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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam shows Steffy the papers and says he knows his dad would not do this so he had the papers typed and all his dad has to do is sign them on the way out. He could not let him get away with this. Steffy replies that Spectra is out of business and leaving town but his dad will always be here so she hopes he will think about this. Justin says as Bill’s legal advisor he does not have good news. He has to suck up his pride and turn the business over to Liam or go to prison. Wyatt and Katie are not worried about business. They frolic in bed. Steffy stops by and Katie has to rush to answer the door while in her robe. Steffy notices and realizes she probably has a man upstairs. Steffy fills her in that Spectra is closing and that Zende and Nicole are moving to Paris and there is going to be a lot of media attention and she does not want Katie to be blindsided. Bill walks into his office with Liam sitting in the chair. He says he looks like a little kid sitting there. Bill says it is true that everyone needs to stand true to what they believe but to blackmail your father that is not who Liam is. He will not be forced out of his own company.

Liam says Bill has no choice as he has a recording of Bill admitting to having the fire set. Bill tells Liam from now on he can be his conscious and he will tell Liam everything before he makes a decision. Liam says no, he has a lust for power with no worry about the little people. He intends to do something about that when he runs Spencer Publications. He does not like taking a bulldozer to him but he guesses that is him today. It is not to punish him but to protect everyone else. Bill calls him a self righteous son of a bitch. Liam shows him the papers and says he can read it if he wants to but it is pretty straight forward…….just sign it and Liam takes over. Wyatt asks Katie if he can have first dibs on her story. She sees this as a favor and he says yes it would look good for his dad. Liam has his hand on the phone ready to call Lt. Baker when Bill defiantly signs. Liam tells him he is sorry but he thinks he is doing the right thing. Bill just blasts him that he gave him everything when he showed up on his doorsteps and this is the way he repays him. But he is only taking a leave of absence so enjoy it while he can, but he will be back and make a way around him or through him. But one more thing – he hauls off and cold cocks him. Then he stand over him in mockery that his son should know better. He doesn’t just get even, he decimates them. His son! Huh?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope went to see Hattie. She confronted Hattie about pretending to be Marlena. Hattie tried to deny it, but Hope didnít believe her. A nurse prepared to give John and Marlena ECT. They tried to stop her from giving it to them. Marlena warned him that they would lose their memories. Hope told Hattie that she was her friend and advised her to undo what she did before it was too late Victor stopped Bonnie from flirting with him. Bonnie tried to explain why she broke up with Lucas. She told Victor that she didnít want to hurt Justin. Victor got tired of hearing her talk so he called out to Justin. He walked into the room with Sheila and was surprised to see Bonnie. Kate told Chad and Abby that Andre wanted to kick him out of the company along with her. Hope refused to let Hattie leave the hotel. Hope proved that she wasnít Hattie because her clothes were different from Marlenaís. Paul talked to Roman about Hattie. Roman explained everything to him and they realized that they should go to Bayview.

