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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As they hug Steffy tells Bill that she will do all she can to heal the wounds between him and Liam. Sally looks over the rubble of the Spectra building seeing the dear face of her Aunt Sally on a placard on the floor. The police say the structure is still quite sound and that is the only reason they let her back in. Thomas calls and she says the timing could not be more perfect. He tells her for him too. Caroline is in remission. She wants to know if he is coming home. He has to say no; this time with his son has meant so much, a chance he never had. He knows now his place is here with his son and his mother. They say goodbye. Ridge tells Brooke that Sally is leaving town; Spectra will be no more. She tells him that Bill is taking a leave of absence so looks like there will be several changes. Alison ushers CJ in to see Liam. Liam shows him the original papers but says he is now in charge and honoring the agreements will be changed somewhat. CJ shakes his hand and says he does not realize what this will for his mother and him. Sally is in the midst of saying goodbye one more time to Grams, Saul, Coco and Darlita. She says they have come to the end of the line with the building burnt to a crisp and Thomas is not coming back. Liam tracks her down and asks if she can come to his office right away. She sees no reason since she is on her way out of town. He says this is important and thinks she will want to hear this. Bill tells Steffy that he was wrong in dealing with Liam but if it had not been for Sally Spectra……. She corrects him and says Sally had nothing to do with what happened and it is all up to Bill now. He admits he went too far but so did Liam.

Sally goes to see Liam and he says he hopes after they talk she will not want to talk about leaving Los Angeles. She tells him there is nothing left for her now as Caroline is in remission but Thomas is staying with his son in New York. He hands her new papers and says this is real, seriously. She now is the new owner. He is just trying to right a wrong. It is hers now. Ridge gives Brooke another pitch to leave Bill before he lets her down. She says he is persistent. She reminds him that he betrayed her with Quinn. He tells her do not think of that. There is nothing there, never was. Steffy tells Bill that he knows he is wrong so do not lose these precious moments with Liam. Sally wonders why Liam is doing this and he says it is the right thing to do. He hopes she has a plan now and wants to design. He knows it will be a lot of work but she can get a loan and she has friends and family and can get back in the business again. She wants to know about Steffy and he says no one needs to know about this but them. She gives him a big hug and says he is the most amazing man. He tells her to go tell her crew and get to working. She stops and says he just took the worst day of her life and made it the best.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and John met at the pub and talked about Hattie. Brady told him how Hattie gave him advice about Nicole and Eric. Bonnie wanted Sheila to play along with her plan. Sheila reminded her that she had the power. Sheila told her that all she had to do was tell one person and Bonnie’s world would be over. Marlena confronted Hattie about what he did to her and John. Hattie told her that she wanted to get Andre. Marlena wanted to know why she went after them. Hattie wondered if Marlena was going to throw the book at her. Marlena wanted to make a deal with Hattie. Marlena wanted Hattie to be sorry for what she did and to find out who she was working with. Bonnie was dusting while Sheila was sitting on the couch when Maggie walked in on them. She wanted to know what they were doing. Brady told John about being jealous of Eric and Nicole. Brady realized that Hattie was right about him being jealous of Nicole and Eric.

John advised Brady to trust Nicole before he destroys his relationship. Bonnie was able to come up with a lie to explain why she was dusting. Maggie wanted to talk to Bonnie alone. Hattie tried to deny working with someone. Marlena demanded that she tell her who she was working with or she would let her go to jail. Maggie let Bonnie know that she did the hiring. Bonnie lied to Maggie about Sheila’s credentials. Maggie didn’t think Sheila would fit in at the mansion. Bonnie asked her if she wanted her to fire Sheila. Bonnie wanted Maggie to fire her if she wanted her gone. Maggie wanted Sheila to do a better job. Marlena tried to convince Hattie that revealing her partner would help her. Hattie thought about the night Anjelica died. Hattie told Marlena that she worked alone and wanted to go back to her cell. Bonnie found out that Hattie was arrested. Hattie wanted the office to get Justin’s number for her. Marlena told John that Hattie wouldn’t tell her about her partner.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael asks Nelle if Carly was telling the truth. Nelle admits that she was engaged to a man named Zack who died. Michael finds it odd that two people who trust each other as much as they do, don't know details like this. Nelle starts to cry and tells him what happened. She asks if he still wants to be with her. Michael gets a call to visit Jason. He asks if Nelle wants to come with him. At the hospital, Monica is distraught. Bobbie wonders if there has been any changes in Jason's condition. Monica says that there hasn't been. She wants to know why this happens. She thinks that parents should go before the child not the other way around. Bobbie agrees. She doesn't understand it either. Later, Michael and Nelle show up and Michael goes into Jason's room. Nelle runs into Bobbie who informs her that one way or another Michael will find out about Zack. Michael comes out and tells Bobbie that he can handle Nelle on his own. The two leave.

Carly and Sonny show up at Carly's house where Milo has Oscar on the couch. Milo caught him breaking in the house. Oscar explains that Joss invited him over to study. Milo says he walked through the back door without knocking. Joss walks in and confirms she wanted him to come over. She decided to wait for him at school though and he never got the text. Sonny talks with Joss alone and explains that he has no choice to stay in the business. Joss seems to understand. Sonny tells Carly about this later. Carly is under the impression that Oscar's mother doesn't know about Sonny's career. Joss and Oscar go to the park where Milo is watching over them. They end up kissing. Anna shows up at Finn's hotel room. She needs his help to catch a criminal that could be working with Valentin. She needs Finn to pose as the woman's doctor. Finn declines. Anna later tells Robert on the phone that she will get to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby overhears Zack talking to Alice on the phone telling her that they have to attract the right kind of clients through the app and keep the wrong clients away from the app. Alice tells Zack that she put Crystal on a plane to a new location and he tells her that the girls will get more business soon. Zack covers with Abby about what she overheard telling her that he wants to fill a niche market in online dating only attracting high class customers. Abby thinks they should attract all customers for now but wants advertising from well know established companies that people trust. Abby has a meeting with Jabot about the ads but he says no because she bought out his initial investment in the app and took it to Newman Enterprises. Brash and Sassy agrees to place ads in the app although Victoria thinks Zack is untrustworthy. Victoria also decides to have an early roll out of their new face mask based on positive feedback from several focus groups. Phyllis and Billy get into an argument after Phyllis tells Billy that Jack thinks Victoria has a spy at Jabot. Billy defends Victoria and storms out of the office leaving Phyllis alone. Devon persuades Mariah to continue with their relationship telling her that he cares about her very much he is just gun shy about saying "I love you" because he has been married and divorced and now he takes those words very seriously. Noah tells Tessa that a famous tour promoter is coming to meet her to see about booking her in clubs around the state as well as making a deal with him to book talent at all the future Underground clubs. Tessa decides not to tell Noah the latest information about her sister and what she is doing to try and find her. Cane is upset that Mattie lied to him about skipping school and goes straight to Victoria's house where he finds Mattie's head band that she left there during her make out session with Reed. Cane thinks Reed is a bad influence on his daughter because she never skipped school until she met him Victoria feels another headache coming on while she is arguing with Cane about Reed so she throws him out of the house before he can tell she is in pain.

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