did not offer the company to Liam; he made him sign a piece of paper and blackmailed him for his supposed crimes. She says if he did nothing wrong then he should have no concern. Just tell her!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Marlena that he saw Hattie in the hotel with Adrienne. Sheila went to see Adrienne at the prison. Adrienne wanted to know if she went to Justin with the card. Sheila told her that she didnít give it to him. She did notice how much she and Bonnie looked alike. Marlena asked Eric if he asked Hattie about why she was with Adrienne. Eric told her that Hattie said it was a therapy session. Hattie wanted Justin to be her lawyer. Justin told her that she hurt too many people that he knew so he couldnít be her lawyer. He was willing to give her confidentiality. She was willing to tell him the name of her partner. Theo wanted Claire to be his girlfriend again. Claire admitted that she lied to him about wanting to be his friend. He was okay with it, but he said they had a big problem. Sheila told Adrienne that Bonnie would give her more money. Sheila told her that Bonnie was living with Justin at the mansion. Adrienne was upset that Bonnie broke up with Lucas. She thought that Bonnie wanted to be with Justin all along so she could get to his money. Hattie told Justin that what the others did was just as bad as what she did. He believed that she was trying to get off the hook. She told him that they were wrong too.

Marlena wanted to talk to Eric about him. Adrienne told Sheila that she couldnít be back with Justin. Adrienne was upset that she was back with Justin. Adrienne thought Justin would figure it out, but Sheila didnít think so. Theo didnít like the idea of Tripp living with them when he wanted to go out with Claire. Claire admitted that he wanted to help her make Theo jealous. Bonnie showed up at the station. She was concerned about Hattie. Justin wondered if she knew Hattie. She denied knowing her. She just heard about the story. Justin got a phone call so Bonnie wanted to talk to Hattie. Bonnie wanted to find out what happened to Hattie. Hattie reminded Bonnie that she did what she did, but she was in jail. Bonnie begged her not to tell on her. Hattie thought she should go to jail along with her. Adrienne asked Sheila if she would give Justin the card. They ended up fighting over it and a cop took her away. Marlena showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Adrienne. Bonnie begged Hattie not to turn her into the police. Bonnie promised to help her. Justin saw Bonnie and Hattie together and wanted to know what was going on with them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kiki receives a gift basket from Dillon that contains a lot of tequila. David finds this inappropriate for a person on staff to be receiving tequila. It gives the patients the wrong ideal Kiki agrees and says she is sorry. She calls Dillon while in the elevator and tells him not to do this again. Griffin goes to Anna’s house to get information on the clinic that Ava is at. Anna doesn’t understand why Griffin would care so much. Griffin admits that it might be his fault why she is there. He admits that Ava had a crush on him and she might have gone to get herself reconstructive surgery. Anna doesn’t want to help but reluctantly agrees to get any information she can. She warns him that there might not be much and that he needs to careful that Ava doesn’t take it as a gesture that he likes her. At the clinic Ava is put in a room and forced to give up her cell phone. Marissa tells her that she will be back in a little bit with her room information. Ava meets a man who is in a wheelchair with a mask on his face. He says nothing but moves his fingers when Ava mentions Port Charles. Marissa walks back in and warns her that he is a dangerous man who was shot into a lake. They haven’t been able to help him.

Amy runs into Spinelli at the hospital. He would like to see Jason. Amy explains to him that they are doing tests on him so he is not in his room. She talks with him a little bit to calm him down. Spinelli then takes out a manuscript copy of Man Landers. Amy is shocked he has it. Spinelli has been in love with the blog since its inception. He leaves and later Nathan shows up and explains that Maxie is fine with the launch party. The two hug and Spinelli sees this. At a lunch earlier Maxie tries to get Nathan to agree to coming out as Man Landers for her to write an article. Nathan cannot do that though because Amy might have to give back the money. Maxie understands. Nina tells her on the phone though she needs something interesting for her. Nina and Valentin are in the living room at Wyndemere. Valentin shows Nina a copy of his family tree to show Charlotte. Nina accidently breaks it and Valentin drops blood on Nikolas’s name.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane pays Lily a visit to let her know that Mattie skipped school and also lied to him about it. Lily isn't really upset about it but Cane cannot understand why. Noah pays Victor a visit at the ranch and tells him about the dilemma they are having over getting a liquor license for their new Underground bar in Missouri. Victor offers his help in getting the liquor license. Faith and Nick play a game of chess at the Underground while Nikki watches. Nick loses to Faith, who lets him know that only Victor can beat her. Nick asks Nikki to do him a favor. Mattie meets Reed at the Coffeehouse and finds out that Cane knows that she lied about missing school. Mattie fears the worst. Victoria calls Michael for help with Cane and getting a restraining order against him. Michael advises her against it. Victoria tells Michael that Cane came there and jumped on Reed for seeing Mattie. Reed tells Mattie about his argument with Cane after she went. Nick tells Nikki to take Faith to her riding lesson. Nikki agrees. Nikki inquires as to how things are going at the condo with Chelsea. Noah asks Victor as how does he know about them needing a liquor license. Nick tells Nikki about their inability to obtain a liquor license for their new bar. Noah asks how much will it cost him for his help. Michael advises Victoria to let this go with Cane. Mattie comes home and tries to explain things to Cane and Lily but all Cane wants to do is order Mattie not to ever see Reed again. Lily grounds Mattie for two weeks and also takes her cell phone. Mattie reminds Cane about all he did to this family by sleeping with Juliet. Noah accepts Victor's help.

Mattie points out Reed's good points but Cane and Lily doesn't want to hear it. Cane leaves and Lily and Mattie have a heart to heart talk. Nikki and Victor argue as usual when she brings Faith to the ranch for her riding lesson. Victor tells Nikki that he will see Faith whenever he pleases regardless of what her parents says. Noah joins Nick at the Underground and tells him that Victor is offering to help them obtain their liquor license. Nick is surprised by the news. Victor walks in and hands Noah the liquor license for the new bar. Both Nick and Noah are surprised by the news. Nikki finds out that Victor visited Faith at camp and let her know what was going on at home. Michael sees Cane at the Athletic Club and tells him to stay away from Victoria or he will regret it because of a clause in their contract that he would stay away from Victoria and her home and family.

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