Bonnie told Justin that Sheila was the maid. Bonnie took Sheila into the hall. Sheila realized that Adrienne was telling the truth. Kate continued to convince Chad and Abby that Andre was going to turn on him. Abby didnít want to believe it, but Kate said it was true. Hattie broke down and asked Hope if she hated her. Hope wanted Hattie to be honest and tell her what she did to John and Marlena. Roman and Paul showed up just before Marlena and John were given the shock treatments. Chad was suspicious when Andre had his press conference. Abby didnít want to believe it. She tried to think the best of Andre. Kate believed that Marlena was right about Andre. Chad wanted to help him, but do damage control. Marlena told Roman and Paul that Andre was in the sanitarium. Hattie told Hope that she had John and Marlena scheduled for an ECT. Sheila showed Bonnie the card Adrienne gave her. Bonnie told her she couldnít show it to Justin, but she said she could. Hattie tried to explain why she pretended to be Marlena. Abby wanted to go visit Andre at Bayview. Roman Kate to tell her what Hattie did. Bonnie told Sheila that Justin wouldnít pay her. Sheila didnít believe her. Bonnie was willing to triple the amount of money Adrienne promised her Sheila wanted the money upfront, but Bonnie couldnít pay her yet. Sheila decided to keep the card until she got the money. Hattie reminded Hope that she saved her from Sheila and Coco. Hattie asked her if she would let her go. Abby was relieved that Andre wasnít insane. Chad wasnít sure he could trust Andre. Hope couldnít let Hattie go. She read Hattie her rights. Someone strapped to a gurney grabbed for the orderlyís keys.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin tells Ava she doesn’t have a choice in terms of help. She can either sign the papers or she can keep looking the same way she does now. Ava reluctantly signs the papers. Lulu marches over and demands to know what is going on. Ava claims that she is selling Valentin a tapestry. Valentin leaves. Ava says she wouldn’t have done business if him if there was any other way to get the tapestry sold. Lulu guesses she understands. Olivia shows up at Dante and Lulu’s house. She is there for Rocco’s birthday party. She is going to make him baked ziti. Charlotte wants her to make that for her birthday party as well. Lulu later shows up and informs Dante what she saw at the Metro Court. Valentin then shows up with a gift for Rocco. It being the exact same gift that Lulu and Dante were going to give him. Valentin has set a date for court. He wants to get the custody hearing out of the way. He leaves. At Ava’s Pent House, she gets ready to leave for her surgery. Kiki shows up and asks where she is going. Ava claims a spa for a few days in Florida. Kiki thinks that is an odd place to go for a spa treatment. Ava tells her that she needs to be able to move on with her life and Kiki herself wanted that. Kiki leaves and then soon after Ava does as well.

Sam is talking to Jason in his hospital bed when Griffin and Elizabeth show up. They need to check on Griffin alone. Sam doesn’t want to leave. Elizabeth thinks she needs to get some sleep and something to eat but at the very least go and take a walk. Sam reluctantly leaves where she finds Sonny and Carly. She starts going off on them when Griffin comes out and suggests that Sam move Jason to a long-term care facility. She starts going off on him because Sam wants to take care of Jason herself. Sonny and Griffin go to talk on their own. Carly and Elizabeth attempt to talk reason with Sam. Neither gets through to her. Carly is going to do whatever it takes to get Sam to calm down. Sonny at the Metro Court asks Griffin why Jason was shot but he wasn’t. Griffin doesn’t know the answer. Franco goes to visit Heather at the mental home but she refuses to talk to him. Franco has an officer take the photo of him and Jason back and he says she claimed that she didn’t know who either boy was. Franco asks himself what Heather is hiding that she won’t talk.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley tells Jack that she is worried that Dina will tell Abby that her real grandfather is Brent Davis not John Abbott. Jack doesn't think that Dina would do something like that which would hurt her and Abby. Dina is alone in her hotel room, because Graham is away checking on his apartment in Paris, when she has a nightmare about when Ashley found out Brent Davis was her biological father. She awakens yelling for Graham to help her. Scott persuades Abby to forgive Zack for standing her up once again and once she hears that Zack came from a poor family and that ever since he was a kid he has been working to make something more of his life she forgives him and tells him she has feelings for him. Tessa is unable to get into the house where Alice is keeping Crystal although she has a brief conversation with Alice at the door and later tells Mariah that she thinks Sharon is right Alice is hiding a secret. Scott and Sharon follow Alice once the app tells them she is on the move unaware that she is changing Crystal's location. Mariah and Tessa decide to go to the police with their suspicions about Alice. Billy and Victoria are pleased with the spike in sales for Brash and Sassy at Fenmore's and decide to launch their new face mask early and use Lily as spokeswoman. Phyllis and Jack wonder what has led to the sudden spike in sales for Brash and Sassy and Phyllis agrees to help get secrets from Brash and Sassy by using sex to get Billy to let something slip about Brash and Sassy. Billy on the other hand has no plans to stop looking at Phyllis' computer to find out secrets about Jabot despite the fact that Victoria is worried that he will get caught by Phyllis.

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