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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Sally to please keep her designs. They are really good but they are hers and Sally does not owe her anything. Sally says Steffy will not take this as a compliment but they are both a lot alike, being two badass girls. Only Steffy’s paid off and hers didn’t. She starts to leave and Steffy calls her back and thanks her for the designs. Maya and Rick introduce the idea of Zende and Nicole going to Paris in the International office to the Avants. Maya admits it was her idea after Rick praised Zende’s designs and then there was an opening in that office. Viv asks isn’t that where Sasha is modeling now. Zende speaks up and says he made mistakes but he is not stupid. Nicole is the only woman for him. Nicole wonders if it is more than that for Maya. Does it have anything to do with her almost not wanting to sign the adoption papers. Maya assures them this has nothing to do with that difficult time. Julius only wants to be sure this is okay with Nicole. Nicole says she knows it is a wonderful opportunity but she would miss all of them. But in the end Zende thinks it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him to be a designer and he looks to Nicole to accept it with him and she agrees. Liam tells Steffy that tomorrow morning there will be a letter of resignation from Bill on this desk…….this desk which is now his desk. Steffy says that is never going to happen. Bill will never give this up. Liam says he will or be arrested.

Brooke gives Bill a neck and shoulder massage but it does not help his grumpy mood. She brings up the fire and Bill does not want to talk about the fire or Spectra. She wants to know why he is so upset. Steffy is not so sure that Liam will send his own father to prison. He says he is counting on that. Bill will not let it go that far. Now he will get his chance and the power over his father and that is exactly what he is going to do. He will take Spencer Publications into a whole new future. Sally has lunch with CJ to say her goodbye. She feels she has no reason to stay in L.A. Nicole says this all makes her head spin just thinking about Paris. Zende says he knows it will be hard leaving her family, especially Lizzy, but this will be a time they will never forget. Liam says he has been wanting to make a change in the company for a long time, better times for the employees for one thing. His dad had a lot of bad policies. He points to the Tower and says his dad will not be doing that now. He does not need the property with a charred building. Steffy says she knows Liam can run the business and be good at it……he feels a but coming. She says yes. She does not care about the company right now; she does not want to see him ruin his relationship with his father. Brooke wants to know what Bill is thinking; he can tell her anything. Finally he says he is thinking of taking some time off. He wants to get away with her. She asks about SP and he says he has two sons and one of them is President so it will be in good hands. Brooke is dubious and wants to know the real truth. Liam tells Steffy this has gone on too long. Enough is enough with the lies.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul told Hope about Marlena lying to him about John. Hope wanted to go talk to Marlena. Hattie told the board that Andre was insane. She told the board about the things he did. She made Andre to the insane asylum. He promised to make her pay. At the prison, Adrienne wanted to write in Sheila’s card so she could get help. Lucas talked to Chloe about Anjelica’s death. Maggie was concerned about Anjelica and Bonnie’s got offended. Andre ended up in a room with John and Marlena. Andre was confused. Hattie asked Roman why he didn’t want her. He told her that he didn’t have feelings for her. Adrienne asked Sheila to give the card to Justin. She promised that Justin would give her money.

Jennifer and Roman told Hope and Paul about what happened at the press conference. They realized that something was off about Marlena. Andre thought Marlena was the one who humiliated him. Marlena told him that Hattie had him committed. Sheila knew about the Kiriakis family. Adrienne promised her that she would get a lot of money if she gave the message to Justin. Bonnie didn’t like the way Maggie treated her. Justin tried to explain Maggie’s intentions. Bonnie was determined to get her revenge on Maggie. Lucas talked to Chloe about what happened with Adrienne. Sheila agreed to help Adrienne. Marlena told Andre that Hattie was impersonating her for weeks. Andre tried to tell the orderlies that they were locked in there by mistake. Roman couldn’t get over the way “Marlena” was acting. Paul didn’t understand her behavior either. Bonnie told Victor about the way Maggie was treating her. Victor wanted to talk to her, but she asked her not to do it. Andre told the orderlies that Hattie was the crazy one, but they didn’t believe him. They dragged him off somewhere. Hope told Roman and Paul that she didn’t think that Marlena was herself at all. Hattie decided to get out of town before they figured out what she did. Andre was put in a padded cell. Hope showed up at Hattie’s room. An orderly prepared John and Marlena for shock treatments. Bonnie flirted with Victor. Sheila showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie and Nathan kiss outside of Kelly’s when Amy shows up. Maxie goes to a meeting. Amy explains that she needs Nathan to be Man Landers yet again for the book launch party. It is in the contract. Nathan reluctantly agrees. At the Metro Court, Lulu shows up and finds Nina. Valentin then shows up and says they are back together. Lulu is not happy. Valentin wants shared custody for his daughter. Lulu is not thrilled with this and still thinks he is a murderer. Ava then shows up after Lulu and Nina have left. Ava wants to go about making a deal with Valentin for the plastic surgery. Valentin doesn’t want anything other than for Ava to retract her statement on him killing Nikolas. Ava refuses to do this and feels she has waisted both their times. At Crimson, Maxie shows up and tries to get her job back. Nina doesn’t trust her though and will only give it to her if she can get her something that no other magazine has.

