The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/7/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Liam if he smoked something before he came in here. This is his business. Liam says he cannot be trusted so Bill can just step down and he will take it from here. Nicole tells Zende she is really impressed by his accomplishments and the whole family believes in him. And she can be his main model. Rick tells Maya that he is not against it, but surprised that she wants to ship her sister away to Paris to work to keep her away from Lizzy. He knows it has nothing to do with Zende getting the job there. She says call it mother’s intuition but yes it bothers her when she hears Lizzy call Nicole mama. Rick says there is one little problem. Sasha is in Paris modeling. Maya says no problem as now Zende is 100% committed to Nicole. She hopes he will tell Ridge and see what he thinks. Bill tells Liam that the only person taking a leave of absence is Liam as he is fired. Liam retorts that he would not do that as he could go to the police. Bill should know how many years he will get for arson. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam can be pushed into a corner and be very unforgiving but she does not want him to sever ties with his father. She leaves just as Maya and Rick walk in so they talk to Ridge. They propose it would be a good thing to send Zende and Nicole to Paris where they are needed now. Ridge says he loves Paris himself but he thought it was working out for Zende here. He’ll have to talk to Zende and Nicole and see how they feel about this.

Liam tells Bill that he has always respected him but he needs to stop lying. He comments that Spectra won fair and square in the last showing and that was a dirty little trick and now the latest one, the fire. He is ashamed of him. Bill has everything, so much, so just what is it that he wants? Bill says he cannot break out Freud now and analyze him. Then he says okay, big deal, so Spectra won but he will not be blackmailed by his own son now. Sally drops in on Steffy and says she just wants to say goodbye. Steffy is surprised but Sally says Thomas is in New York and she lost Spectra so there is nothing left for her here. She also is sorry for the things she did to Steffy and wants to apologize to her. Bill mocks Liam that he wants more power and can unseat his own dad. The police cannot trace that fire back to him. He loves Liam and he trusted him but looks like that was a big mistake. Liam continues to push and gets Bill to grandstand. Bill announces okay, he got Justin to find someone to set fire to Spectra. So now Liam can be satisfied and they can move on. Liam turns his back and Bill asks what he is doing. Liam replies he is e-mailing himself so he won’t lose this. He plays the repeat of what Bill just said – gotcha! Ridge speaks with Zende and Nicole and says he has a great opportunity for them if they would like to move to Paris and work at International. Sally tells Steffy that she knows she has been nothing but a royal pain in the butt and she’d like her to accept this peace offering. She wants her to have her sketches, the ones that did not get destroyed in the fire. In another lifetime perhaps they could have been friends. Bill is stunned that Liam would stoop so low to record him. Is this what he thinks he has to do to defend Sally Spectra. He’s got it now; Liam has a thing for her! Liam argues with him that he has put the entire company and the family in jeopardy. He is the new leadership and it is time. Bill says Liam has lost his mind. Liam says at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning he becomes the new CEO and this is his desk now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe confronted Raines about the counterfeiting scheme. Andre called Hattie to find out if he passed his evaluation. She told him that he passed. He was happy because he could get his revenge on Kate. Abe expressed how much Raines disappointed him. Abe warned Raines that his time in prison would be bad because heís an ex-cop. Theo talked to Claire about how he didnít believe Abe was innocent. Claire tried to make him feel better about it. Paul was concerned about what happened to John. He felt like Marlena lied to him. Sonny believed that Marlena was the most honest person he knew. Roman and Hattie ran into each other at the town square. Roman asked her about John. She said nothing changed. She asked him if they could be together. Roman shot her down. Andre told Kate that he was having a press conference and couldnít wait to see her face when he made his announcement. Hattie didnít want Roman to throw everything they have away. Andre approached them to let them know that his announcement would surprise them. Theo didnít understand why he had problems trusting people that he cares about. Claire tried to make him feel better about it. Kate showed up at the town square to find out more about the press conference. She told Andre that he couldnít do it because she is the CEO. Andre wanted to start the conference.

