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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everybody descends on Liam about the same time. First Steffy comes in and is shocked at the bruised look of his face but before she can say anything Wyatt, Jarrett and Justin come in. Liam tells them to close the door. As of this moment his dad has signed papers and is no longer CEO; he will be running the company. Wyatt is shocked and says something is wrong here. This is Bill’s company not Liam’s and there is no way he would have left it like this so do not get too comfortable in that chair. He charges out. Brooke is surprised to see Bill at home but he says he is doing what he said he would do. He is taking a leave of absence. He tells Brooke that Liam will be running Spencer Publications. He used to trust Liam, now he is not so sure. Wyatt walks in and says perhaps he can explain that to him too why he left the company in his charge. Liam has Justin stay while the others go and says he knows he has been unfailingly loyal to his father to a fault. He expects that same loyalty as well. Justin repeats again that he works for Spencer Publications as a fixer, that is who makes him who he is. So as of now that means he will do the same for Liam. Liam tells Justin to tell Alison to pack up all of Bill’s things and get them out of the office.

Wyatt shouts at Bill that he does not even know what time off is but that aside why Liam in charge? It could have been both of them. Bill says this is only temporary and he does not have to answer to him. This is how it has to be so get out. Justin calls and tells Bill that he did not get fired and he will be working with Liam as best he can to look out for the company. Bill says good, he wants to know any changes Liam makes in personnel, anything. Brooke cannot believe Bill talked to his own son, Wyatt, that way. Liam confides in Steffy that Bill called him a traitor and that he would decimate him. But what matters to him is to run this company well and her be at his side. Brooke tells Bill that she wants to know more but she wants him to tell her on his time not on hers. Liam chides Wyatt for not knocking first. Wyatt says him acting all territorial doesn’t make him king…..this stone cold hardness. Liam says there is nothing wrong with being ruthless for the right reasons. Steffy walks in on Bill and rails and says he could have used words and not his fists. Bill says he did use words but Liam didn’t listen and he pushed too hard this time. Steffy says Liam still wants him to be proud of him someday so this will be a wall between them. Bill holds a video and said his father made that and made him promise he would watch it someday after he died. So he knows all about that wall. His world is now spinning out of control and Liam is his son and he is sorry it came to this. Steffy says she is a Spencer too and she is not going to let this tear them apart. She gives him a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre was home so Chad wanted to know if he was trying to take the company from him. Rafe thought Eli should have been in trouble for shooting at Raines while he had Gabi with him. Gabi went to see Eli to thank him for saving her. Andre was offended by Chadís accusation. Andre reminded Chad that he tried to clear his name when it looked like he was accused of Deimosí murder. He also reminded him how he took the amulet. Abby tried to stop them from fighting. Gabi bought Eli a Gameboy. Eli got a call from his boss. He didnít think it would be a good call. Gabi was willing to speak for him. Rafe talked to Hope about Dario. They ended up talking about Hattie working with Anjelica. Nicole told Brady that she was thinking about going back to work. Kate confronted Andre about the conference. Andre justified it because she kissed Roman. Chad wanted to know why he held the press conference. Abby tried to play referee for Kate/Chad/Andre. Brady assumed that Nicole wanted to work at the center with Eric.