Curtis and Jordan wake up together in bed. Curtis thinks they are back together and plans to tell Stella. At Kelly’s, Stella finds TJ and informs him it is time that she get back to Baltimore. Curtis and Jordan show up and Stella decides she is not going to do anything. TJ goes to give Stella her phone outside and she says that she is not leaving anytime soon. Scott comes to visit Franco at Elizabeth’s house. Scott informs him about Lee and Franco gives him a hug. Franco asks if he knows anything about the picture. Scott doesn’t and thinks that it could be any little boy. Franco knows for sure that it is Jason that is with him in the photo. He cannot ask Monica though when Jason in the hospital though. Scott suggests he go to Heather then.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Zack visited Crystal and made it clear that something bad would happen if she tried to escape or contact Tessa or anyone else. Zack ordered Alice to take Crystal somewhere else. Nick and Sharon monitored Alice's movements with a phone app connected to a tracking device. Sharon thanked Nick for his help, and he pledged his full support. Sharon wanted to visit Alice's home again, but Nick argued that it was too dangerous. Sharon brought up Scott, and Nick said that he wasn't willing to let Sharon risk her safety, no matter what Scott said. Sharon and Nick talked about the ups and downs of their relationship over the years. Nick praised Sharon's growth, and noted that they were in a good place. Nick urged Sharon to be careful with the investigation, because he couldn't bear it if something happened to her. Chelsea saw Nick and Sharon hug. Nick comforted Chelsea as she grieved over the anniversary of Adam's death. Nick told Chelsea that seeing Alice had reopened old wounds. Chelsea thought Sharon's suspicions about Alice were far-fetched. Nick said he knew Sharon and he couldn't ignore her instincts. Tessa and Mariah discussed the possibility that Alice was holding Crystal against her will. Mariah confided in Tessa about her own past and Cassie's past. Mariah grew emotional over missing out on the chance to know her twin. Tessa divulged details of the horrific home life she and Crystal endured, filled with abuse and neglect. Sharon brought Scott up to speed on Alice. Scott suggested that he and Sharon go investigate, but Sharon said she'd promised Nick that she wouldn't, due to the danger. Scott agreed with Nick. Mariah borrowed Sharon's phone and secretly looked up Alice's location on the app. She and Tessa then went to Alice's house. Over Mariah's objections, Tessa approached the house alone.

Sensing something was wrong, Hilary struck up a conversation with Devon. Devon admitted he'd had a rough day at work. They discussed the effect of Cane's lies on his children, and Hilary noted that she and Devon had avoided that issue. Hilary thought Devon would've made a good parent, and Devon felt the same way about Hilary. Devon brought up Hilary's break up. Hilary warned Devon that Jordan was an opportunist who was poised to take advantage of Lily. Devon was grateful for what he assumed was Hilary's genuine concern. Devon confronted Jordan, accusing him of pursuing relationships with Hilary and Lily when they were at their most vulnerable. Jordan denied that he took advantage of women. He vowed to support Lily if she chose to reunite with Cane. Jordan added that there was nothing Devon or Cane could do if Lily decided to date Jordan. Devon went to Hilary and told her she was right about Jordan. Hilary urged Devon to help Lily see the light. Cane visited Lily and congratulated her on her first day back at work. Lily assured Cane that, deep down, he was a good man. Lily learned that Juliet was having a healthy baby boy. Cane was happy the baby wouldn't have Cystic Fibrosis, but he stated that Lily and the twins were his family. Mattie agreed to have dinner with Cane, even though she was still upset that he forbid her from seeing Reed. Cane told Lily that Reed wasn't right for Mattie. Abby and Scott traded barbs about each others personalities and love lives. Zack apologized to Abby for being so late, but it didn't placate Abby, who blasted him for being inconsiderate. Zack's temper flared when Abby began to leave, and he ordered her not to walk away from him. Zack calmed and said he cared about Abby, but she left anyway.

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