Andre told everyone at the press conference that his marriage is a fraud. Abe yelled at Raines for the way he treated Lani. Abe walked out and everyone at the station applauded. Abe gave Valerie back her pearl necklace. Abe was worried about Theo. Jennifer wanted Andre to clarify what he meant. He told her that he thought his marriage was real until he found out that Kate was having an affair with Roman. Abe went to Theoís place. Theo apologized for not believing him. JJ and Lani confronted Raines about what he did. JJ told Raines about what he did to Abby. Raines didnít mean to hurt Abby. Andre told everyone how he saw Kate and Roman together. Kate tried to explain what happened. Kate admitted that she kissed Roman. Roman admitted what happened. Andre announced that heís getting a divorce. Andre wanted Hattie to speak on his behalf. Hattie told everyone that Andre was mentally incompetent.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan walks outside of Finn’s hotel room and Curtis walks out panicked. He explains that he has lost Roxie and Jordan volunteers to help him look for her. He explains that Finn has checked himself into rehab in order to make sure he stays clean while he recovers from Hayden being gone. Jordan thinks that is nice of him. Jordan finds Roxie and Curtis ends up kissing Jordan. Jordan doesn’t want to do this because she hates always hurting people. Curtis is starting to love Jordan though. Jordan kisses back after this. Ava continues to tell Griffin off for leading her on which she thinks he did. Griffin admits he can see where it might feel like that. Ava thinks he is a hypocrite. He had no issue with sleeping with Claudette. She doesn’t think he should be a priest and he is just hiding behind the title. She knows the reason he wouldn’t want to be with her. It is because of her face. She storms out not wanting to hear what Griffin has to say further. Ava calls up Valentin and says that she wants him to help her look normal again.

Carly is in the hospital chapel talking with God. She pleads with God that Jason get better and that Sam and her children don’t lose him. She doesn’t want Jason to be lost. Sonny finds her and admits that he cannot get out of the mob. He wants her to leave him and no longer associate herself with him. Carly is not going to leave him. She thinks they need one another. Sonny thought she wanted him out of the business. Carly does and they will one day but right now he needs to protect his family from within. Michael talks about Jason’s condition with Bobbie for a while when Nelle shows up. She admits she was arrested briefly but released. They decide to go home and get some sleep. Carly later shows up and Bobbie tries to warn Carly of Nelle again but Carly doesn’t believe she is a thief and murderer. Franco and Jake decide to upload photos onto the cloud for Monica. Elizabeth comes home and she tells Jake that Jason is still sleeping. She wants him to go to bed. Franco assures Elizabeth that none of this is her fault with Jason. She later goes upstairs and Jake runs back down with a photo of Jason as a child. He asks Franco if it doesn’t look identical to his imaginary friend in the photo he found the other day. Franco compares the photos and thinks he is correct.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tessa is at the gym working out. Mariah stands there watching her. Tessa notices her and wonders what is wrong. Mariah tells her that she is just watching her form. At the Underground, Sharon and Nick discuss Alice and if she is the one responsible for the sex trafficking ring. Nick tries to calm her down but Sharon insists on finding out what Alice is up to. At Brash and Sassy, Lily models a new dress while she is waiting for Jordan to start the photoshoot. Hilary joins Cane at the Athletic Club and they discuss as to what had happened between him and Lily and the children. They also discuss Juliet and her place in all this. Jordan begins to take pics of Lily but she suddenly stops with her mind on Cane and the way he had worked with her. Hilary tells Cane that she had bumped into Lily on the elevator and she was headed to a photoshoot with Jordan. Sharon tells Nick that she needs a plan to find out what Alice is up to. Sharon inquires if he still has the tracking device that he had used on Chloe's car, but before he can answer, Alice interrupts them by telling them that she has a flat tire. She offers to call Triple AAA but Nick volunteers to change the flat for her. Cane tells Hilary that he had forbidden Mattie to see Reed and she doesn't like it too good. Mattie meets Reed at the Coffeehouse and they have a pleasant talk. They hold hands under the table. Mariah notices Tessa's diary and asks if she can read it.

Sharon asks Alice about her job as a sales representative before they are interrupted by Nick, who has changed Alice's tire. Alice offers to pay but Nick refuses. After Alice leaves, Nick lets Sharon know that he had planted the tracking device under Alice's car. Nick and Sharon begin to track Alice. Mattie and Reed kiss good bye but Hilary watches them. After Reed departs, Hilary confronts Mattie about Reed but in the end Hilary promises Mattie that she will keep her secret. Sharon calls Tessa to meet her and Nick. At the Coffeehouse, Sharon and Nick fill Mariah and Tessa in on what they are doing to find Crystal. Crystal is reunited with Alice and could not be happier to be at home again.

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