Nicole liked working at the center, but not because of Eric. Brady thought it was. He was upset at the idea of her working with Eric again. Eli showed Gabi some self-defense lessons when Julie showed up. Julie wanted to apologize to him. She wanted to butt out of his business. Rafe wanted to talk to Hope about marriage, but she wasnít ready. Nicole was upset that Brady was jealous. Julie showed up and interrupted their argument. She hoped that Nicole and Brady would work things out. Andre told Chad that he could take over the company since the six months was almost up. Abby tried to defend Andre to Chad. Chad apologized to Andre for not appreciating him. Kate was willing to overlook Andreís actions. Nicole was willing to work at another foundation. Brady didnít seem as jealous anymore and was willing to give money regardless of where she worked. Rafe wanted to get the marriage license. Hope wasnít ready to get it yet. Rafe thought she was trying to avoid being his wife. She said she loved him and thatís why she proposed to him. Hope was happy with the way things were now. They made up after their discussion. Eli found out that his boss was going to fire him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Griffin and Kiki go to Ava’s house to talk with her. They find the house empty and Griffin finds her flight information. She is in Russia not Florida. Kiki wants to know why. Griffin says from her search history that she was looking up plastic surgery. Griffin has a bad feeling about this. Kiki thinks that she will be fine. Griffin feels the only person that could have done this was Valentin. Kiki wonders why Valentin would be involved. Griffin is not sure but Ava mentioned an offer he made her and it worries him. On a plane Ava meets Marissa who is there to make sure that Ava makes it safely to Russia to get her surgery. She assures Ava that she will be perfectly safe and that she will be happy when she sees herself with her new face. She will have a brand new outlook on life though. Ava is interested in that. Franco meets up with Obrecht to discuss the photo. Obrecht suggests the photo proves nothing. Franco guesses. Obrecht suggests he talk with his step-mother about it. Franco later calls her and she agrees to meet with him.

Sam tells Carly that she knows that Carly only pretends to tolerate her because of Jason. Carly doesn’t think that is true. Sam knows that she hates her. Carly admits she hasn’t always liked her but she loves her now. If she didn’t why would she have covered for Sam. Alexis hears this and Carly leaves. Sam tries to make peace with Carly. Alexis asks what happened. Sam admits she shot Sonny. Alexis feels she should have come clean to the police about it. Carly runs into Sonny who assures who that Sam is just not herself right now and that things will get better. Carly agrees and goes to get some air. Michael and Nelle are on the footbridge talking about Jason. Michael explains to her that he was once in a coma. He thinks that as the eldest son exposed to the mob that it is his responsibility to tell Sonny right from wrong when it comes to his life. Nelle prefers that Michael works at ELQ than in the mob. Carly shows up and informs Michael that Nelle was accused of killing her fiancé.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis sits at the bar at the Athletic Club bar. She pushes her eggs around on her plate as she contemplates on how to deal with this situation with Billy and Victoria. Hilary comes up to join her. Phyllis tells Hilary that Billy and Victoria have a connection that she cannot compete with. Billy joins Victoria at her home so they can take Johnny to his first day of school. Johnny surprises them by telling them that he doesn't want to go to school. At the Coffeehouse, Mattie looks at pics of herself and Reed. Cane comes in to join her. At Jabot, Ashley tells Jack that Graham had left the States to handle some business in Paris. Ashley is hurt that Dina is undermining their father's legacy and Dina's loyalty to Graham. Cane joins Mattie and he asks her as to why she is here. Mattie lies to him that she is meeting a friend whom she will ride with school with. Mattie gets a text from Reed asking her if she can talk but she shuts her phone down. Cane asks her as to who that was. Mattie tells him that it was her friend and she is on her way to pick her up. Victoria and Billy discuss with Johnny as to why he doesn't want to go to school. Reed comes in and tries to get Johnny to go to school. Phyllis tells Hilary that Victoria is trying her best to win back Billy. Phyllis declares that she will change this situation. Hilary asks her if she is planning on having a baby. Jack visits Dina and wants some answers. After a few minutes of stalling him, Dina begins to open up to him about Graham. Neil visits Ashley and brings her a computer chip with information about Graham on it. Jack lets Dina know how he feels about Graham having access to Jabot files. Ashley tells Neil that Dina is working for Jabot. Neil cannot believe his ears. Lauren and Phyllis have a business meeting and she notices some discrepancies in the sales totals. Victoria and Billy finally succeed in getting Johnny to go to school.

At the park, Cane joins Neil at the park. They discuss family and how that Cane had destroyed his family. Reed calls Mattie to come over. Ashley remembers her talk with Jack about Dina and Graham. Ashley watches the flashdrive of info about Graham. Ravi comes in to join her and she invites him to join her in looking at the information. Mattie visits Reed and they begin to kiss. Billy and Victoria look at the pics of Johnny that they took at school.

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